My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 20 Did She Dislike My Brother So Much

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 20 Did She Dislike My Brother So Much

Luke was speechless.

“Hey Leo, what are you thinking? Are you saying any child who even remotely resembles my brother is his illegitimate child? If so, then my parents won’t have to worry about his marriage.”

Leo’s face darkened.

“It’s just that…Well, I’m saying there’s this possibility…”

“No way!”

Luke patted the other man’s shoulder.

“It’s impossible for my brother to have another child.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Do you really not know? We all grew up together.Don’t you know what kind of person Ryan is? Besides, fifteen years ago…You know what happened to my family that year when he was just fifteen years old.From then on, he hasn’t had any interest in women at all.My parents even had to spend a lot of time and effort in order to coax him into falling in love like a normal person.It was all useless in the end! He hated the idea of talking to women, let alone engage in intimate relation.My parents are still of the belief that he prefers men.”  Leo fell silent at that.

VElot) ibs Im bie: Luke sighed and continued.

“I’ve been so worried about Ryan, too.

I thought that if my parents were right, then I’d have to introduce him to a man.

But when I did, all I got in return was a sound beating.

I wasn’t able to get out of bed for three whole days after that!”

Leo knew about that time, and he laughed now that Luke brought up the incident.

“How dare you laugh! You and your friends were the ones who came up with that in the first place! You didn’t even do anything to defend me while I was getting beaten up!”

Luke rolled his eyes and scoffed.

“It was fortunate that I never gave up on this mission.My brother is a smart man, though, and all my attempts to drug him all failed.Then Kane Evans got married.Ryan was bound to imbibe on alcohol at the event.Ha ha, I especially brought some aphrodisiac with me that day.He got well and truly tricked! That was the first time he ever had ***.And that’s how Precious came to be.By all rights, my brother should be eternally grateful to me.If it hadn’t been for my efforts, he would never have had such a lovely little girl.”

“Are you absolutely sure that was the only time Ryan had *** with anyone?”

“Of course!”

Leo was still doubtful.

He pushed his glasses up against the bridge of his nose.

“It’s not like he can’t sleep with a woman and not tell you about it.”

“Hey! Haven’t I told you? Since that last time I drugged Iaeste” VW1.b im bine him, he hasn’t been able to stand physical contact with other people, regardless if it’s a man or a woman.Except for his daughter, he hasn’t really touched another person in the past few years.That being said, there’s no way he would have had *** again!”

‘And that little guy can’t be my brother’s son.’ Luke was sure about it.

Leo clicked his tongue.

“What a pity!”  He seemed to be engrossed in his thoughts for a while before asking another question.

“Have you never really found Precious’ mother all these years?”

“Where should we even start?”

Luke replied, shrugging.

“My brother was under the influence at the time.I originally hired an experienced woman to serve him that night, but when I called her the next day she insisted that she hadn’t met Ryan at all.What a stupid girl.I told her the room number and even gave her the key, and she says she couldn’t find him! I was terrified my brother might be somewhere suffering the effects of the drugs.He could have died, you know! So I ran to his room to see what was happening.And you know the rest of the story.”

Leo nodded.

They had been there, too.

Four years ago, they rushed into Ryan’s room to find him unconscious in bed.

They had no clue as to what had happened, except for a small blood stain on the sheets.

Kane’s wedding had been held in a villa on the mountain side, around which were several other villas owned by Oliver Group.

Construction had only been finished then, however, and the units hadn’t even been open to the market yet.

As it was, there were no surveillance cameras installed the area, and they had not been able to trace any evidence regarding the woman Ryan had spent the night with.  In addition to that, the event had a good number of female guests in attendance, and it was impossible to go through each one and search for the woman in question.

Before they knew it, the whole affair was over, and they were packing to go home.

And nobody ever discovered whom Ryan had slept with.

Eight months later, Precious was left at the gates of the Oliver family house.  “When Precious first came to us, we believed that her mother had purposely given birth to the girl secretly so she could have something to tie Ryan down with.She could have pursued a marriage into the Oliver family.So we were prepared for her to show up with some sort of negotiation in mind.But she never came.To this day, she has never once contacted us.”  Luke shook his head as he talked.

“I just don’t understand.If that woman didn’t want the baby, why didn’t she just get an abortion? Instead, she chose to give birth to the child, but decided not to keep it anyway.Most importantly, she knew for a fact that Ryan is the father, but she obviously didn’t want him to take responsibility for herself.Did she dislike my brother that much?”

“Well, we’ll never know what sort of man suits her taste.Maybe Ryan was just not her type.”

“Nonsense! Regardless of anything else, she’d have to be blind or stupid if she thinks my brother is unworthy.Well, Leo had nothing to say to that.Wendy wasn’t expecting Ryan to sleep for so long.She had been waiting for him to wake up since eight o’clock in the morning.

He was still sleeping even after she finished her breakfast, and now she was done with her lunch, too.

It was almost two in the afternoon.She couldn’t feel her legs at this point.Having the meals by herself were not the problem.Luke had ordered takeaways to be sent to her, but there just some things that she could not do now that Ryan was using her thighs as a pillow.

Wendy was trying to stand up.

“My goodness! What now?”

“Oh come on! I need to go to the bathroom! !”

She all but roared.

Poor Luke was hopeless.

Well, a person had to attend to their bladder when necessary.

Luke was debating against himself when Leo came over.

He yawned and patted Luke on the shoulder.

The two hadn’t slept all night.

“It’s almost twelve hours from two o’clock in the morning to two o’clock in the afternoon.”

“Well…All right, fine! You can go to the bathroom.”

Luke went to wake Ryan, but his brother beat him to it, rolling over and opening his eyes on his own.

He looked rather normal and boyish when he just woke up, but soon his eyes cleared and his indifferent expression was back in place.


Ryan sat up from the sofa.

He had had a good sleep and was feeling refreshed, and the others felt that his demeanor had slightly softened.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

Luke’s words caught at his throat.

Listen to Ryan! Listen to him! Luke had worked so hard to ensure Ryan had a good night’s sleep, but now that he was awake, he was being mean to him again! “Can you stop chatting now?”

Wendy’s legs were trembling like those of a newly-born lamb.

She had tried standing up on her own, but had to sit back down quickly.

“Ahi” She was just too weak to move.

“Dear Wendy, are you all right?”

“How can you ask me such a question?”

She didn’t dare to offend Ryan, so she directed her stern look to his brother instead.

It was all Luke’s fault! If Luke hadn’t begged her, she would have woken Ryan up a long time ago.

Luke chuckled and rubbed his nose with embarrassment.

“Just rest.The blood in your legs will slowly circulate, then you will be fine.”

She wanted to do as Leo said, too, but she really couldn’t wait anymore.Her bladder was about to burst.

“Do you want to go to the bathroom?”

“Of course I do!”

Wendy had been holding in her pee for so long, she had lost any fear she harbored toward Ryan.Then all of a sudden, she was picked up from the sofa and lifted into the air.

“Ah! What are you doing?” Ryan frown at her.

“Aren’t you going to the bathroom?”

But he was already making a beeline to the bathroom, Wendy snug inside his arms.

When he put her down, her legs immediately shook and she clutched at him.

“Do you need any help?”


Wendy blushed and let go, leaning against the wall for support.

“You, get out!”

“Call me when you’re done.”

Ryan walked out of the bathroom, closed the door carefully behind him, and waited.

Five minutes later, a scream came from the bathroom, followed by a muffled sound of a body making contact with the floor.

Ryan’s face changed and without any further thought, he pushed the door open and rushed inside.

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