My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 272: Babies

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 272: Babies

 Upon hearing that, Ryan’s eyes narrowed ‘This woman is flirting with me! he thought.

Wendy cupped his face and looked at him with her 3 bright and shining eyes.”Hey.Do you want to know your future? Let me do a free reading for you.” His mouth twitched.

Before he could say anything, Wendy stared at him with wide eyes and said, “Young man, you were born I rich and powerful.You don’t lack anything except for one thing.Do you know what it is?”

Ryan was at a loss.

These were the exact words she said the last time she got drunk.

“It’s you, am I right?” he answered with raised eyebrows.


Wendy’s mouth fell open, and her eyes widened in disbelief.She was stunned for a second, but then she suddenly perked up.She then wrapped her arms around his neck and remarked excitedly, “Hey! You’re so smart! That’s right.I’m the only one missing in your life.How’d you know what I was going to say? Can you read my mind? We’re really meant to be.”

But seeing that Ryan was silent for a while, Wendy’s grin turned into a frown.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

‘What else can I say?’ Now that he thought of it, there was one thing he was sure of: He would never let her drink with other men in the future, especially handsome ones.

“Young man, why are you ignoring me?” Wendy nestled in his arms and clung to him.

They were so close that Ryan could feel the warmth of her breath in his ear.

Her warmth seemed to have magic.

It quickly spread from his ear down to his body.He felt that his body was on fire.

But even so, he did not push her away.

They had not been this intimate for a long time until now.

Wendy would never do such a thing when she was sober.Ryan might as well savor every minute that she was like this now.


“Shh! Be quiet!”

Just as Wendy ordered, Ryan did not say a word.

Instead, he lowered his head and gazed at her, wondering what she was going to do.

At that moment, she got out of his arms.She tapped his shoulder and looked at him with eyes full of affection.

“You look like a piece of fruit,” she said in a serious tone.

The corner of Ryan’s mouth twitched.

‘What does she mean by that? What kind of trick does she have up her sleeve now?’ he wondered.

With a flushing face and dazed eyes, Wendy got up to her feet and rested her hand on her hip, her elbow facing outward.

Her inebriated mind believed that this posture was s**y.

She ogled at Ryan and asked, “Young man, what do you think I am?”

Ryan could not keep up with her thoughts, so he curiously asked, “I have no idea.What are you then?”

“I’m a juicer! You’re a piece of fruit, while I’m a juicer.I’ll squeeze and s**k you dry,”she answered with a sly smile.

“S**k me?’ To Ryan, her words were like a spell, and they bewitched him.

In an instant, he got turned on, and his body felt hotter than ever.He could not help but stare at Wendy with a scorching gaze.

However, she seemed unaware of the danger that was approaching.She was so drunk that she turned into a flirtatious woman she never imaged she would be.

Wendy suddenly let out a deep, loud burp.She sat on the bed again and put her hand on her belly.

“Are you hungry?” Ryan asked with a frown.

Wendy nodded in response.

Ryan was in disbelief.

They had just come home from dinner.She ate a lot in the restaurant.

How could she get hungry so soon? Nevertheless, he moved closer to her and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know.But looking at you makes me full.”

Wendy suddenly mushed his face in her hands and gazed at him adoringly.

Ryan had never expected that this was also a part of her trick.He was at a loss for words.

All of a sudden, something occurred to him, and it made his veins bulge on his forehead.

‘What the f**k? Where did she learn how to flirt with men?’ Ryan was morose.

And as he realized that she might have said these words to other men, he felt even worse.

Without a word, he got on the bed.

Wendy wrapped her arms around him tightly that she looked like an octopus.

This should have been sweet, except her breath was reeking of alcohol.

“Hey.Can you be my boyfriend? I’ll treat you well.”

As she spoke, she rubbed her body against his.

They were only wearing thin pajamas at that moment, so Ryan felt on fire.Gentleman as he was, he took a deep breath and gently pushed her shoulders.

“Don’t move.”

“Don’t you like me?” Wendy asked aggrievedly.

Ryan was mad because of what he had just realized.

However, he knew that it was pointless to reason with her, especially when she was drunk.

“Wendy, stop it.Let’s just sleep, okay?”

“No!” Wendy protested.

Ryan let out a helpless sigh and leaned against the headboard.

Seeing this, Wendy opened her arms and threw herself into his arms.

Ryan was speechless.

‘If only she could do this when she was sober”

At the thought of this, he heaved a sigh again.

“You haven’t answered my question yet.Don’t you like me?”

Wendy asked again, no intention of letting him go until he answered her question.

‘How could I not like you?’ Ryan sighed.

“I do.I like you.”

“If that’s so, can I be your girlfriend?”

With her face blushing, she looked up at him with bright eyes.

“I promise I’ll be good to you.” Ryan chuckled.

“How are you going to do that?”

“Hmm.I’ll make a lot of money and spend it all on you.I’ll buy you any food you like.You don’t have to go to work.Just stay home with me.Isn’t that amazing?”

Ryan was stunned.

‘It sounds like she really wants to keep me as her pet.

But before he could reply, Wendy tilted her head and said something that drove him nuts.

“Oh, I know! I’ll give birth to your babies, so you won’t be bored at home.” Ryan’s mouth fell open in utter disbelief.

‘What? How could she say that so freely?

All of a sudden, something occurred to him, and his eyes lit up in excitement.

“Are you sure? You’re really going to give birth to my babies? You’re not lying, right?”

Wendy shook her head repeatedly and pouted.

“You’re my sweetheart.How could I lie to you?”


 If someone else told him that, Ryan would merely cast a cold glance at her.He would be disgusted.

However, it was Wendy.

When she said those words to him, he did not feel uncomfortable at all.

In fact, he found it sweet and touching.

What she had said warmed his heart.

Ryan looked back into her clear and bright eyes and asked, “How can you prove that you’re not lying to me?”

‘Prove?’ Wendy was taken aback by his question.

She sat on the bed and bit her fingernails.She tilted her head to one side and pondered for a long while.

After thinking for a moment, she still couldn’t think of a way how she could prove her words.

“How can I prove it then?” she asked with her lips curled into a pout.

“I know a way.Hang on.”

Ryan was ecstatic as Wendy had just fallen into his trap.


Ryan jumped out of bed and quickly took out a notebook and a pen from the bedside table.

Then, he went back to the bed, opened the notebook and pen cap, and put the pen in her hand.

Wendy looked at him in confusion.

“To prove that you’re not lying to me, write me a letter of commitment.”


“Don’t worry.It’s easy.Just write down what I say.”

Wendy wanted Ryan to be her boyfriend, so she agreed without a second thought.

Afraid he would take back his words, she grabbed the notebook from his hand.

“Don’t lie to me, okay? You said I just have to write a letter of commitment, and you’ll be my boyfriend.”

“I promise.”

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