My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 185: Quit The Showbiz

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 185: Quit The Showbiz

In the autumn night, the air was frigid, and the reporters shivered against the cold.

As they could not drive in, they decided to sneak in instead.

Doing so meant that they would not be sheltered against the chilly wind.

Even so, they had to get the first-hand news, so they did not leave.

Eris, being as ostentatious as ever, gave every single reporter warm milk tea.

Meanwhile, Ana opened two boxes of instant noodles, poured hot water in them, and asked everyone to get one.

The reporters were deeply touched by this.

“Everyone, eat and drink something to warm yourselves up.We’ll start the interview once you’re all full.Let’s make this quick and easy so that you can all go home early.”

The reporters only had one thought in mind: Eris was so considerate.

They were not just warmed physically, but also emotionally.

Usually, a celebrity’s attitude would change when their status became notable and worthy.

Although some would keep a good relationship with the reporters, others would not even spare a glance.

Worse, pompous celebrities would get the reporters beaten up for just doing their jobs.

But in the hearts of the reporters who were present, Eris was different.

She was famous, yet she remained generous and kind to mere reporters like them.

Eris lead the reporters in her favor.

The interview started as soon as the reporters were done eating.

“Eris, have you watched Wendy’s live broadcast in Octavia Show today? Oakley, the name of the man who caused the ruckus, said that you and Wendy are sisters.Is that true?”

Eris nodded and replied, “Yes.”

The reporters burst into an uproar upon hearing her response.

Eris then heaved a sigh and added, “Wendy is my sister.”

“As far as we know, you’re working with Wendy in your latest drama, right? Why didn’t we hear about your relationship?”


Eris paused for a moment as though hesitant to answer the question.

“Eris, is there anything you can’t say?”

“No, there’s none.”

Eris sighed again and continued, “Three years ago, Wendy had some misunderstandings with our family.Since then, she refuses to recognize me as her sister.”

“Three years ago? Was that the time when you and Brian announced your relationship to the public? Do you think that was the reason why she disowned you?”

Eris’ eyes glinted, and she responded, “I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you that.It’s private.”

The reporters nodded understandingly and shifted the topic.

“Is it true that Wendy and Brian were a couple?”

Eris smiled bitterly and replied, “Yes.”

“According to Oakley, you and Brian liked each other first.Apparently, Wendy took him from you, so they became a couple.Is that the truth?”

Eris did not deny it.She didn’t answer the reporter’s question directly.

Instead, she answered it in a different way.

“Please don’t talk about my sister like that.She’s actually really kind, she was very nice to me.I was always the first person she wanted to share something with.Our relationship was quite close.But at that time, we were young and didn’t know any better when…”

Eris trailed off and shook her head as though remembering something unpleasant.

The reporters watched in pity and decided not to press her further.

“You said that you and Wendy were close before.What about now?”

Upon hearing that question, Eris froze in the spot.

The reporters immediately asked their photographers to take photos of Eris and capture her expression.

It took Eris a long while before she was able to answer the question.

With a bitter smile, she sniffed and replied, “Three years ago, Wendy had a conflict with our family, causing her to run away from home.She didn’t return until three years later.In those years while she was gone, we thought that she had passed away.Our parents and I were very sad.But then she returned some time ago.Honestly, we were ecstatic to see her come back safe and sound.But I must admit, Wendy has changed since then.We almost couldn’t recognize her.”

At that moment, Eris looked straight into the camera and said with full of emotions, “Wendy, if you’re watching this, I want you to listen to me.Let bygones be bygones.Come back to us, and we’ll welcome you with open arms.”

During the interview, Eris did not directly speak ill of Wendy.

However, she was able to portray Wendy as a self-willed and selfish person.

“Eris, according to Oakley, Wendy gave him a huge sum of money to silence him after they had ***.Is that true?”

Eris would not be an actress without a reason, would she? At that moment, she looked down and feigned embarrassment.

“Well, you should ask her in person.After all, it has nothing to do with me.I can’t tell you anything about that.”

The reporters were dissatisfied with her response.

But since Eris had been nice to them, they decided not to make things difficult for her.

The interview took over an hour.

The reporters seemed satisfied when they left.

Well, they had to leave as soon as they could so that they could write the news and release it to the public as soon as possible.

Once the last reporter had left, Eris hummed a song in glee.

She looked at the night sky overhead.

Not a star was in sight.

Not only that, dark and heavy clouds were gathering.

It was a dark and gloomy night.

Nevertheless, Eris was happy, even more cheerful than she had ever been.

Honestly, she could not wait for tomorrow’s news.

‘’Wendy, you’re not a match for me” she thought to herself with a sneer.

She looked at her watch to check the time.

It was already half past two in the morning.She yawned and returned to the hall while stretching her body.


Eris turned around impatiently and saw Ana pointing at the direction where the reporters had been.

The place was littered with trash.

As the reporters left in a hurry, they left a mess on the ground.

Instant noodles boxes, milk tea bottles and water bottles were scattered everywhere.

Eris then looked at Ana, who was looking at her expectantly, and snapped, “What are you looking at? Are you blind? Clean it!”

After saying that, she snorted, turned around, and left.

Ana was speechless.

She could not help but feel helpless as she gazed at the scattered trash on the ground.

‘What a hypocrite! She left a good expression to the reporters but left all the dirty work for me.Argh!’ Ana glanced at Eris, who was prancing in happiness, and bit her lower lip in frustration.

Accepting her fate, Ana ran down the stairs to clean up the trash on the ground.

The following day, Wendy hit the headlines as expected.The news was appalling! 

“Wendy’s one-night stand!”

“Wendy and Brian’s love affair!”

“Wendy’s promiscuous private life!”

All the major media headlines were all about Wendy.

Eris made the headlines, too.

But unlike Wendy, who was being condemned by the public, Eris was being praised.

People complimented how gentle, considerate, and kind she was.They said nothing but praise.

At this very moment, the filming site of the Story of Concubine Ivanka was surrounded by fans.

Some of them were Eris’ fans, while most of them were Jeffrey’s.

“Quit the showbiz, Wendy!”

“Quit the showbiz!”

“You shameless *****! Your promiscuous private life has been exposed.How dare you be linked to Jeffrey? Sorry to say, but as fans, we object! Wendy, quit the showbiz!”

“Are you that raunchy that you even seduced your sister’s boyfriend? What a ****!”

The scene was chaotic.

All of a sudden, a fan pointed in a direction and shouted, “Look! It’s that ***** Wendy!”

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