My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 161 You Or Me

My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 161 You Or Me

At the very moment at the Royal Hotel.

The staff pushed an enormous fondant cake while the crowd was cheering and applauding.The cake looked like a miniature statue of Eris.It was completely based on  her.

Even the measurements were proportioned to her true measurements.

She was wearing a white dress on the cake, and every detail was realistic.

Eris was moved that her mouth fell open and her eyes turned red.


“Do you like it?”

“I do!” Eris replied ecstatically.

She then leaned over and gave him a kiss and added, “Thank you, Brian.Thank you very much.This is best birthday I’ve ever had.I’ll never forget this.I really like it!”

Brian smiled and stroked her hair in response.He actually had prepared two cakes.

The fondant cake was the first one.

Since it did not actually taste good, it could only be used for viewing.

For the other one, he prepared a huge three-layer fruit cake for them to eat.

With a smile on their faces, everyone sang her a birthday song in unison.

“Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday to Eris…Happy birthday to you…”

Brian took the cake knife from one of the staff and handed it to Eris.

“Honey, cut the cake!” he said with a smile.

“Okay!” Eris replied, her face flushed as she cut the cake excitedly.

As she did so, she found that it was hollow inside.Eris was stunned for a moment.All of a sudden…

“Look! There seems to be a box inside!” someone shouted from the crowd.

It was only then that Eris saw there was indeed a small box in the hollow part of the cake.It was not an ordinary box.It was a jewelry box! Eris’s heart was pounding in her chest, and her hand that was holding the knife began to tremble.

‘Is…is that a ring? Is this really happening?’ She was at a loss.

She could not think straight as this completely caught her off guard.


“Take it out,” Brian replied gently.

Eris’s eyes were red as she was in the verge of crying.

With trembling hands, she carefully took out the box using the cake knife.

“Open it,” Brian urged.

Eris bit her lips to stop herself from crying.

Just as she was told, she then opened the box.

A diamond ring was lying quietly inside.

The stone was as big as the nail of a thumb, and it glinted under the bright light.

It was dazzling.

Eris could not help but look at Brian in a daze.

It was only then that she realized  crisp black suit, which made him look even more handsome and elegant.



Brian took out the diamond ring from the box and then  knee and solemnly asked, “Will you marry me?”

Upon hearing that, tears welled up in Eris’s eyes.

She stood there with mouth agape, which was also trembling in excitement.

Four years! It had been four years since she had fallen in love with Brian, including the time when she had loved him from afar.

She had been waiting for this moment for so many years and had dreamt of this many times.

Eris had been implying that she wanted to get married already, but Brian had never  him about it, he would say that his parents had not accepted her yet or that his career had not taken off, so he could not marry her yet.

Because of this, she had no other choice but to wait.

It was only at this moment that her dreams had come true.

The man whom she had loved for many years finally proposed to her.

“Say yes! Say yes!”

The crowd cheered at Eris, urging her to agree to his proposal.

Without a second thought, Eris, with her “Yes! Yes, I will!”

With his lips curled into a smile, Brian finally put the ring on her ring finger.

The two newly-engaged couple hugged and kissed.

The crowd was so ecstatic and happy that their deafening cheers almost shattered the ceiling.

Eris felt that she was the happiest woman in the world.

Why would she not be? She was now proposed by the man of her dreams! Meanwhile, Wendy did not seem affected by the commotion.

She did not even turn to look at them and just ate happily with her legs crossed.

Just now, Ryan sent her a message.

He informed her that Ray and Precious had performed very well in the kindergarten and assured her that everything she had worried about did not happen.

Seeing his message, Wendy breathed a sigh of relief.

She then looked at the fuss in front of her caused by Brian’s marriage proposal to Eris.

Suddenly, a sneer appeared at the corners of her mouth.

‘A bitch with a scumbag as a partner.Interesting!’ Wendy mused.

Although she was annoyed at the two, she was still happy that these two found each other, meaning there would be two fewer victims out there.

However, she could not help but think that Brian was acting weird.

His father was seriously ill in the US.

Instead of taking care of his father, Brian proposed to Eris.

What an asshole! Or, perhaps he just took advantage of his father being sick.

After all, his parents had been against their relationship from the very beginning.

‘Is Brian not afraid that his father will be pissed off once he learns about this?’

At the thought of this, Wendy shook her head to clear her mind.

‘Forget it! This has nothing to do with me.If there’s anything I should be concerned about, it’s my life.What do I care about them anyway?’

While she was deep in thought, Wendy took a sip of champagne.

She then took the knife and fork and continued eating.

‘Wow! These scallops are so delicious.’ She really liked what she was eating that, if possible, she would eat all of it in the tray.

However, just when she thought she was enjoying her time alone, someone decided to ruin her moment.

All of a sudden, a shadow appeared in front of Wendy.

She raised her head to see who it was and found that it was Eris.

On her hand was a wine glass, and she was looking at Wendy with gloating.

However, Wendy just ignored her.

With a sly smile on her face, Eris deliberately swirled the glass to make the diamond ring on her finger appear dazzling.

“Brian just proposed to me,” she said triumphantly.

Fortunately, nobody was around to hear and see her gloating.

Wendy rolled her eyes at Eris and retorted, “I’m not blind.”

“I’ve already told you.You can’t defeat me.Brian and I really love each other, so I advise you to quit now.”

‘What the hell?’ Wendy was bewildered by what Eris was insinuating.

It was only then that she realized that Eris still believed that Wendy liked Brian.


Eris slightly raised her chin to appear intimidating and demanded, “What?”

“If a dog you like suddenly bites you, like really hard, will you still like that dog?”

Wendy asked with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Eris’s face changed upon hearing Wendy’s question.

“Who are you calling a dog?” she asked with raised eyebrows.

“Chill.It’s just an analogy.Why are you so angry?” Eris was infuriated.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of people in the venue.

Considering her image, she should not stir trouble, especially with Wendy.

Unable to do anything, she just gnashed her teeth and warned in a low voice, “No matter what you’re thinking, Brian and I are engaged.If you dare to do anything, I won’t be scared to call you out as the mistress.If that happens, the public will rip you to shreds.I’ll make sure your name gets dragged with your career.”

Upon hearing that, Wendy lost her appetite.Thanks to Eris, the scallops she had been enjoying no longer appeared enticing.

With a sigh, she put down her knife and fork and looked at Eris.

The latter looked back at her, puffed up.

Wendy tilted her head to one side and said tauntingly, “I don’t have feelings for Brian anymore, but you keep on provoking me again and again.I’m mad, so mad.What should I do?”

“You vixen, what are you going to do? Seduce him?” Eris hissed.

“Vixen? Ha-ha!” Wendy laughed sarcastically and continued, “Vixen doesn’t sound bad.I like it.What do you think vixens are good at? I suppose they’re great at seducing men.But, even if I don’t do anything, you’d still think that I’m getting Brian from you.In that case, I might as well do it in front of you.What do you think?”

Eris’s expression changed in an instant.Wendy’s taunts made her tighten the grip on the glass unconsciously.

“Wendy, how dare you!” she exclaimed.

“Threatening me?” Wendy asked brazenly.

Eris bit her lips and stared at Wendy with loathing.

“Brian won’t be fooled by you!” she said through gritted teeth.

“Really? Let’s see then.Men are like animals.They’d do everything they can just to sate their carnal desires.I’m prettier than you, taller than you, and more attractive than you.Needless to say, I’m better than you in everything.If I seduce him, who do you think he’ll choose, you or me?”

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