My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 162 A Veil Of Innocence

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 162 A Veil Of Innocence

‘’**** she-devil! She really is such a shrew!” Eris trembled with anger and restrained herself from charging at Wendy and tearing her apart.

‘This vicious *****! How dare she!’

“Wendy, why are you still alive and kicking? Three years ago, you suffered from massive hemorrhage and were thrown into the sea, yet you survived.You are jinxed.You are occupying valuable space in this world when you should be burning in ****.”

Wendy shrugged, “With you scumbags still alive, why would I want to embrace death?”

The calmer Wendy was, the more resentful Eris became.

The untold joy of being proposed to was shattered by Wendy’s sharp words.

Eris wanted to strangle her.

Whilst Eris was riding a wave of fury, Wendy was as calm as a cradled baby.

She leaned against the sofa and sipped the champagne leisurely.

Observing Eris’s livid face, she was more than pleased.

‘Alas! Eris must have a mental problem.The proposal was a wonderful surprise but why did she have to come and brag in front of me? Heck! Since she obviously asked for it, I’d better grand her wish.Anyway, it’s just a piece of cake for me!’ Glancing at the crowd behind her, Wendy said with a smile, “Eris dearest, keep smiling.Your fiance is here.”

Upon hearing that, Eris turned around and saw Brian walking towards her with a glass of wine.

She took a deep breath and smiled cheerfully.

‘Wow!’ Wendy was amazed.

She marveled at Eris’s acting talent now.

Clearly Eris’s sudden change in emotion warranted her an acting award.

Even if she was half as dedicated when starring the movies, she would have been a famous Oscar- winning actress by now!

“What are you ladies talking about? I’ve been waiting for you there for so long, Eris.Your friends are impatiently waiting to take a picture with you and to propose a toast.”

Eris held Brian’s arm possessively, afraid that he would sneak a peek at Wendy.

“I had a chat with Wendy.We’re done so let’s go.”

But Brian didn’t move.

Eris’s heart skipped a beat.

When his eyes focused on Wendy, he couldn’t help murmuring, “Wendy…”

“What’s up?”

Wendy’s eyes sparkled with intrigue and seduction.

Brian was stunned.

Eris’s eagle eyes shouted silent anger.

‘’*****! You are such a prostitute! How dare you! How dare you seduce Brian in front of me!’’ Eris’s eyes were bloodshot and she couldn’t help pinching Brian hard.

The pain immediately brought him to his senses.

He comforted her in a soft voice, “I was just thinking of the past…”

A clumsy excuse! However,  replied in a deep voice, “Brian, today is the day you proposed to me.It’s normal for you to think of our past.”

Brian  proposed to Eris.How could I be distracted by other women, especially Wendy, whom I had abandoned long ago? Moreover, her private life is still such a mess!’ Her voice immediately rocked him to his senses.

He now looked at Wendy with cold indifference.

Then he raised his glass and spoke, “Wendy, I hope you can give Eris and me your blessing.”

“Of course.”

With a glass of champagne in her hand, she neither stood up nor clinked glasses with Brian.

Then she said, “I wish you two  trying to harm others.Don’t hurt innocent people.Uh, I wish you infertility, but still have a lot of children and live a happy and contented life! “

Brian’s face darkened.

A complicated, mixed emotion arose from his heart.

He fathomed that Wendy still couldn’t forget him.

Otherwise, why did she suddenly become so mean after he proposed to Eris? She must be distraught.

Contemplating upon this, his expression turned friendlier.

He believed that Wendy loved him to the point of adoration.

He shook his head and said, “Wendy, you are  as ‘*****’ and ‘scumbag’ of the century.She no longer wished to waste her breath on them.

Even changing her expression was too much of an effort for her to waste ona lost cause.


“Wendy, we shall leave now.”


Watching the two walk away, Wendy felt that the contaminated environment had regained its freshness.

She patted her belly with satisfaction and felt full.She had vented her anger.

It was time for her to leave.

After saying goodbye to Daisy and Carter, Wendy left the hotel.

It was very late at night.

The whole of Ywood was shrouded in neon lights.

The bright bold moonlight and twinkling stars promised great weather for the next day.

Post autumn nights were especially cold.

Wendy straightened her coat, flung her handbag over her arm and waited outside the hotel to hail the next taxi.

The Royal Hotel was a five star hotel in Ywood.

It was a little far away from the center of the city.

She had waited quite a while but there was still no sign of any taxi.

Then Brian appeared out of nowhere! Wendy was shocked.

‘****! Why is he here?’ “Wendy, are you waiting for a taxi?”


“Let me drive you home.”

Wendy looked at him in surprise.

“You are the shining star of today’s function.Won’t it seem odd if you suddenly disappear?”

“At this moment, the girls in the hall are taking photos with Eris.Anyway, I don’t have anything better to do.I might as well drop you off home in this time.”

After a pause, he added, “It’s not easy to hail a taxi here this late.”

Wendy ignored him.

Brian thought she acquiesced in his decision, so he immediately took the car key and headed to the parking lot.

“No, I don’t need it.”

Upon hearing that, he stiffened and turned to look at her helplessly.

“Wendy, you are a young girl.I’m worried about you travelling home alone at night.”

Wendy was spellbound.

‘Shucks! What is the relationship between us? Do I need your concern?’ Wendy was about to say something, but she suddenly changed her mind as a novel idea dawned upon her.

‘Ha-ha! I won’t let these wretches off so easily! Feigning your innocence? I can play the same game.’ She made up her mind in an instant.


Wendy called him in a gentle tone.He was shocked by her tone.

“What’s up?”

Wendy curled her shoulders as if she were afraid of the cold.She hugged herself to keep warm and cut a lonely, pathetic figure.

Then she smiled bitterly and retorted, “No matter what, things won’t change.You are now Eris’s fiance.We’d better keep our distance from each other.”

Upon hearing that, Brian’s heart ached.He knew he was right.

Wendy still had deep unresolved feelings for him.

He paced over, but Wendy stepped back to keep a distance from him.


“Don’t get close to me.This is totally inappropriate!”

Brian called out in a sad voice, “Wendy…”

“Brian, you chose Eris.I have nothing to say to you,” Wendy replied.

When she raised her head again, her eyes were glistening.

She sniffed and used her greatest acting skills to look at Brian affectionately.

“Brian, I have been absent from your life for so many years.Eris has been there for you all those years.It’s normal for you to choose her.Moreover, I don’t deserve you anymore.I have no hopes of ever being with you.”


“But Brian, there is something vitally important that I have to tell you today!”

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