My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 168: Mentally Prepared

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 168: Mentally Prepared

Wendy choked in surprise.She bent over and patted her chest as she coughed uncontrollably that tears welled up in her eyes.

‘What the heck! Kids these days truly know everything!’ Wendy exclaimed inwardly.

All of a sudden, a box of tissue and a glass of water appeared in front of her.It was Ray who handed Wendy the tissue.Meanwhile, it was Precious who handed the glass of water.

Wendy quickly took the latter and drank it up.

Once she stopped coughing, she took the tissue and then wiped her mouth with it.

“Auntie Wendy, are you okay?” Precious asked with concern.

“Don’t worry.I’m fine,” Wendy replied.

As she did not like being questioned, she shifted the topic at once.

“By the way, Precious, I remember you told me you hate your daddy going on blind dates and trying to find you a new mommy,” she asked straightforwardly.

Thanks to Ray, Wendy could get along well with Precious.

As Ray’s mother, Wendy supposed that Precious liked her.

However, she figured that Precious attitude towards her might change if she was in a relationship with Ryan.

The day she met the little girl for the first time, Wendy witnessed Precious’s attitude towards Ryan’s blind date.

She could not forget how mean Precious was at that time.

‘Why did she suddenly change her mind? Is it because Ryan told her to say all this?’ Wendy wondered.


“I don’t like my daddy’s blind dates because they’re not nice!” Precious said loudly with a pout.

“They either go for Daddy’s money, his appearance, or his identity.They don’t really like me.When Daddy is around, they smile at me and give me gifts.But if Daddy’s isn’t there, they just ignore me.Humph! I don’t like them! They’re so mean!”

Upon hearing that, Wendy felt sorry for the little girl.She put down her chopsticks and joked, “Aren’t you afraid that I’m only pretending to be nice and that I’ll be bad to you after I marry your daddy in the future?”

“No.You’re not that kind of person.”

“Why do you trust me so much?”

“I just know it!”

Precious ran to Wendy with her arms outstretched and rested her face on Wendy’s thigh.

“I mean it, Auntie Wendy.Why can’t you be my mommy? I promise I’ll be a good girl.I’ll be obedient to you!”

Wendy was speechless.

All of a sudden, Precious held her face up and winked a few times.

“Auntie Wendy, I’m cute and adorable.If you marry someone else, you won’t have such a lovely daughter like me, will you?”

Wendy did not know what to say.

Dumbfounded, the corners of her mouth twitched.


Precious ran to Wendy’s arms and said in a spoiled tone, “Auntie, think about it.If you don’t stay with my daddy, Grandpa and Grandma will force my daddy to have more blind dates in the future.Daddy wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure, so he’d marry a woman hastily, and then she may maltreat me.I’m going to be sad!”

What Precious had said made the corners of Wendy’s mouth twitch again.

“Auntie, think about Snow White’s evil stepmother.If that happens to me, I’ll be as pitiful as Snow White.Do you have the heart to see me suffer, Auntie Wendy?”

Precious asked with her big, glistening eyes.

Wendy had no idea how to respond to that.She never expected that Precious was this eloquent.

Precious’s words were convincing that Wendy felt pity for herself.

Not only that, the little girl’s acting was impressive! Not knowing what to say, Wendy held up her bowl and said, “Let’s eat!”


“I’ll drive you to school after breakfast.If you say one more word, I’ll let you ride the school bus instead!”

Albeit reluctant, Precious stopped talking at once and ate two more bowls of Wonton in silence.

Wendy finally breathed a sigh of relief.

After breakfast, Ryan’s driver drove Wendy and the two children to school.

Sadly, parents were not allowed to enter the school premises without permission.

Because of this, Wendy said goodbye to the children in the car by the school gate.

“Bye, Mommy!” Ray said while waving his hand.

“Auntie Wendy, are you going to pick us up after school today?” Precious asked expectantly.

“Auntie has work tonight.”

Upon hearing Wendy’s answer, Precious’s face fell.

“Okay.Bye,” she replied, disappointment written all over her face.


Wendy had no choice.

Roger had arranged a variety show for her tonight.

After seeing the two off, Wendy was about to get off the car when the driver suddenly stopped her.

“Miss Wendy, are you going to the Glory Media?”

“How do you know?”

The driver smiled and did not answer her question.

“I’ll take you there,” he offered without an explanation.

“No.You don’t have to.It’s too troublesome for you I’m afraid.”

“It’s okay, Miss Wendy.Mr.Ryan said that you have the privilege to use the car wherever you want.” Wendy fell speechless.

In the Glory Media building.

“Wendy, here!”


As soon as Wendy arrived at the company, she saw Roger was waiting for her at the gate.

She had not seen him for a while.

Even so, the familiar smile on his face was still there.

It was gentle, and it could make people feel like bathing in the spring breeze.

At that moment, she said goodbye to the driver and then hurried over to Roger.

“Did you bring your clothes?”


Wendy answered excitedly as she waved the paper bag in her hand.

Roger took the bag and led her to a room where she could rest.

“The program you’re going to attend today is the only live broadcast variety show in our country.The host will be Octavia Bondno! She’s the best host among hosts in the local variety shows.Beware.She’s notorious for being sharp-tongued.She may ask awkward questions, so you should be mentally prepared.”

Wendy nodded in response.She had heard of Octavia Bondno before.Her life story was legendary.

At first, she was just a dancer, who then became famous for her dancing skills.

Not long after, she became the most shining star in the field of modern dance.She created the best dance troupe in the country and they performed in major theaters every year.

Later, she participated in several movies, so she decided to start her acting career.

Because she had the gall to ask, tell the truth, and complain, she later became a talk show host.

The TV station saw the potential in her, so they opened an eponymous TV program for her.

It was named Octavia Show.

It had been a great success ever since the pilot episode aired.

Years after its launch, it was still the most popular show across the country.

Of course, Octavia Bondno gained the title of being the most famous host because of it.

When Wendy got the news that she was to participate in Octavia Show, she took time to watch several episodes of it to know how Octavia was as a host.

It turned out that what people said about Octavia was true.

She was indeed blunt and sharp-tongued.She was bold and fierce.

She talked about some actress that made the whole crew wait for her for hours just because she thought she was some big shot.

The actor abandoned his wife after he got famous just because he wanted to be with someone more famous that he could leech off from.

Some actress could not remember her own lines, so the whole shooting was done with her moving her lips as if she was saying her lines but actually she was just talking random rubbish.

Because of that, the director decided to add the dubbing later.

They were only part of what Octavia had revealed on her show.

She was famous for her courage to speak up.

Because of this, many stars did not dare to take part in her show.

They were afraid that they would be embarrassed by her sharp questions.

“This program has a high exposure rate.If you perform well, you’ll attract everyone’s attention.But, of course, there’s a catch.You’ve only participated in one drama so far the Story of Concubine Ivanka, and it hasn’t been broadcasted yet.In other words, you haven’t finished your masterpiece.Octavia Bondno doesn’t like female stars who are famous by hype, so her questions may be particularly scathing.”

Wendy nodded to express her understanding.

Good for her.

She had already mentally prepared herself when she watched a few episodes of Octavia Bondno’s show.

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 168: Mentally Prepared

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