My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 163 Revelation

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 163 Revelation

“Tell me!” Brian roared.

“Eris isn’t as good as you think!” Wendy replied.

Upon hearing that, a frown appeared on Brian’s face.

“Wendy—” he said, but Wendy cut him off.

“I know you won’t believe me, but what I’m saying is the truth.You probably think I’m only here to ask for trouble, but I’m not,” Wendy said with a bitter smile.

“Wendy, maybe it’s all just a big understanding.


Wendy sneered and continued, “No, it’s not! She’s the reason why I’ve become who I am today.Nobody knows how much I hate her!”


“I know you want me to forgive her, but I can’t.That’s impossible! She knows how much I loved you back then, but she tried every means to seduce you and take you away from me.She even drugged me! I would never forgive her for hurting me.She’d do unimaginable things to get what she wants.Do you know that she stabbed herself to frame me, so you’d break up with me?”

Brian’s mouth fell open upon hearing that.

“She stabbed herself? That’s impossible! Why would she do that? That incident almost cost her the ability to bear a child! How could she do such a cruel thing to herself?”

Wendy just looked at him silently with tears in her eyes.

Brian had a lot of questions in his mind, but words seemed to have stuck in his throat.

Wendy knew he was probably starting to doubt everything he once believed.

“Wendy, I…”

Brian finally found the ability to speak, but Wendy interrupted him again.

“You don’t need to say anything. I understand.Even I was surprised to see how far she would go just to get what she wanted.”

Wendy looked into Brian’s eyes and added, “Brian, think about it carefully.

I met you when I was 16, and we were together for three years.

Did I do anything evil while I was with you? Kill my sister? Do you really think I can do that?”

Brian hesitated.

“Think about it.I was pregnant, and I only wanted to be with you and our child back then.In fact, I wanted to marry you after I gave birth.I had no idea what was happening between you and Eris  her when t didn’t know anything?”

Brian fell stunned.

What she had said made perfect sense.

‘That’s right.Wendy hadn’t found out what had happened between  for her to hurt Eris.However…’

“But your stepmother said—”

“I know what my stepmother said! What? Did she tell you that I made things difficult for them when she married my father? Oh.Did she also say that Eris and I were always at odds, so I always try to hurt her precious daughter?’

‘’Yes.That was what Cacia told me” Brian thought to himself.


“I see.You don’t know the truth.Well, I don’t blame you for being cheated by her,”

Wendy said with a bitter smile and tears welling  for several years.You should know at least a little about my family by now.Reese and I weren’t favored at home.Our mother passed away when we were little, and our father forced Reese to marry Flynn when she was 18.Our own father didn’t care about us at all.He didn’t even do his responsibilities to us.Reese was the one who paid my tuition fee and gave me my living expenses.” Brian nodded.

He knew about that.When he was with Wendy, she often worked part-time jobs,  burden.He always complained to her that she did not have time to be with him because of work.

“At home, our father and stepmother always ignored Reese and me.My father loves Eris more than us.If I so much put on a long face to Cacia and Eris, who knows what they would’ve done to me? Do you think I’d even dare to lay a single finger on them?”

Brian fell stunned again.

What Wendy was saying all added up.


“I practically lived at school just to  straight to work, so I wouldn’t have to go home.That was until I found out that I was pregnant.I applied for suspension of schooling and moved back home.Even in that situation, I stayed in my room as much as possible, so I wouldn’t see them.”

Just when Brian thought that she was done, Wendy continued, “Three years ago, when that incident happened, I was already eight months pregnant.Just taking a few more steps make me out of breath.Do you think I’d still have the strength to hurt Eris? Besides, there was no reason for me to stab her.Why would I waste my energy on her? Let’s put it this way.If Eris and I were indeed quarreling, why didn’t Cacia show up until Eris was injured? She was just at home, and she could’ve stopped us right away.Don’t you think it’s weird?”

Brian’s heart skipped a beat.

Deep inside, he still did not want to believe that Eris was actually manipulative and evil.

However, he could not refute what Wendy had said.Everything she said all added up.

On the contrary, Cacia and Eris’s stories were full of plot holes and flaws.

“By the way, do you remember the time when you kicked me out of anger, and I almost bled to death?”

“Wendy, I’m sorry!”

“No, listen to me first.”

Wendy leaned against the wall and said with a sneer, “Cacia is cunning.She took advantage of your feelings for Eris.She knew from the beginning that you’d retaliate if you saw Eris got hurt.You didn’t even realize that she was just taking that opportunity to get rid of me.She set up a trap, and you fell for it like a fool.”

Brian was on the verge of collapsing.

He could not take it anymore.

What he had been believing for years was nothing but a lie.


“Cacia told you that I bled to death, didn’t she?” Brian nodded in response.

“Funny.She blamed my death on your kick, yet she told you she was just trying to cover up what you did? She just reasoned out that you must’ve loved Eris so much and asked if you’d be willing to build a family with her in the future.Just like that, you reached an agreement.You didn’t call the police.Instead, you announced to the public that I died from an accident.Isn’t that right?”

Brian nodded again.

In all honesty, he was guilty yet moved at the same time because Cacia and Eris did not call the police on him.

Since then, he had sworn to himself he would treat Eris well as much as he could.

However, the truth unfolded before his eyes.

He was just told that everything was only a lie.

“Do you know why I pretended to be dead for three years even though I was actually alive?” Wendy asked with a sly smile.

“Why?” Brian asked in a daze.

“Because your kick didn’t kill me.Cacia watched me bleed and later threw me into the sea.I was lucky that I got washed up to the shore and a kind-hearted person sent me to the hospital.I was in a coma for two weeks.But, in the end, I survived.”

Brian’s expression changed at once.

Just when things would not get worse, it did.

“What?!” he asked incredulously.

“I actually returned home as soon as I got discharged from the hospital, but I found out that my family had held a funeral for me.Cacia wanted me dead.Why would I go back? Just so they could kill me all over again? I took that opportunity to go to the US.That was where I stayed for three years.”

Seeing the look of astonishment on Brian’s face, Wendy sneered inwardly.

What she had said today was the seed of suspicion in Brian’s heart.

This seed would slowly take root, sprout, and grow over time.

From now on, Brian would definitely be suspicious of everything Eris would say and do.

‘Yes.That’s right.The perfect relationship you once thought would be ruined, ‘ Wendy thought to herself amusingly.

“Wendy, my mind is in a mess right now.”

“I know.”

Wendy paused for a moment and continued, “My revelation must have a great impact on you.I understand that you can’t accept them all at once.”

Wendy used her acting skills and looked at him affectionately.

“Brian, I don’t expect you to believe me right now.But remember I care for you.I just don’t want those bad people to deceive and use you again.Let my words be a warning.”

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