My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 159 A Little Heartbroken

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 159 A Little Heartbroken

It only lasted for a split second! Faye endeavored to project a relaxed demeanor, but her pretense could not deceive the discerning audience.

At the sound of the emperor’s voice, she instinctively lowered herself deeper into the water.

She did not turn around but continued to pour water on herself.

She asked innocently, “Your Majesty, why have you returned?”

Faye spoke indifferently.But the emperor liked this side of her.

Hearing this, he knitted his eyebrows slightly.

“Won’t you welcome me?”

“Of course I welcome you with open arms, Your Majesty.But I’m concerned that for the past month, you have only come and rested in my bedroom.This is totally against the rules.You know that on the first day of each month, you have to go to the empress’s palace.Have you forgotten that it is the first day of a new month today?”

The emperor appeared nonchalant and continued to bathe her with scented, rose-petalled water.

“People just set the rules, and they are not cast in stone.I can change them whenever I like.”

“I have been in your palace for just one month yet every day you have only visited my bedroom.I’m afraid that this unhealthy behavior of yours won’t be taken lightly.I have offended your other concubines even before meeting them!”

The emperor stroked her shoulder and asked, “You have met Ivanka and the empress, haven’t you?”

“Yes, the empress is well-educated, generous and virtuous.She is an exemplary role model.”

But she didn’t mention Lady Ivanka.The emperor frowned at once.He turned around to face her.

“Did lvanka embarrass you?”

Faye dodged his eyes.

“Lady Ivanka is also virtuous and gentle.Why would she make things difficult for me?”

However, judging from her reaction, he was convinced that she had been bullied by Ivanka.

His face darkened.

“I have indulged her for so many years! She has become spoilt!”

Faye remained silent.

After a while, she pushed his hand away.


She lowered her eyes and said plainly, “Your Majesty, I advise you to go to the empress”s palace tonight.Your love for me will be the root cause that your other concubines will target me in the future.I can sense that this situation will spell trouble.Before I entered the palace, I was a regular girl who came from a normal affluent family.But my father had many concubines and I witnessed the modus operandi they indulged in to win his favor.It was not a pretty sight and led to endless heartache.That was the situation in a normal merchant family.So it leaves little to the imagination how virulent the cat fights amongst concubines in an imperial family will be.”

The emperor was forced to contemplate upon her weighty words.

Faye continued, “I’m just the simple daughter of a businessman.I have no powerful backgrounds here.The last thing I want is to get embroiled in these petty fights.Initially, all I wanted was to marry an ordinary and simple man with whom I could respectfully grow old.I didn’t imagine that my fate would bring me here as your wife in such  do, is to abide by my duty and not be seen as someone superior with special privileges.Your Majesty, I hope you will  room suddenly became tense.

“I see!” the man finally said.

Faye breathed a sigh of relief.

“Shall I see you off, Your Majesty?”

“Who said I was leaving?”

Faye was taken aback.

Seeing her expression, he smiled like a lazy child who had just passed a test.

“You look beautiful when your spirits are dampened! You are absolutely right.Now that you are in the palace, you should abide by your duty.Now that you are my concubine, it is your duty to serve me well.It is time for you to  given you my unadulterated love, I will naturally protect you well!”

He then suddenly grabbed her wrist and lifted her up from the water.


Faye screamed, and hurriedly pulled down the gauze hanging around and covered herself.

“Your Majesty!”


The emperor was in a joyous mood.

He held her wet body and danced to the bedroom.

At that moment, the camera focused on Faye’s round and white shoulder, then moved to her fair and slender legs and insteps.

A few enchanting petals punctuated her long legs.

Her skin was silky  generate the aura of a halo, which made her look as heavenly as an angel.

The emperor carried Faye to the bed, bowed his head and kissed her.

This kiss was not real but it was shot so craftily that audiences would never know the difference.

This was a new technique that was adopted to shoot kissing scenes.

It was Mason, the emperor’s role-player, who had proposed to use such a trick.

Mason had just made his romance with his girlfriend public.

He loved her unconditionally so he announced that he would not shoot real kissing scenes anymore.

Carter had worked with him in several movies so when Mason made this pledge, Carter didn’t make a mountain out of a molehill and simply consented.

After a kiss, the maids immediately pulled down the curtain around the bed hung by the golden hooks, and the curtain cut off the audience’s view.

It left the rest to their vivid imaginations.

In the large bedroom, the burning incense at the head of the bed was emitting a faint fragrance and gentle spark.


Carter was delighted with Wendy’s performance.

Wendy always gave a stellar performance so there was never a need to reshoot.

She captured the essence of the scene to perfection.

Her flawless movements and expressions placed her in a league of her own.

What impressed Carter the most was Wendy’s ability to adjust her emotions to the required scene with such ease.

She could comfortably and swiftly change paradoxical emotions at the drop of a hat.

Whilst it took other artists quite a while to get into the swim of emotions, she was a glaring example of acting par excellence.

If she were crying her heart out in an earlier scene and Carter shouted, “Cut”, within a second, she could instantly adorn a smile.

If you thought that she was distancing herself from the play, then you were wrong.

Because even the staff cried when they saw Wendy’s performance.

Wasn’t this sufficient proof of her amazing acting skills? “All right! It’s over!”

“Oh, yes!”

The staff cheered.

Carter also touched his nose and laughed merrily.

He thought it would take him entire day, but once again they had finished ahead of time.

Carter stretched his stiff limbs.

At that moment, he realized that as long as Wendy’s scenes were involved in the shooting, they would always finish ahead of schedule.

Wendy epitomized the perfect actress.

Not only was she able to slip into any role with the greatest of ease, but her co-stars automatically took the lead from her and also exercised professionalism.

So with all stakeholders co-operating, shooting was a breeze.

In his many years of directing, Carter had only observed this kind of disciplined commitment and talent from artists who had experience in the industry for decades.

The staff began to put away the props.

Seeing Wendy changed and ready to leave the set, Carter immediately waved to her, “Wendy, come here!”

Wendy ambled over to him.She had removed her makeup and her long wavy hair was tied into a ponytail.Now she wore a black leather jacket, tight jeans and matching black boots.

Walking against the breeze, she looked imposing.In not a single way did she resemble the coquettish Faye from the play.Carter sighed.

“Wendy, I have a question for you.Only answer it if you feel comfortable.There is no obligation.” Wendy nodded.

“Go ahead.”

“How do you adjust your emotions to the needs of the scene so quickly?”

Wendy was stunned.She wasn’t expecting that question.

“Are you not comfortable sharing your secret with me?”

“No! Not at all!”

Wendy thought carefully before she spoke.

Looking at the curious expression in Carter’s eyes, she revealed, “In fact, it’s no mystery.When I was in the US, I was only offered walk-on roles in different plays.At that time I was in dire financial straits and there weren’t many Chinese actors in the US.So as long as I was offered roles, I was grateful and took them very seriously.”

Carter nodded repeatedly.

“Once I was offered a dual role.I had to play the role of these two characters who looked almost identical but whose personalities were poles apart.In order to do justice to the role, I took a great deal of time to study their characters intensely.As a result, I was almost schizophrenic.That was my stepping stone to adjust my performances accordingly.Preparing for that role was actually the breeding ground for my ability to change emotions without demur.”

She made it sound as if it was as easy as pie, but people in the business knew that it was a challenge.

Carter looked at Wendy with great respect and admiration then patted her on the shoulder without saying anything.

At the same time, Brian overheard Wendy’s explanation.

Somehow, whenever he heard Wendy narrate about her hardships, he felt a little heartbroken…especially when she was strong enough to share her life story with a positively bright smile.

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