My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 182: Lies, Lies, Lies

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 182: Lies, Lies, Lies


This night was destined to be a long and sleepless night.

About two hours after the incident in the live broadcast, a group of reporters swarmed at the entrance of the TV station to interview Wendy, but they did not see her.

However, there was a man who seemed to be adding fuel to the fire.

He was the one who claimed that he was the father of Wendy’s child.

In the camera, he was all tears and snot.He looked pretty convincing, to be frank.

“Sir, was your revelation a while ago true?”

The name of the man who was claiming to be the father of Wendy’s child was Oakley Chener.

He cried and complained, “It was! Even though four years had passed, I could still remember it clearly because Wendy ruined my beloved family.”

“Sir, do you remember exactly when it happened?” one of the reporters asked.

Oakley pondered for a moment but shook his head shortly after.

“I only remember that it happened in autumn.It’s been a long time.Although I still remember everything, I don’t recall the exact date when it happened.But I remember that it happened after the wedding of Wendy’s cousin.She was the bridesmaid at that time.That night, in the hillside villa, she gave me a big sum of money.The next thing I know, we were doing something we shouldn’t have done.”

Upon hearing what Oakley had said, the reporters became eager and excited.

As they were afraid they would miss on the big news, they quickly asked questions one after another.

Oakley Chener obediently answered every question the reporters threw at him.

It was not difficult for him to make Wendy appear dissolute.

“By the way, I remember that Rosie Finch is Wendy’s cousin.Her husband is Kane, the president of the Glory Media.The day Rosie and Kane got married was the day something happened between me and Wendy.”

An utter shock appeared all over the reporters’ faces.

“Rosie Finch? They’re cousins?” one of the reporters confirmed.

“Yes, they are.If you don’t believe me, you can check the video of the wedding.I believe they invited the media to provide coverage.Wendy was the bridesmaid there, so she should be in the video as well.Also, Wendy is the sister of the famous actress, Eris.”

Just when the reporters thought the news would not get any more shocking, it did.

One of the reporters quickly took out his phone and searched for the video of Kane’s wedding ceremony.

He was able to find it a few moments later and indeed saw Wendy in it.

The reporter immediately held up his phone for everyone to see and shouted, “It’s true! I found a video of Mr.Kane’s wedding ceremony and found Wendy! Also, Mr.Kane and Rosie held their wedding at the hillside villa.”

The reporters burst into an uproar.

That piece of evidence had just proved that what the man was saying was true.

The reporters all had the same thought in mind.’Is Wendy really that kind of woman? Anyway, this is big news! Wendy had just entered the entertainment industry, yet she was quickly climbing up the ladder.

With the help of gossips, she became a hot topic in just a short period of time.Although her reputation was not clean, it helped her became a second-class star.

If what Oakley Chener said was true, then Wendy’s career as an actress would come to an end.

At that moment, the reporters started to ask a new wave of questions, thirsty for answers.

Oakley had been very cooperative as he answered all the inquiries one by one.

When he noticed that the reporters was running out of questions, his shoulders slumped, and he trembled in fear.

“Oh no.Will this become a hot topic? I, I’d better stop answering now.”

All of a sudden, he scampered and hid in a corner.

The reports surrounded him, their microphones almost shoving onto Oakley’s face.

“Sir, are you afraid Wendy will retaliate against you?” one of the reporters asked.

“Sir, you and Wendy must be in contact since what happened.Can you tell us what kind of person she is behind the camera?” another one queried.



“I…I’m scared,” Oakley replied with a look of terror on his face.

“Mr.Oakley, don’t be scared.As long as you tell the truth, the public will protect you.”

Upon hearing that, Oakley seemed reassured yet still hesitant.A moment later, he seemed to have finally made up his mind.

He gritted his teeth and, as though he had found strength, stood up straight and answered, “Okay.I’ll tell you everything.But before anything else, if anything happens to me after this, it won’t be an accident.If anything bad happen to me, everyone, please seek justice for me.”


“I’ll tell you what I know.Wendy had a boyfriend when something happened between us.Her then-boyfriend was now Miss Eris’s fiance, Mr.Brian Oliver.”


As this matter had now involved Eris, it was undeniably a big news.Eris and Wendy’s popularity was incomparable.

If an issue had anything to do with the former, it would surely make a difference.

The reporters were all thrilled that they did not even hide their excitement.

“Mr.Oakley, what do you mean?”

“Are you saying that when Miss Wendy seduced you, she had a boyfriend? Does that mean she was dissatisfied with Brian that she came after you?”

“Mr.Oakley, is Wendy really Mr.Brian’s ex-girlfriend? What happened? Could it be that Wendy was involved in the relationship between Miss Eris and Mr.Brian?”

“Mr.Oakley, please answer.”


“Well…you’re all correct.As a matter of fact, Mr.Brian was in love with Wendy before he fell for Miss Eris.”


“But it’s not what you think.It’s said that Mr.Brian and Miss Eris liked each other first at that time.But when Miss Eris found out that Wendy also liked Mr.Brian, she let him go because Wendy is her sister.But sometime later, when Mr.Brian saw Wendy’s true color, he broke up with her and pursued Miss Eris again.She hesitated for a long time because she didn’t want to hurt her sister.But she couldn’t resister her feelings for him, so he agreed to be his girlfriend in the end.That’s everything you wish to know,” Oakley concluded in a low voice.

Meanwhile, in the private room of Riverside Restaurant, Ryan, Wendy, Luke, and Roger were having dinner together.

They actually planned on heading straight to Ensfield.

But realizing that Wendy and Roger had not had dinner yet, Ryan asked the driver to stop at Riverside Restaurant first.

The entertainment news was being broadcasted on the TV in the private room, so everyone heard the lies Oakley had said on the national TV.

The atmosphere in the room was morose and gloomy.

Ryan’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the man on the screen.

Although he looked calm, deep inside, he was burning with anger.

All of a sudden, Luke slammed the table and stood up.

He then clutched his palm in pain and exclaimed angrily, “****! What the **** is he talking about? If I see him, I’ll tear his mouth apart!”

On the other hand, no expression could be seen on Wendy’s face.

She lowered her head and gazed at the table full of her favorite dishes.

Although they looked appetizing, she was no longer in the mood to eat.She had expected that Cacia and her family would stir up trouble again, but she did not expect them to be this vicious.

Because of Oakley’s words, in the eyes of the public, Wendy was now the *****, while Eris was the angel.

‘’Humph! So even if I revealed the evidence that Eris was the real third wheel, nobody would believe me.She took the lead, even before I managed to do something.I must admit, her viciousness is impressive.But…not for long.’’ 

At the thought of this, Wendy put down her chopsticks and asked, “Luke, is your men still at the TV station?”

Luke was taken aback by her sudden question, but then he nodded in response.


“Great.Now, help me catch Oakley!”

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