My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 19 His Son

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 19 His Son

Luke gazed at Wendy with pleading eyes as if he was looking at God.Meanwhile, the latter did not know what to do.

“So, we’ll just let him sleep like this?”

Luke nodded crazily and uttered, “Please, Miss Finch, let him sleep a little longer.”

But Wendy’s legs were sore and numb! And when she tried moving them, Ryan instantly winced in his sleep.

“Don’t move.Don’t move, please!”

“But my legs are numb…”

Hearing this, Luke immediately squatted down beside Wendy and massaged her calves.

Shocked by that unexpected gesture, Wendy hurriedly said, “Stop.I am fine!”


Luke stood up quickly and surveyed the living room.dy made up her mind and exclaimed, “Ah! Forget it!”

She couldn’t take responsibility if something bad really happened! Shrugging her shoulders, she buried her hand again in his pocket.

With her eyes tightly shut, she fumbled deep down and finally grabbed hold of his phone.

When she extracted the device out of his pants, she was sweating all over.

Wendy didn’t have time to think too much and immediately pressed the screen only to find that his phone had a fingerprint lock.

She pressed Ryan’s finger to unlock it, and voila! The screen opened, revealing a terrain of contact numbers.

Roger grew up with Ryan, and the two were really good friends.

Ryan must have Roger’s number on his contacts.

Fortunately, there were not many people on the list, so Wendy soon found his name.

Immediately, she dialed the number, but no one answered after a long while.

She tried a few more times again, only to be disappointed with the same result.

“He’s probably sleeping,”

Wendy uttered, staring at the phone screen.

At this point, she felt really helpless, but she couldn’t just leave Ryan like this on her couch.

ed in utter fear, sending her out of her sleep.

When she opened her eyes, the sun had already seeped through the slits of the curtain, making the living room a little hot on a summer morning.

Rubbing her eyes, Wendy turned around and saw Luke and Leo sitting on the dining chairs beside the table.

Seeing that she had woken up, Luke immediately stood up and trotted over.

Meanwhile, Ryan still had his head rested on her legs, breathing steadily in his dream.

Gazing down at his peaceful face, Wendy did not know what to say.

“What time is it now?”Luke smiled awkwardly and answered,

“It’s eight o’clock in the morning!”

What?! Eight o’clock?  Ryan had been sleeping for six hours! Didn’t Luke say that he would sleep for at most two or three hours? Realizing that she was fooled, Wendy glared at the man.

“I didn’t lie to you.I swear! My brother used to only sleep for three or four hours a day.If you don’t believe me, you can ask Leo!”

Wendy then shifted her gaze at Leo, who nodded with a gentle smile.

“What about now? Can you wake him up?”

“Please.It’s not easy for my brother to have a good sleep.I hope you can be kind enough to let him sleep a little longer.”

To let Ryan sleep more comfortably, Luke switched the central air conditioner in the living room and then found a quilt to cover him.

The only thing Wendy could do was watch him while she was still stuck on the couch.

At half-past eight, Ray and Precious, who sported the same pajamas, had gotten out of bed.

Seeing the group of people in the living room, Raymond frowned.

He wanted to say something to make their presence known, but Precious quickly covered his mouth.


Confused, Ray furrowed his brows at her and questioned her with his eyes.

“Ray! My daddy is asleep.Don’t speak.You will wake him up.”

Precious spoke in a very low voice, careful as to not make any noise.

Then, she pulled Raymond back to the corner and explained her father’s insomnia to him.

Ray nodded to show his understanding.

Suddenly, Wendy’s stomach growled, stealing the attention of everyone in the living room.

Embarrassed, she immediately covered it and gave out a wry smile.

Luke patted his head and declared, “Oh, my bad! I was too careless.Wait a moment!”

Then, he ran to the balcony to make a phone call.

In less than twenty minutes, the doorbell rang, signaling that their sumptuous breakfast had been delivered.

In no time, Luke opened the door and walked back into the living room holding several containers of food.

“Dear Wendy, I don’t know what you and Ray like for breakfast, so I ordered some myself.”

Was this the breakfast Luke ordered for them? It was quite too much! As Wendy watched him arranged all the food on the table, her mouth suddenly watered.

That certainly didn’t look like a simple breakfast! It clearly a buffet for the wealthy! The smell of Chinese and Western cuisines reeked in the air.

Various kinds of dumplings, paired with tea eggs, fried dough sticks, soy milk, sandwiches, bread, yogurt, and milk carpeted the table.

There was even a huge seafood pizza! Not minding the extravagance of this morning meal, Wendy began munching on those foods.

The people in the room didn’t want to disturb Ryan.

And when his phone rang a few times, Luke took the liberty to answer it on the balcony.

And when he came back, he instantly switched off the phone.

Perhaps to avoid disturbing his brother’s sleep.

Leo had always reminded Luke that if Ryan’s insomnia persisted, he might die at such a young age.

After all, he always overworked himself, even with just a few hours of sleep every day.

So, there was nothing more important for Luke right now than to let his brother sleep longer.

Shaking his hair and flashing a grin, Luke thought proudly that he was probably the best younger brother in the world! He was kind-hearted and very caring of his brother! After their breakfast, Luke sat next to Leo, while Precious and Ray played in one corner.

Leo kept quietly staring at Ray for some reason.

“Hey, what are you looking at?” Luke asked in a low voice.

Raising his chin, Leo answered, “That little guy.I noticed him when he was in the hospital with Miss Finch. Don’t you think he looked familiar?” Familiar?

Luke didn’t notice that.

He then followed Leo’s gaze and saw the little boy sitting upright.

Unlike Precious, who was arranging the blocks quickly and, in a mess, the little boy was making the blocks into various shapes in his hands, and all of them were extremely complicated.

Seeing his work, Precious’s eyes lit up and stared at Ray with admiration.

The little boy was neither arrogant nor impatient, and his calm and collected appearance was very charming.

The more Luke’s gaze lingered on the kids, the more he was surprised to learn that the features were somewhat similar.

“Oh?! Don’t you think Ray looks like Precious? Look at his nose and mouth! Oh, that’s probably why he looked familiar to us! I wouldn’t have noticed it hadn’t you tell me!”

Leo looked at him speechlessly.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Luke asked, obviously still clueless.

“Whom does Precious resemble?”

“Of course, my brother…”

As soon as those words left Luke’s mouth, his eyes widened exaggeratingly while his mouth hung agape.

“Oh, my God!” he exclaimed as he stole a gaze at the young boy one more time.

It was true.

This little boy really looked like his brother when the latter was still a child.

But then, his brother was naughty as a kid, and this boy looked more serious…Yet, looking at his face right now, Ray undeniably resembled Ryan! Oh, dear God! This was mind-blowing!

“Leo, are you saying that this little boy is my brother’s son?”

Luke asked after coming back to his senses.

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