My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 174: Standards In Choosing A Boyfriend

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 174: Standards In Choosing A Boyfriend

Eris had always been possessive of Brian.She would do everything just to get him.She even stabbed herself before just so he would leave Wendy for her.

Now, she was even more outrageous.She was wary of all the women around Brian, in fear they would suddenly ****** him from her.

‘’Ha-ha! If only Eris knew that Brian proposed to her to take advantage of her.I wonder what her expression would be.”

At the thought of that, Wendy’s eyes glinted in amusement.She and Roger had been waiting until now.It was already six o’clock in the evening, and the sun had already set.

The temperature had dropped a little.

Unfortunately for Wendy, she was wearing a strapless dress.

As a result, the hair on her arms stood on its end, and she felt slightly shivery.

To warm herself up, she cradled her arms.

At that moment, she felt an urge to yawn.

‘’It’s so cold! The coldness is making me sleepy” 

Just as she thought of that, she felt a warm feeling on her shoulders.She looked at it and saw a warm coat draped over her.She looked at Roger instinctively and found that he had taken his coat off and put it on her.

With a frown, she tried to take the coat off and return it to him.

“Don’t even think about it.Just put it on,” Roger said when Wendy was taking the coat off her.

“But you’ll catch a cold,” she reasoned out.

“I’m stronger than you.You have a lot of work tomorrow.It’ll be troublesome if you get sick.” Wendy sighed in defeat and stopped arguing with him at once.

Roger was right, after all.

Just as he had said, she put on the coat and felt much better now.

At that moment, she yawned yet again.

“Where is Octavia anyway? Why hasn’t she come yet?”

“Are you hungry?” Roger asked with concern.

“Not really.”

Wendy had been sitting still on the couch for a while, so she did not feel hungry yet.

“How about I order some take-out food? What do you want to eat?”

Wendy pondered for a moment, but then she waved her hand in dismissal and replied, “Never mind.The live broadcast will start soon.If I eat now, my belly will bulge later.I’ll just eat once the show is over, so I’ll look good on the camera.”

Although being an actress was fun, there was a catch.

Actors and actresses had to watch their figures.

In the camera, people usually looked fuller than they actually were.

That was the reason why Wendy insisted on not eating anything at the moment.She needed to be thin.

Very thin! There are people who do not gain weight easily.

But for those people who do, controlling their figure was extremely difficult to do.

Those who belonged to the latter group had to check their calorie intake every time they ate.

Then, after eating, they had to hurry up and exercise to consume the calories they had just taken.

For actors and actresses, shooting a film was strenuous and tiring.

But if they ate too much, they would get fat.

If they did not, they would not only get hungry, but they would also be anemic.

Needless to say, being an actor or an actress was much difficult that it seemed.

Wendy had no idea how many cups of coffee she had had and how many times she had gone to the bathroom today.

Fortunately, Octavia finally arrived thirty minutes later.




Upon hearing the knock on the door, Wendy, who seemed paralyzed on the sofa, immediately sat up straight.

Meanwhile, Roger walked to the door and opened it.

Octavia was wearing a floral cheongsam and exquisite makeup.

Her aura was strong and intimidating.

When she walked, she swayed beautifully.

Because of her years of experience of dancing, she had a beautiful figure, with her chest out and abdomen in.

In a word, she looked like a powerful queen.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

“No, we came too early.”

Wendy stood up from the sofa, walked over to Octavia, and greeted, “Nice to meet you, Miss Octavia.I’m Wendy.This is my agent, Roger.”

Octavia glanced at Roger and then furtively looked at Wendy from head to toe.

The more she looked at her guest, the more stunning Wendy seemed.

There were a lot of actresses in the entertainment circle.

Some of them were more alluring, but only few of them were exceedingly beautiful.

Octavia could not help but feel that Wendy was ***’s most perfect creation.

‘’It has been many years since the last time such a natural beauty appeared in the entertainment circle.This girl signed a contract with Glory Media.Not only that, Mr.Ryan is protecting her.She’ll definitely be on the top in the future ‘’ she concluded.

Octavia smiled at Wendy and said, “I don’t ask questions based on the script of the program.The questions I will ask will just be extracted from the computer on the spot.Sometimes, the questions are sharp, while the others…not so much.Miss Wendy, I’d like you to think about it first and tell me what you don’t feel like answering.I’ll avoid them for you.”

“Don’t worry, Miss Octavia.Anything will do.”

Upon hearing that, Octavia looked at Wendy in surprise.

Ryan had informed her not to make things difficult for Wendy.

Because of this, she thought Wendy would request to avoid certain topics and questions.

After all, there were a lot of negative news about her guest on the Internet.

Octavia never expected Wendy to be so calm and generous.She looked at Wendy up and down again and found that her guest had maintained a polite smile.

Her attitude towards Wendy changed.

She must say, she liked Wendy immediately.

“Alright.The questions will be randomly drawn,” Octavia cautioned with a smile.

“Okay!” Wendy replied beamingly.

After a while, Octavia then took Wendy and Roger to the set and introduced the flow of the program to them.

Soon, it was already 7:20 in the evening, exactly ten minutes before the program.

The staff helped Wendy fix her makeup.

Meanwhile, the audience entered one after another.

At 7:30, the live broadcast finally started.

The set lights were turned on, and the cameras started rolling.

Sitting on the couch on the stage, Octavia greeted everyone with a smile.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.Welcome to the Octavia Show! Today, our special guest is Miss Wendy Finch, the one who plays the role of Faye in the Story of Concubine Ivanka.Everyone, let’s her give a round of applause!”

After speaking, she stood up from the sofa and applauded.

The audience did so as well.

At that moment, Wendy walked in to the set.

She was wearing a pure black off-shoulder dress and greeted, “Hello, everyone! Hello, Miss.Octavia.”

“Come, sit down.”

Wendy sat on the couch opposite Octavia.

On the large LED screen behind them, the scene of Wendy’s performance in her drama played.

It was edited, especially for this segment, by an editor Carter had appointed.

This was the scene where Weston died.

When that was being filmed, all the crew cried because Wendy’s acting was superb and very convincing.

Because Jeffrey was also in the scene, the audience watched it with great interest.

The main program finally commenced.

As expected, Octavia went straight to the point.

She asked Wendy about the interesting things that had happened in the shooting and the gossips Evie had said.

Brave as she was, Wendy answered Octavia’s questions one after another.

A few minutes later, it was finally time for the Q&A I part of the show.

It was Octavia’s assistant who picked the questions.

She randomly selected the questions on the computer.

“For our first question, Wendy, some netizens say that you’re an eye candy, which makes other people dislike you.What can you say about that?”

 Wendy blinked innocently and asked, “Are they praising me for being beautiful?”

What she had said made Octavia chuckle.

“Well, you can take it as a praise if you want,” she retorted.

“In my opinion, as an actress, being beautiful is a ***’s gift.It’s something that others can’t get no matter what they do.As for the eye candy…I’d say I hate eye candies who have no brains and just beauty.

“Then, what kind of eye candy do you think you are?” Wendy tilted her head and pondered for a moment.

“Hmm.If I were indeed an eye candy, I’d be at least of a famous brand,” she said jokingly as though she were a narcissist.

The audience erupted in laughter.

Meanwhile, Octavia seemed amused by Wendy’s words.

‘’I must admit, Wendy is awesome.Her words did not only lighten the atmosphere, but they also proved that she was a woman with excellent acting skills and intellect.She’s smart and fun.I like her “ Octavia concluded inwardly.

With that, she proceeded to the next question.

“Ha-ha! It seems that the second question is what many male netizens are curious about.Some netizens say that in your drama, your character likes gentlemen like Weston.But what they’re curious about is the kind of man you like in real life.Wendy, what are your standards in choosing a boyfriend?”

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