My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 25 Encourage Someone Else To Fight Against Her

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 25 Encourage Someone Else To Fight Against Her

When the sun began to set, the crew decided to stop the shooting for the day.

The entire afternoon was wasted, and no scenes were accomplished.

“Let’s pack up and continue shooting tomorrow!”

Soon as that was announced, the staff, who had been tensed throughout the afternoon, finally relaxed.

Then, what followed were sounds of whispers and gossips from the crowd of crew members.

“Woah! I have never seen Director Williams this angry before.”

“It’s all because of Eris…

I heard that she’s a great actress, but she couldn’t even deliver her lines at all! I don’t know how she got branded as an A-list star.

She just wasted our time! We have changed our costumes and waited for a whole day.

It’s all in vain because of her!”


The extras, who were forced to wait under the heat of the sun, complained.

And this did not escape Eris’ ears.

She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth out of annoyance.

“Wendy Finch!”

**** it! That woman was really her nemesis! As long as Wendy Finch appeared in her side, nothing good would happen to her.

“Eris, are you okay?”

Evie, a fellow actress, came over and comforted, “Are you not feeling well?”

Like Eris, Evie was also a female star from Starlight Media.

But the latter had less reputation and popularity than the former.

Eris looked pure, while Evie had a curvaceous figure.

They two had different styles, and they never had any conflict in sharing the company’s resources.

So, in hopes of getting into Eris’ good side, Evie had been sucking up to her for a while now.

Eris forced a smile and responded, “Yes.I am not feeling well.”

“Do you want me to take you to the hospital?”

“No, thanks.I’ll go home and have a rest.Let’s go and have our makeup taken off together.”

Overjoyed, Evie immediately nodded and agreed.

The two walked together to the dressing area when Eris suddenly pretended to mention Wendy accidentally.

Evie was a typical all-beauty-and-no- brain kind of woman.

And because she valued looks more than anything, she was jealous of Wendy’s natural beauty and grace.  “Eris, don’t mind Wendy.

She is just a newcomer.

Even if she is beautiful, so what? There are hundreds of beautiful women entering the entertainment industry every year.

How many can rise to fame in the end? If one wants to be popular, having a beautiful face is not enough.

She must also possess excellent acting skills, right?”  Evie made sure her words were flattering, obviously to curry favor.

With a grin etched on her face, Eris shifted her gaze at Ana, making the latter got the cue to utter, “Wendy is really pretty.

In fact, isn’t she taking away your role just because of her pretty face?”

“Oh, shut up, Ana! How could you?!”

Eris snapped, rolling her eyes at her assistant.

As if realizing that she said too much, Ana quickly tapped and covered her mouth before panning her eyes at Evie.

“I…I didn’t say anything…”

Ana tried to discredit her words.  However, the more she tried to cover something, the more Evie wanted to dig deeper.

“Eris, what’s going on, actually? Did Wendy take anything from me?”

“No, no…Don’t worry about that.Ana was just talking nonsense.”

Evie grabbed Eris’s wrist and begged, “Eris, I have always regarded you as my friend and idol.More than that, we’re under the same company.If you know anything about it, you must tell me!”

Eris opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but stopped on second thought.

“Eris, please!”

Stomping her foot, Eris looked around before dragging Evie into her van.

“Evie, I’ve always regarded you as a good friend.I’m not supposed to tell anyone about this.But since you’re insisting, I’ll let you know a little secret that only a few people know.Promise me that you won’t tell anyone else.”

“I won’t tell anyone.”

Evie raised her right hand as if she was taking a crucial pledge.

Eris then pulled her to sit and utter in a deep voice, “I heard from Mr.Davies that all the roles of the series “Story of Concubine Ivanka”

had been finalized, and the role of Lady Faye is the only one pending.

As you know, the biggest companies investing in this show are Glory Media and Starlight Media.

The lead actor and supporting actress are all from Glory Media, so Mr.Davies wants another supporting actress from our company to play Lady Faye.”

Nodding, Evie asked anxiously, “And then?”

“After careful thought, Mr.Davies thought that you were the most suitable from our company to play Lady Faye, so he recommended you to Director Williams.He went over your previous projects and thought that your image is in line with Lady Faye and your acting skills are pretty good.But as you know, our company is not in a good term with Glory Media, and Director Williams is cautious not to offend anyone from that agency.So, he had to arrange another audition for the role of Lady Faye.But in reality, he had already promised Mr.Davies that he’ll give the role to you.”

At this point, Evie’s heart was beating frantically.

Her eyes were filled with so much anticipation as she asked, “Then…How did the role end up with Wendy Finch?”

“As you can see, Wendy Finch is so beautiful…”

Eris said half a sentence on purpose, leaving room for Evie’s imagination to fill in what she meant.

And just as Eris had expected, the latter’s face completely changed when she finally realized what that meant.

Without any doubt, Evie immediately believed every word that came out of Erin’s mouth.

Evie had actually been Wesley Davies’s lover for years now.

The last time they slept together, the old man promised that he would help her win Lady Faye’s role.

And a few days ago, he confirmed that she had finally landed the role, only to be disappointed two days later when the part was given to another actress.

In return, Evie had been bestowed the role of another concubine who only appeared in four episodes! Now Evie realized that it was Wendy who stole her role! Extremely frustrated, Evie stood from her seat and clenched her fist.

“That *****! Ana was right! She must have struck a deal with someone using her beauty! Otherwise, how could she have landed the role already meant for someone else?! That woman is just a newcomer, and she doesn’t even have an agency.

How could she get such a big role in a series directed by someone like Director Williams?! Ugh! She is really a *****! I hate her! Since she dares to take my role, I will kill her!”

Afraid that someone might hear Evie, Eris hurriedly covered her mouth and reminded, “Keep your voice down.Someone might hear you.I shouldn’t have told you about it.Ana spoke too much.”

Evie, who felt touched with such honesty, held her hand and uttered, “Eris, don’t say that.I know you really regard me as your friend.Thank you for telling me this.If it wasn’t for you, I’d definitely still be a fool.”

“Well, I just feel a little pity that you have finally gotten a big break only to have the chance taken to by a newcomer.”

Hearing this, Evie’s face twisted into a grimace of annoyance.

“I won’t let her go.Since Wendy Finch dared to steal my role, I will make her suffer!”

Eris patted Evie’s hand to comfort her, but a hint of coldness flashed through her eyes while a devious grin slowly crept on her lips.

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