My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 172: Marry Him

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 172: Marry Him

Then Wendy turned to look at Roger.

“What do you think?”

Roger nodded in response.

Then, he distanced himself from Kane and said, “Yes.Wendy is right.If you can’t distinguish between business and your private affairs, I have no choice but to resign.”


“What you’ve said is all in the past.I don’t care about it anymore.Now, I just want to be a good agent.I was actually reluctant when I signed the contract with Glory Media before.But then, I thought that you’ve already let go of the past, so I did anyway.But now, it seems that my decision is a mistake.”

Upon hearing that, the corners of Kane’s mouth twitched, and his eyes turned red.

He looked heartbroken.

Wendy could not help but heave a heavy sigh, feeling helpless but not sympathetic.

‘’Be ruthless, ‘’ she reminded herself.

Back then, it was Kane who gave up on the relationship.

Although he had no other choice because his mother threatened him that she would take her own life if he didn’t leave Roger.

But still, it was his choice.

No matter how painful the consequence was, he must endure it.

Both Wendy and Roger had the same thought in mind.

At that moment, Roger turned to look at Kane.

“You’re married.You should treat your wife well.”

“Roger, my marriage was nothing but a deal! When I met Rosie, I made it clear to her at the very beginning that she would just be my wife on paper.In return for agreeing to my terms, I promised to give her the life she wanted.It was give-and-take.I never touched nes Wendy’s mouth fell open.When Rosie and Kane got married, Rosie’s friends and classmates were all envious of her.Wendy did not expect that their enviable marriage was just a deal.

It turned out that during their four years of marriage, Kane never slept with his own wife, not even once.

‘’Oh my ***! I never expected that! When I met Rosie last time in Prario Mall, she thought I was Kane’s lover.

And she acted so arrogant like any wife would be confronting her husband’s secret lover. It turned that their marriage and romance were just a lie.

**** it!’ Wendy thought to herself.

A hint of surprise and excitement flashed through Roger’s eyes upon hearing Kane’s revelation.

However, it only lasted for a fleeting moment, and he calmed down shortly after.

“So what?” he asked indifferently: Kane was speechless.

Meanwhile, Wendy heaved a sigh again.

“Roger is right, Kane.Even if you and Rosie got married by agreement, so what? This is a problem between you and Roger.This has nothing to do with her! Your parents couldn’t accept your ****** preference four years ago.Do you think they would magically do four years later? To put it another way, even if you divorce Rosie for Roger, your mother will probably force you to break up with him again.You and Roger will face the same dilemma as you did four years ago.”

Kane pursed his lips, his face as pale as a sheet.

“I’m telling you, stay away from Roger,” Wendy added.


Kane opened his mouth to protest, but Roger interrupted him.

“That’s also what I want to say to you.”

He quickly stood up from the sofa and said expressionlessly, “I have to talk to Wendy regarding the program tonight.I don’t want to talk about our personal affairs anymore.This is the last time I’m going to say this, Kane.If you can’t distinguish between your private affairs and business, expect my resignation letter!”

Hearing his warning, Kane closed his eyes but said nothing.

With that, Roger and Wendy left the lounge together.

But before the door closed behind them, they heard a loud crash came from inside.

Wendy got startled, so she looked back at where it came from.

It turned out that Kane had punched a huge cyan vase in the corner.

It shattered into a million pieces.

But that was not the only casualty.

Kane’s fist was bleeding from the punch.

“Roger…” Wendy called him in a low voice.

Roger closed his eyes and forced himself not to look back.

“Leave him alone.Let’s go, Wendy.” he ordered sternly.


Without looking back, the two left the company.

Roger’s back was straight when he walked.

But the moment he stepped out of the company, his arms hung slackly by his sides.

Seeing this, Wendy quickly pulled him to a nearby alley where nobody could see them.

Roger leaned against the wall dejectedly.

His eyes were closed, and he seemed to be in pain.

“Roger, you can lean on me and even cry on my shoulder if you’re sad,” Wendy comforted.

“I’m okay,” Roger reassured with a smile.

“Stop lying.I know you’re sad.Seeing you pretend you’re strong and unaffected makes me sad too.”

Roger paused for a moment, and the smile on his face slowly faded away.

Albeit awkwardly, Wendy tried to comfort him again.

“Roger, you’re an excellent man.There are plenty more fish in the sea.I’m sure you’ll find a great man for you.



“I’m not gay!”

Roger looked at her and continued in a much calmer tone, “It’s just that the person I love is a man.”

Wendy’s episode in the variety show would officially start at 7:30 in the evening.

She could go to the TV station at five o’clock in the afternoon, so there was still time for her to wander around in the meantime.

At this moment, it was now time for lunch.

Wendy and Roger decided to go to a restaurant near the company to eat.

“What do you want to eat?” Roger asked gently.

“Hmmm.Anything,” Wendy replied, not sure about what to eat.

Roger decided to order two medium-rare steaks.

Although they did not talk about it, they knew better than to talk about the matter concerning Kane.

While waiting for their meal to be served, Roger shifted the topic to Wendy.

“Have you made up your mind regarding your relationship with Ryan?”


Wendy was caught off guard by his question that she choked on her watermelon juice.

“Ehem! Ehem! Sorry for that.”

“Oh, it’s okay!”

Roger now seemed back to his original self.

Suddenly, a waiter passed by, and Roger politely asked him to remove their drinks and stained napkins on the table.

“Why are you overreacting?” he asked Wendy with a smirk.

“How do you know the thing about me and Ryan?”

“It’s obvious! I can tell he likes you from the way he looks at you.”

Wendy’s cheeks turned hot and red upon hearing that.

She covered her face in embarrassment and asked shyly, “Is it really that obvious?”

“Do you know why I wasn’t there when you were filming?”

Wendy shook her head.

At that moment, a waiter reset their table and brought Roger a drink.

Roger took a sip on his drink and answered, “Ryan was worried that you’d fall in love with me as time went by.As a result, he imposed a ban which prohibits me from being with you these past few weeks.”

Wendy was at a loss for words.

She slumped on her seat dejectedly as it suddenly occurred to her that tomorrow was the last day of her agreement with Ryan.

“Can we not talk about him?” she requested helplessly.

Roger smiled in response.

He understood what she felt, so he stopped dropped the topic at once.

A few moments later, a waiter finally went to their table with their orders.

Roger immediately cut the steak in front of him into small pieces and then exchanged his plate with Wendy’s.

“Roger, Ryan was right.”


“If you take care of me like this for a while, I’m afraid I’ll really fall in love with you.”

Hearing that, Roger burst into laughter.

Because the company valued Wendy’s show tonight, they arranged an expert makeup artist and stylist for her.

Once Wendy and Roger were done eating, they returned to the company for her hair to be styled.

Fortunately, they did not meet Kane this time.

However…where there were women, there were gossips.

The moment the two stepped foot in the company, they heard some female employees whispering that Kane was injured and went to the hospital.

The reason for his injury? They had no idea though.

Wendy could not help but look at Roger to see what he was thinking.

However, he had nothing but a stony expression on his face.

It took two hours for Wendy to have her hair and makeup fixed.

It was already three o’clock in the afternoon by the time she was ready.

The company appointed a driver to send her and Roger to the TV station immediately.

On the way, Wendy was a little nervous.

After all, this would be the first time she would participate in a live broadcast variety show.

What was more, Octavia, a woman known for her sharpness and straightforwardness, would be the one to interview her.

In order for her to relax, she decided to do some breathing exercises.

Fortunately, it was effective as she finally calmed down after taking a few deep breaths.

“I thought you wouldn’t be nervous,” Roger said with a chuckle.

Wendy rolled her eyes at him and retorted, “I’m not afraid of being in front of the camera.It’s just that being interviewed live is not something I’m familiar with.You gotta cut me some slack!”

“Actually, there’s no need for you to worry.Ryan called Miss Octavia and asked her not to ask you sharp questions nor put you on a hot seat.”

Wendy was taken aback.

“Ryan?” she asked with her eyes wide in surprise.

Roger nodded in response.

“Yes. He really cares about you.”

Wendy blushed. She had no idea what to say.

“Are you moved?”

Roger laughed and added, “Marry him then!”

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