My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 187: She Fooled You Again

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 187: She Fooled You Again

Ten minutes later 

At a cafe near the filming site, Wendy reached a private room.She was wearing light make-up, yet her face was covered with sunglasses and a face mask.The instant the door opened, Brian stood up.Seeing how heavily disguised Wendy was, he was slightly surprised.

“Come in,” he said a after a period of awkward silence.

Wendy walked into the room without a saying a word.

Brian reached out to pull a chair for her.

To his surprise, Wendy held up her palm and said, “No need.”

She then walked over, pulled a chair for herself, and sat down opposite him.

It was only then that she took off her sunglasses and mask, revealing the stern look on her face.

She looked straight into his eyes and said, “I have a shooting later, so you’d better hurry up.Let’s cut to the chase.What do you want from me?”

Brian pushed the cup of coffee he had ordered for her.As he gazed at her pale face, guilt crept over his system.

“Wendy, I’ve seen the headlines about you today,” he started.

Wendy did not say anything and just looked at him expressionlessly.

The way she was looking at him made him even feel guiltier.

“I…I’ve asked Eris about the man.She said that he was the one four years ago.” Wendy’s face turned pale.

She could not help but clench the coffee cup and pursed her lips out of anger.


“It’s our fault.At that time, Eris was young and naive.She loved me so much that she did it without thinking.I apologize on her behalf.”

Upon hearing that, Wendy burst into laughter.

Brian frowned in confusion and asked, “What are you laughing at? What’s so funny?”

“I feel sorry for you!”

Brian put down his cup and said, “Wendy, stop driving a wedge between Eris and me.She has already explained herself about what you’ve told me before.”

“You’re so pitiful.She fooled you again!” Brian was speechless.

“You don’t believe me?” Wendy asked with a sneer.

Brian heaved a heavy sigh and remarked, “Wendy, your grudge against Eris is too deep.Can’t you see that even though your past has been exposed, Eris is still defending you in front of the media? Wendy, I think she’s right.It’ll be best if you just quit the showbiz and go home.Ruben is your biological father.He will accept you.”

As he spoke, Wendy took a sip of coffee.

The pure and rich black coffee was strong and bitter, like her.

She put the cup down just after taking a sip, which puzzled Brian.

“Don’t you like it? I remember black coffee was your favorite.”

“You’re wrong.”

Brian was confused.


Wendy pushed the coffee away from her and said indifferently, “I don’t like black coffee.It’s too bitter! I like sweet drinks.Life is bitter as it is.Why would anyone like those bitter drinks anyway?”

“Then you—”

“I said I liked it just to cater to your preferences.Black coffee is your favorite.”

Brian was stunned.He must admit, he was moved.He reached out across the table to hold Wendy’s hand and urged, “Wendy, quit the showbiz.”

Wendy withdrew her hand at once.


“Given the current situation, it would be very difficult for you to continue your career.”

With a sneer, Wendy retorted, “Who says I can’t save my career?”

Brian’s eyes widened in shock.


“If you clear my name in front of the media, my reputation will be saved.Not only that, this issue will make a splash for me.” Brian froze.

He seemed to be unwilling to do what she was asking.


“What? You can’t do it?”

“Of course, I can’t! If I do that, what Eris has done to you four years ago will be exposed.Her career will be over!”

Wendy’s lips curved into a smile.

‘That’s right.If the truth gets exposed, Eris’s image as a fine lady with remarkable acting skills will be ruined.People will be appalled when they find out that she drugged her own sister out of jealousy.What’s more, they will see her as a ***** for stealing her sister’s boyfriend.That will be enough to ultimately destroy her career”

 At the thought of this, Wendy looked at Brian with a piercing gaze and said with disdain, “You can’t bear to expose the truth and ruin Eris, so you’d rather team up with her and destroy me.Is that right?”

Brian averted his gaze, but he could feel her gaze penetrating into his soul.

“Wendy, I’m sorry!”

Honestly, Wendy did not expect Brian would help her, so she was not disappointed.

After all, he had already proposed to Eris.

Although his proposal was only a sheer publicity stunt, they were a real couple, so their interests were intertwined.

If Eris got involved in a scandal, the stocks of Brian’s company would be affected.

Therefore, regardless of the reason, Brian could only help Eris.

“What did you call me here for?” she asked.

“You got caught in a predicament because of us.I’m so sorry, Wendy, but I think it’s best if you quit the showbiz.If you do, I’m willing to compensate you.”

‘What? How dare they ask me to quit when they were the ones who wronged me?’ Wendy sneered and asked, “Compensate me? How do you plan on doing that?”

“Money, house, anything you want! Just ask me, and I’ll give them to you right away.Wendy…”

Brian held her hand again and looked into her eyes as he promised, “I’ll take care of you for the rest of my life. His palm was warm and wet with sweat.

To Wendy, it was disgusting.

Truth be told, it made her want to throw up.

Wendy withdrew her hand, not wanting to feel his moist hand anymore.

Then, with a cold look, she asked, “How are you going to take care of me for the rest of my life?”

“I’ll give you everything you ask for as long as you want.”

“Are you saying you want to keep me as your mistress?”

Brian did not answer.But, judging from his expression, silence meant yes.

This piqued Wendy’s interest.

She took a sip of water to wet her dry throat and sneered, “Really? I’m afraid you can’t afford the price!”

“Wendy, I’m richer than you think,” Brian replied confidently.

Wendy could not help but chuckle at his response.

“If you say so.What can you offer me anyway?”

“Wendy, don’t underestimate me.I have a villa and a luxury car.If you agree, I’ll transfer those to your name at once.I’m serious.I want to take care of you.”

‘Huh?You just want to take care of me in bed!’ Wendy thought sardonically.

“What about Eris?” she asked, amused by his proposal.

“Wendy, Eris is my fiancee.She’s my future wife! She’s always been kind to me, and she’s done so much for me.I can’t let her down.Don’t worry.Eris is a simple woman.She won’t make things difficult for you as long as you don’t go too far.You’re her sister, after all.”

‘What the ****? Are you kidding me? You want Eris and me to serve you together? Sadly, that’s not my kink” 


“I’m not interested.”

Brian was taken aback by Wendy’s response.He did not expect that she would refuse him.

All this time, he believed that his offer was tempting.

“Wendy, I apologize for what I’ve done to you in the past.We were each other’s first love, and we were together for three years! The truth is, I still have feelings for you.”

‘I see, I understand everything now.You’re asking me to be your mistress because you’re still hung up on me” 

“Brian, did you say that Eris is kind?”

Brian nodded his head and answered, “I did.Believe me.Even if Eris finds out about our relationship one day, she won’t do anything to you.I know her better than anyone.She’s so kind that she won’t even hurt a fly.”

“Shall we make a bet?”

Brian frowned, confused about what she was up to.

“A bet?”

“Let’s bet if Eris is indeed the kind woman as you say.”

Brian’s face lit up, and he said without hesitation, “What are you betting on?”

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