My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 179: Fight Back

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 179: Fight Back

“The girl in Mr.Ryan’s arms looks familiar.Why does she look like Wendy so much?”

Wendy’s eyes widened, and her expression froze upon hearing the reporters.She was right.She had just said that the reporters would definitely recognize her.

“Ryan” Wendy opened her mouth to protest, but Ryan interrupted her.

“Don’t speak!”


As soon as the driver saw Ryan and Wendy, he immediately got out of the car and opened the door for them.

Meanwhile, Ryan, who was holding Wendy, got in the car with her in his arms.They were followed by Luke and Roger, who also quickly got in.

Although they were already inside, the driver did not drive away immediately.

Instead, Ryan rolled down the window, and the director and deputy director of the TV station smiled fawningly at him.

“Mr.Ryan, what happened today was due to our carelessness,” the former admitted.

With a cold face, Ryan replied, “Then tomorrow…”

“Don’t worry.Our TV station will give an official statement by then.”

The director of the TV station was furious at today’s incident.

Ryan had personally called him in advance, even before Wendy had arrived at the station.

What was more, he even came in person to watch the show.

That was enough to prove that he regarded Wendy with utmost importance.

The director didn’t believe even one word coming out of that man who barged into the studio earlier.After all, why would Wendy take a fancy to any other man when she already had someone like Ryan? 

“Our TV station will clear Miss Wendy’s name immediately,” the director promised.

As a response, Ryan nodded in satisfaction.

Now that he and the director had finished talking, the driver finally rolled up the window.

He then started the engine, and the car quickly disappeared from the crowd’s sight.

The reporters were left in the dust.

Now that the car had sped away, there was nothing else they could do but watch.

The reporter who had raised his suspicion scratched his head in confusion and remarked, “The girl in Mr.Ryan’s arms really seemed to be Wendy.”

Boink! The senior reporter beside him suddenly hit his subordinate’s head.

“Ouch! Sir, what was that for?” the reporter asked while clutching his head.

“Stop talking nonsense.It’s said that Mr.Ryan particularly hates contacts with women.The lady he was with…he seemed to be very concerned about her.She must have a close relationship with him.How could she be Wendy?”


“Don’t be ridiculous.You just saw it wrong.”

The reporter scratched his head and thought about it.

‘’That’s probably it.Besides, how could Mr.Ryan be involved with Wendy? That doesn’t make any sense.I must’ve just seen it wrong, he mused.” With a heavy sigh, the reporter looked at his superior and asked, “Sir, what should we do next?”

“Quickly set up the camera and then wait for Wendy to get out.”

“Got it.”

Meanwhile, Ryan’s car turned a corner and was now far away from the reporters.

It was only then that Ryan let go of Wendy.

Little did he know, she was admiring him very much for what he had done.

She never expected that he would be able to take her out of the crowd of reporters easily.

At first, she thought that it would be very difficult to make her way out.

However, Ryan suddenly appeared and saved her from her dilemma.

Wendy could not help but look at him in admiration.

“Ryan, you’re amazing.Thanks for being here today; otherwise, things would’ve gotten too troublesome.””How can you still smile?” Ryan asked with a frown.

Wendy grinned and leaned over to him.

“Boss, I knew you wouldn’t stand by and do nothing when one of your employees is in danger.Good thing, the Public Relations Department Glory Media is powerful.”

Ryan glanced at her and retorted, “If I have to help every single employee like this, I’ll be exhausted.””But this is different.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Well…our relationship is special.”

“What do you mean by that?”

At that moment, Wendy’s cheeks turned hot and red.

“Well, we’re…neighbors,” she replied timidly.

Without any expression on his face, Ryan turned to look at her and answered, “I have many neighbors.”Wendy was at a loss for words.It seemed that she had no choice but to use her trump card.All of a sudden, she leaned over and hugged his nigr. What she had just done made Ryan raise his eyebrows at her.

“I’m counting on you!” Ryan just looked at her and said nothing.

Seeing that he remained unmoved, Wendy glared at him and asked with narrowed eyes, “Will you help me or not?”

Although the issue at hand was a bit tricky, it was not impossible to solve.

If Ryan would not interfere and help, Wendy would have to deal with it by herself.

Even though she could do it alone, the process would be more troublesome.


“What?” Wendy asked incredulously.

Ryan sighed and playfully ruffled her hair.

“You just said we have a special relationship.How can I to say no to that?” Wendy was speechless.

Although her cheeks were flushed, she did not push his hand away.

Tomorrow would be the last day of their agreement.

Wendy had planned on making it clear to him.

If he would wholeheartedly accept her past, she would agree to be with him.

On the other hand, if he did not, she would move out of the Ensfield and keep a safe distance from him.

She would then only regard him as his boss and nothing more.

Just now in the lounge of the TV station, she had told Ryan her past.

Nevertheless, it did not seem that he had changed his mind in being with her.So even though Wendy had not promised that she would be his girlfriend, she had already acquiesced about it in her heart.

After all, silence meant yes in this case.

Of course, she would accept intimacy that was necessary for them to have a harmonious relationship.

The thought of that warmed Wendy’s heart.

All her life, she had been relying on herself.

But today, when Ryan appeared in front of her as a guardian and protector, it was only then that she felt it was great to be protected by someone.

At that moment, Wendy leaned against the car window and fell into deep thought.

When suddenly…something occurred to her.

She abruptly sat up straight and looked at Luke, who was sitting on the shotgun seat, with her eyes wide in inquiry.

“Luke, were you able to catch the man who caused the commotion?”

Upon hearing her question, a guilty expression appeared on his face.

Luke averted his gaze and replied, “Oh.About that…I was about to tell you that, but unfortunately, he ran away.”

“Ran away?!” Wendy asked, appalled.

Luke nodded and continued, “That man must’ve planned on doing that beforehand.After he created the chaos, he grabbed the opportunity and escaped.He must be familiar with the TV station, so he was able to slip away from the security.Don’t worry.I’ve already sent someone to check the surveillance video.It won’t be long until we catch that *******.”

“I appreciate your effort, but there’s no need for you to capture him.”

“Wait, what? Why?” Luke asked while looking at her in confusion.

Wendy pursed her lips and heaved a heavy sigh as though remembering an awful memory.

“Cacia and Eris are the only ones who want to ruin my image and career.Today, a man I’ve never seen deliberately messed up the live broadcast.Although what happened has a bad impact on me, as long as I prove that the man was just lying, the issue will quickly pass.For sure, the attention of the public will be diverted to another topic soon.This won’t be a fatal blow to my career.”

Roger and Luke looked at her at the same time.The latter opened his mouth and asked, “You mean…”

“They must be up to something, and this incident isn’t the last one yet.”

Wendy knew Cacia and Eris very well.They were ruthless and would do anything to achieve their goals.

In particular, Cacia, who looked kind and loving, was actually a vicious serpent.

Her heart was cold and evil, and her mind was even more wicked.

Her mere existence was enough to prove how vicious people could get.

Cacia never did petty and insignificant things.

Everything she did would surely cause big trouble, if not now, in the future.

Wendy had known Cacia for a long time.

She was sure her evil stepmother would take further steps and that the worst was yet to come.

“Wendy, what are you going to do?” Luke asked cautiously.

Wendy glanced at the long scratches across Roger’s face, and her eyes darkened.

“Well, I’ve been busy since I returned, so I decided to let them be for a while.But it seemed that they couldn’t wait to stir up trouble.I haven’t even taken a revenge on them after what they’ve done to me in the past.In this case, I guess I have no choice but to fight back now.”

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