My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 2 Back With Her Son

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 2 Back With Her Son

Three years later, at the airport of Ywood…

Passengers, who had just arrived from their trip, were queuing to pick up their luggage.

Amongst the crowd was a beautiful woman who stood quietly.

She was particularly eye-catching, like a shining crystal who would turn heads upon sighting.

Men were ogling her with burning and infatuated eyes, while women’s eyes glinted with envy and jealousy.

The skimpy red dress that hugged her body highlighted her white, porcelain skin.

Her well-sculpted face bore her luscious lips, deep eyes, and perfectly-shaped brows.

Round on her front was her well-gifted chest.

Her waist was slender, something that most women could only hope for.

And much like any other models, her legs were lean and long.

They could conquer any runway! She was inexplicably ****, enchanting, and daring–a more lethal combination than drugs.

But although the woman caught the attention of almost every man in the airport, no one dared to approach her because of the stern, cold expression on her face.

“Mommy!” the little boy next to her called.

Instantly, her face changed, like snow meeting the warm sun, melting in an instant.

The woman bent down and held up the boy.

Looking at his cute face, she couldn’t help but plant a kiss on his face.

The little boy’s ears turned red in an instant.

Seeing this, Wendy was amused by the boy’s reaction.

“Uncle Roger sent us a message on WeChat.

He said that he’s waiting for us at the parking lot and asked us to go there as soon we landed,”

the boy informed seriously.


Facing the crowd who watched him and his mother, the little boy sported a frown, as if saying that no one was allowed to come near him.

However, how could such a cute little face not attract the attention of the people around? The women, in particular, were bewildered by this little boy’s charm.

Oh my ***! Such a cute boy he is!’ some of them thought to themselves.He looked only three or four years old, but others could imagine how attractive he would be once he grew up.He had jet black hair with thin bangs covering his full forehead.

Under his dashing eyebrows, he had bright eyes, a straight nose, lips red like cherries.

The kid looked like a model walking out of the cover of a magazine.

All women covered their chests with their hands.

They gasped in awe as they watched the kid strut towards the exit.

How could he be so cute?! Everyone really wanted to take him back! The woman was Wendy.

She left Ywood three years ago with her son-—the cute little boy.

Three years ago, Wendy suffered a massive hemorrhage after being severely beaten by Brian.

And because Cacia stomped on her even more, Wendy lost a lot of blood, eventually sending her into a severe state of coma.

Cacia later threw her into the sea–the very same thing she did to her mother.

Perhaps it was because of luck, but as soon as Cacia and her companions left, the sea began to surge.

Wendy was washed to the shore, where a kind-hearted gentleman found her and brought her to a hospital.

She didn’t wake up until half a month later.

And when she did, a scar of cesarean birth was on her belly! After undergoing a prenatal check-up, she learned she was pregnant with fraternal twins.

When she was sent to the hospital, the situation was very bad.

The doctor gave her a cesarean section, but only one of the two babies survived.

According to the doctor, it was an external force that eventually killed the baby girl.

And although the baby boy survived, his condition was no better.

The poor baby was born with multiple fractures and bruises all over his body.  Fortunately, he survived after being in the incubator for half a month.

Before Wendy could even see the boy, she was bent on not keeping it because it served as a reminder of how stupid she was!

But when she saw the baby at first sight, her heart softened.

His body was red and wrinkled, like that of an old man’s.

He was not cute at all! But when her finger grazed his tiny mouth, he began to **** it.

At that moment, there seemed to be a line, instantly connecting both their hearts.

Since then, Wendy had decided that she would keep this baby no matter how hard it would be.

After she was discharged from the hospital, she went home at once.

Her family had apparently held a funeral for her.Because she knew many of Cacia’s dirty secrets, Wendy was killed to keep her mouth shut.

If she continued to stay in Ywood, she might cross paths with those people.

So, she immediately fled to the US with her baby boy for their safety.

When she first arrived in the foreign land, everything was difficult.

As a woman, she had neither an educational background and nor special skills.

She could only work in a Chinese restaurant where she juggled washing the dishes and taking care of a new-born baby.

It was ****, and Wendy thought of giving up.

But, with her determination and guts, she survived.

Fortunately, her son was easy to look after.

When he turned half a year old, Wendy hired a nurse to babysit him.

She went on with her dream and became a student of New York Acting College.

With her eagerness to learn, she swore to become stronger and successful!

She wanted to be strong enough to bring her murderers to justice!

“Mommy…”the young boy called, sending Wendy back to her senses in an instant.

She gazed at him only to see the concerned look on his face.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Uncle Roger has called us several times, but you didn’t hear him!”

“I’m sorry, honey.Mommy was thinking of something else just now.”

As soon as she raised her head, Wendy saw Roger Johnson by the exit, waving at them with a smile.He then strode over and took the suitcase from Wendy.

“It’s alright.I can carry it myself.”

“Come on, Wendy.This is no big deal!”

Roger Johnson uttered, He then turned to the little boy, ruffled his head, and asked, “Ray, did you miss me?”

“Uncle Roger!”

The little boy frowned and protested, “You can’t touch a man’s head!”

A man? Wendy saw how her son shook off Roger Johnson’s big hand from his head.

“I’ve celebrated my third birthday in the US.I am grown up now.Uncle Roger, you can’t ruffle my head like that from now on,” the little boy commanded, sporting a pout.

“Okay, I got it. You’re a man now, Ray.So, can I hold you? Your mommy is not strong enough.Look, she is already tired of carrying you.”


The little boy extended his little arms to Roger, who held him in his arms with a smile.

Let’s go! I’ve booked a VIP room in Riverside Restaurant for you.

Now, I’ll take you to eat some real Chinese food!”

“Let’s go!”

And the three of them strode towards the car.


“Brian? Brian!”

“What? What’s wrong?”

Eris followed Brian’s gaze suspiciously, only to see passengers coming in and out of the airport.

She held his arm and asked, “Brian, who are you looking for?”

“No one.I think my eyes made a mistake…”

Brian answered as his thoughts lingered on what he saw.

No! It must be his illusion! How could he see Wendy Finch here? That woman should have died three years ago.

He saw the bleeding himself! In the past three years, Brian had always been consumed with his guilt.

Back then, when Wendy stabbed Eris with a fruit knife and told him that Eris purposely hurt herself with the knife, he kicked Wendy in her pregnant belly out of anger.

At that time, he saw blood rushed out of Wendy’s body.

He was so worried about Eris that he took her to the hospital without hesitation.

When he returned from the hospital, he heard the news that Wendy died of a massive hemorrhage.

A massive hemorrhage!

And he had kicked her heavily…



Brian took a deep breath and held Eris’s waist, trying to stir his thoughts away from the past.

“How was the shooting abroad?”

“It’s alright.I’ve missed you!”

“Silly girl!” He smile gently.

“I know you haven’t been eating well these days, so I booked a VIP room for us in Riverside Restaurant.Let’s go!”

“Oh, Brian! You really are the best!”

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