My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 164 Quit Showbiz After Getting Married

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 164 Quit Showbiz After Getting Married

After poignantly revealing all that she wanted to, Wendy refused Brian’s kind offer, hailed a taxi and left.

Brian was in a quandary.He didn’t dare deliberate on it and tried to clear his mind of those ghastly images.

If what Wendy said was true, then Eris and Cacia…

He desperately tried not to conjure up those monstrous visuals of them.

Initially he was in denial and questioned its credibility, but he also knew that Wendy was not capable of fabricating such a yarn.

Because what she said was reasonable and logical, pretty much what could have transpired then.

But Eris…Brian was caught in a serious dilemma.

Ten minutes later…


As a gust of icy cold wind enveloped Brian, he was jolted back to reality.

He turned his head to see Eris rushing towards him with his coat in her hand.

“Brian, what are you doing out here? I’ve been looking for you for so long.”

Eris was shivering as she ventured out of the hotel.She stood on tiptoe and quickly draped his coat over his shoulders.

“Put it on.It’s so cold out here.I don’t want you to catch a cold.”

When her fingers inadvertently touched his hand, she screamed, “How long have you been standing here? Why is your hand stone cold? Let’s go inside quickly.”

Brian x-rayed her with deep eyes.

With a concerned look on her face, Eris kept rubbing his hand to warm him up.

Looking at her, Brian felt that she was sincere and transparent.

“Brian! Brian?”


Brian withdrew his gaze and answered reluctantly.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay.I just felt that the hall had become a little stuffy with such a crowd in there and I was feeling a little suffocated.So I came outside just to get a breath of fresh air and have a smoke.

Eris didn’t doubt him at all.She pressed her face against his chest and said  the invitations.I shouldn’t have invited so many people.On my next birthday, it will be just the two of us enjoying a happy,  of this evening.We can’t leave so many guests unattended.”


Brian was pre-occupied.

They chatted and drank with other guests in the hotel animatedly.

It was already the early hours of the morning when the last guest left.

Surprisingly, Eris wasn’t tired at all.

The fairy tale proposal and the diamond ring on her finger filled her with epic excitement and banished sleep.

She was more dynamic and vibrant than she had ever been before.

She was riding the crest of a wave.

Since Brian had given her such a wonderful  to prepare something for her, and then she took Brian to check in at the hotel.

“Do you want to stay in the hotel today?” asked Brian, frowning.

“You don’t like it? Then we can leave.I’ll go wherever you are happy to go.”

Eris leaned on his shoulder like a puppy, elated in the moment.


Brian was pensive because of what Wendy had said.He just wanted to find a quiet place to calm down and collect himself.

“Eris, let me drive you home.”

Eris was perturbed.

“Go home?”

This was such an important day.

It was a milestone in their lives but Brian suggested that he would take her home.

Wouldn’t any other couple who had just gotten engaged, celebrate in a frenzy and paint the town red At the moment, no matter how dull-witted Eris was, she instinctively sensed that something had happened to upset Brian.

She touched his forehead and asked, “Brian, are you feeling unwell?”

“No, I’m just a little tired.”

‘How could he feel tired on such a significant day? No, there must be something wrong! When did his started to act strange? It started after he went out of the hotel.If I remember correctly, it was almost the same time when Wendy left.I had only paid attention to Wendy.After she threatened to seduce Brian, I was more careful, so I didn’t stop her when I saw her leave alone.In fact I was praying that she would leave even sooner, Did Brian run into Wendy when he went outside? Did she say something to him?’ Eris introspected.

As she analyzed, she was sure that her assumptions were correct.

‘Wendy! That **** hussy!She is **** bent on ruining my relationship with Brian.No way! I won’t let her, ‘ Eris cursed inwardly.

Keeping this at the back of her mind, Eris immediately grabbed Brian’s hand and rubbed his arm genily.

“Seeing that you are so tired, we should find a place for you to rest.Brian, this hotel is the perfect place for a good rest.Let’s get a room then I’ll give you a soothing massage.Remember some time ago when you used to get constant headaches? I decided then to go to an experienced physiotherapist who taught me the finer skills of effective massaging.I guarantee that you will feel a whole lot better after one of my famous massages.”

Brian didn’t have the heart to refuse her kindness.

“Well? Shall we?”


So Eris asked Ana to book a room in the hotel.

In the hotel room, after taking a shower, both Eris and Brian changed into white bathrobes.

Noticing that he was still brooding, she had the sense not to tease him.

She made him sit on a chair, then she sat at the edge of the bed behind him and started massaging his head gently.

Brian felt quite relaxed, although she had insufficient strength in her fingers to execute a good massage.

He closed his eyes and consoled himself.

Seeing this, Eris remarked, “Brian, I’m as happy as a lark today.Do you know how many times I have rehearsed the scene of you proposing to me in my dreams? Finally today, you manifested my dream.I am now the happiest woman alive!”

“Silly girl!”

“I’m not silly!”

Eris pouted and spoke gently, “From today onwards, we are engaged.We are a future perfect couple and we will grow even closer with each passing day.Once we are married, we will unite into one loving being.Then, I will have no fear that anyone will ****** you away from me!”

“You little twerp!”

If two people really love each other, then that was a real marriage of hearts and souls.

A marriage certificate was just a piece of paper.

“Humph! In front of you, I’m prepared to be the stupidest twerp in the world, because I know that no matter what hardships we may face in the future, you will always have my back.I love how you always support me and take care of me.I’m aware that your parents don’t approve of me being in the entertainment industry, so I have decided to quit showbiz after we get married!”

Shocked, Brian suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Really? But you love this profession, don’t you?”

She did like being a star! She enjoyed the adulation from the paparazzi and her fans.

However, showbiz was a place for young people.

There were no guarantees that a star would be famous and in demand forever.

It was better to get married when she was still young and beautiful and to be remembered as a glamorous Star.

Of course she couldn’t speak out her true thoughts.

She sighed and said helplessly, “I do like it, but I like you more.

For you, I can do anything without hesitation, let alone giving up my acting career!”


Brian was moved.

“Oh, Brian, you make me want to cry.I don’t mind staying at home and taking care of you and our children.Anyway, as long as I’m with you, I’m happy to do anything.”

This time, Brian was really touched.

But at the same time, he felt a little guilty.

Eris loved him so much, but he had doubts about her just now because of his conversation with Wendy.

It was so unfair to Eris.

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