My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 186: Gossip Is A Fearful Thing

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 186: Gossip Is A Fearful Thing

The scene seemed as though a drop of water fell into a hot oil pot.

At that moment, an angry mob of fans swarmed around Wendy.

“Wendy, how dare you show your face here?”

“You disgusting *****! Did you become an actress just to hook up with actors? Stay away from Jeffrey!”

“Get lost and just sleep with dirty old men! Eris and Brian are a perfect match.We won’t allow you to destroy their relationship!”

“That’s right!”

“Get out of here! You’re disgusting!”

Dozens of security guards had to be dispatched to protect Wendy from the manic fans.

Thankfully, she was able to go to the shooting site unscathed.

Those rabid fans were not the only ones there.Some came just to watch the fun and gossip about the issue.The fans, however, were the worst.Their eyes were like poisoned knives, cutting Wendy’s skin until she bled dry.

She felt that those people were like angry beasts who would pounce on her and tear her to shreds at any time.Wendy pursed her lips at the thought of this.Her situation made her remember someone in the 80s.

He was not only a celebrity, but he was also a superstar.

He gained popularity at a young age.

In fact, his name was known not only in the country but also in Asia.

Rumor had it that he was gay.

The public feasted on that issue and attacked him.

Unable to stand the fans’ hostility any longer, he jumped down from the 26th floor of a building.

It was so tragic that he ended his life in such a way.

Gossip is really a fearful thing.

Wendy saw with her very eyes how dangerous people’s words could be.

If it were not for Ryan’s help, her situation would have been far worse than this.

Wendy paid no attention to those fans as she went to the shooting site with the security guards’ ******.

At the shooting site The staff and crew cast a strange glance at Wendy as she came in.

Some glanced at her and then whispered to their circle of friends.

But when Wendy looked at them, they pretended to be working.

As she passed by them, they did not dare to speak another word.

They only did so when she was finally out of earshot.

Even the actors and actresses who had a good relationship with Wendy prior the issue avoided her.

Wendy took a deep breath to contain her emotions.She tried to understand them.She reminded herself that their behavior towards her was actually normal and acceptable.

After all, they did not know the truth.It was natural for them to be influenced by the public opinion.

Even so, she still felt sad.She had been working with them for quite a while now, but they still chose to believe the word on the street.

At that moment, Wendy went straight to Carter.


“Hey, Wendy.This is today’s schedule.The scenes that are needed to be filmed today are on it.Have a look.”

Carter’s attitude towards Wendy did not change at all, so she felt relieved.

As a matter of fact, she was surprised when she received a call from Carter this morning.

As Wendy was currently under fire, it would be best if Carter advised her to stay at home for the time being and only allow her to work once the company turned the situation around.

After all, this scandal had caused quite a sensation.

Fortunately for Wendy, the company intended to save her and her career.

If not, she would be fired and replaced from the current movie.

To Wendy’s surprise, Carter called her early in the morning and asked her to go to work like she usually did.

At this moment, Wendy took the schedule and then bowed deeply to Carter to express her gratitude.

“I’m sorry for causing trouble,” she said with her head down.

Carter smiled and patted her on the shoulder.

“I’ve been a director for decades, and not once have I ever been wrong in judging a person.Besides, we’ve been working together for a long time.I know you.I also know that you did not seduce Brian or have a promiscuous life.That’s ********!”

As they spoke, there were staff who happened to pass by them.

Carter deliberately raised his voice.

“Wendy, we all know what kind of person you are.You just need to work hard.Don’t pay any attention to those who speak ill of you.We believe in you.”

“Thank you, Director!”

From then on, the staff and cast changed their attitude towards Wendy.

Although they were still somewhat cold towards her, it was better than before.

The staff were now preparing the venue for the shooting later.

As Wendy had nothing to do yet, she decided to check on Weibo.

As expected, her Weibo account was filled with hate and defamation.

Wendy could not help but raise her brows as she read her haters’ comments.

They were so good at cursing, especially when they thought that they did not have to be responsible for their words.

What they said was horrendous! How funny that those who were nothing but strangers to Wendy were insulting her as though they were holding a grudge.

Their words were like poisonous snakes—itching to pounce on Wendy to bite her.

‘’Well, I don’t care what they say.Let the storm come more fiercely.Once the situation reverses, they’ll know they’ve been used” 

Wendy did not let the issue affect her performance.She gave her best as usual, and her parts took only one take.

It was time for lunch not long after. At this moment, Wendy’s phone rang.She looked at the caller ID to see who it was, and her lips curled into a frown.

Only the phone number of the caller appeared on the screen.

Even so, she knew very well to whom it belonged.

How could she forget it? Those numbers were engraved in her mind.

It was Brian.

‘Why is he calling me?’ With her eyebrows furrowed, Wendy answered the call.


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