My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 160 Ray Didn’t Want To Lose Face

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 160 Ray Didn’t Want To Lose Face

Eris observed Brian very closely.She clenched her fists when she saw him gazing absent-mindedly at Wendy yet again.

‘Why would he do this? Wendy was a ***** who had given birth to a child and she did not even know the identity of the father! Furthermore, she is currently dating two men simultaneously! How disgusting! Why couldn’t Brian give up on her? Was it because she was prettier?’’ Eris felt genuinely aggrieved.

“Brian? Sweetheart!”

“Yes!” Brian answered and turned around to face her.

He held her hand and asked, “Are you ready?”


Eris was accustomed to disguising her mood, so she pretended as if nothing had happened.She whispered softly, “We can go now.”


In the Royal Hotel, Brian had booked the entire first floor of the hotel, and the hall on that level had been elegantly decorated for the party by the staff.

At the entrance to the hall, stood a huge champagne tower.

The majestic, crystal chandelier glistened and cast white reflections on the wall.

Delectable, mouthwatering desserts were served in the hall.

Apart from that, there was an exquisite seafood buffet! It was an unusually extravagant seafood buffet, boasting tantalizing, scrumptious shrimp that were as long as a chopstick and freshly caught king crabs grilled to perfection.

A range of glazed, buttery pelagic fish infused with exotic herbs and spices had mouths drooling.

Tender, flaky meat and exotic roasted vegetables were served with tangy, creamy sauces.

Imported citrus fruit, dried fruit and nuts were a favorite of many guests.

Celebratory drinks and tranquilizing alcohol flowed like the Yangtze River.

An abundance of rare yet divinely delicious food was served in the hall.

To top it all, a special stage was erected and the host, an acquaintance of theirs, had the guests in stitches.

All in all, it was a lavish, glam event where guests simply chilled.

Supporting artists and stuff members in the cast were amazed by the splendor of the party and clicked photos nonstop.

“Wow! Oh my ***! I’ve never seen such a large crab in my life before.It’s super expensive at a restaurant but here it’s being served as one of the dishes of the buffet! This means I can eat as much as I want to! Yummy! This place is crowded.Oh my ***! Eris is so generous!”

“What a classy party!”

Yes, it was unlike an ordinary birthday party.

It was conceptualized on the scale of a grand wedding! Eris and Mr.Brian have been a loving couple for three years now.It’s so sweet that he can still plan such a romantic surprise for her.I’m starting to believe in love again.

“This is the most elaborate party I have ever  kindhearted that she was willing to invite supporting actresses like us.I’ve made up my mind.She is my idol from now on.”

“Yes! I  loyal fan from now on!”

Overhearing the discussion, Eris blushed, complacent and pleased.She instinctively held Brian’s arm.

The host related Eris’s and Brian’s epic journey, from their formal acquaintance to their romantic liaison.

In the background, various happy photos highlighting their relationship, were projected onto a big screen.

Eris was so touched that she shed tears.She wore a long, flowing, snow-white dress, which gave her a sense of peace and calm and made her look angelic.She raised her head to meet Brian’s eyes.

“Brian, thank you for  I’ll do anything to make you happy.”

The crowd roared, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss her!”

Eris shyly hid herself in Brian’s arms.

He lifted her face and gave her a passionate kiss.

The crowd cheered.

‘Now that I am here, it will be a sheer waste if I don’t eat that tasty, appetizing food!” Wendy thought to herself.

Then she took a white plate and walked around looking for her favorite food.

She heaped some scallops onto her plate and sat on the sofa in the corner to enjoy the  overwhelming my taste buds.Brian is not a good man but he has hired the best chef in town.The scallops are not smelly and the flesh is fresh and tasty.Compliments to the chef.I’m thoroughly enjoying such well-prepared scallops.” Wendy savored several dishes in a row.

She chatted with Ryan while eating.She had no choice! Reese had moved out of the house and Ray only had a telephone watch.She couldn’t call Ray because of the din there.

Precious also didn’t have a mobile phone.

If she wanted  school, she would have to talk to Luke or Ryan.

Of course she went to Luke first, but he told her that he was working overtime at the company.

Wendy had to contact Ryan.

“Hello! Ryan! Did Ray and Precious return from school?”

Soon, she got the reply, “Yes!”

Wendy was speechless.

What a perfunctory reply! Wendy then sent an endless list of questions.

“How are they after their first day at school? I didn’t dare to turn off my phone today.But they didn’t contact me, nor did their teacher.I’m so worried.Have you talked to their teacher? How did the two of them manage the school today? Did Precious cry? Did Ray socialize with the other children? They have the habit of taking a nap.Did they have a good nap at school? Precious is so picky about food.Did she eat properly at school?”

At that moment, in No.1 Villa of Ensfield, Ryan was chatting with the children.

Looking at the long series of questions sent by Wendy, Ryan threw the phone directly in front of the two children and said, “What do you think? How do you answer it?”

Precious rubbed her fingers uneasily.

Ray frowned.

On closer examination, one could see that the children were a little embarrassed.

Ray’s hair and clothes were messed up and Precious was in a worse condition.Her school dress was covered in grass and mud and her hemline was broken.

Precious pouted and said, “How about telling the truth?”

“No!” Ray was the first one to object.

“Uh, Ray…” Ray winced.

He thought it was a shame to tell the truth! He didn’t expect that those little children in the kindergarten would be so enthusiastic.

The girls put tasty snacks into his schoolbag which annoyed a chubby little boy in his class who felt sidelined.

The boy then proceeded to provoke Ray.

In order to protect Ray, Precious had a fight with that boy! Then she beat him up till his nose bled.

He was still crying when he was taken to the infirmary.

Ray had promised to protect Precious in school, but in the end, she had protected him! He was as embarrassed as someone shouting out the wrong answer in class.

He craned his neck and said, “Anyway, don’t tell my Mommy!”

Ryan narrowed his eyes and took back his phone, asking, “Do you want me to lie to your mommy?”

Ray nodded with his bright eyes.

“No way!”

Upon hearing that, Ray was a little upset.

“But it’s not completely impossible,” Ryan replied.

Ray thought for a while and immediately guessed what Ryan expected.He snorted and turned his head away.

“You want a favor from me in return!”

“I think this is called mutual benefit!”

Ray gnashed his teeth.

“It doesn’t matter.If your mommy knows what happened, she would at most ask Precious to take care of you in the future!”

‘’No way! I’m a man and older than her! My pride has been wounded and I don’t want to lose face again!”

Thinking for a while, Ray finally reached out his hand and said, “Okay, it’s a deal!”

Ryan clapped his hands solemnly! Confused, Precious looked at Ryan and then at Raymond.

She scratched her head and asked, “Dad, Ray, what are you talking about?”

“It’s a secret!”

The two said in unison.

Ray was stunned for a moment, and then turned his head shyly.

‘’Humph! Don’t you think that I will accept you as my father just because of this! It’s still too early to say! Even if I agreed to help you win mommy over, you still have a long way to go before becoming my future daddy! Humph! You had chased after my mommy for so long, but she still didn’t agree! You are really slow and dull! It seems as if I have to help you’’ Ray thought.

Then he stood up from the sofa and dusted his clothes.He straightened his back.

Then he waved his hand casually like a noble young man and retorted, “All right, all right.I’ll help you.Just wait and see!”

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