My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 158 The Bath Scene

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 158 The Bath Scene

Intimate scenes were known to be very difficult to film.

Why? Because there were too many people on the filming site which may make the artists uncomfortable.

As a result, they would not be able to concentrate and focus on their performance.

So in order to make the actors and actresses fully engaged in the shooting, the filming site would have to be cleared as much as possible.

But now…

As Wendy took a look at the crowd, she found that there was at least a dozen of staff and other artists.

In this case, it would take a long time to clear the site for the scene.

Well, she supposed that it was time for her to test her professionalism.

Wendy took a deep breath and mustered all the courage she had.

“There’s no need to clear the site!” she said with confidence.

“Okay.I’ll tell the director right away,” one of the staff replied.


‘It’s just a shooting of a bedroom scene.It’s a piece of cake! Just take it as a sacrifice for art, ‘ Wendy comforted herself inwardly.

The staff had already set up the bathroom, the location of the next scene.

To make the scene lovelier, they hung pink gauze around Faye’s bedroom.

Whenever the wind blew, the gauze would flutter slightly, and it was a truly mesmerizing sight.

However…It was not a good thing for the actor and actress involved.

In order to create that visual, the window was not supposed to be closed.

The bathtub was situated in the middle of a big room.

One could imagine how cold it would be.

In truth, actors and actresses have no choice but to endure the situation he or she will face in shooting a film.

There were even times when they had to shoot a summer scene in cold winter or a winter scene in scorching summer.

In either case, they had to sacrifice a lot and suffer.

Being an actor or an actress was not easy as it seemed.

Well, artists were usually being paid more than others in different jobs, so it was only fair for them to bear the pain and suffering other industries couldn’t understand.

At that moment, Wendy seemed very calm.

“Wendy, are you ready?” Carter asked patiently.

“Yes,” Wendy replied firmly.

In the movie, she was supposed to be naked in the bathtub.

Of course, there was no way she would really be completely naked while filming, so she wore a **** strapless tube and a pair of shorts.

Fortunately, she was submerged in the bathtub the whole time, so it was not difficult to make the illusion that she was not wearing anything.

Half of her hair was ******* in a bun, while the rest hung on her shoulders.

Not only that, her makeup was subtle, yet she looked perfect.

She was more than ready.

Everyone had their fixed eyes on Wendy.

They could not help but hold their breath in awe.

Wendy’s figure was exquisite.

Her legs were long and enticing.

Also, it was as fair as  to resist the urge to gaze at it.

What was more, her skin was soft and delicate.It was the ultimate dream of all

work of art ! Look at her neck.It’s slender and tall.***, I’d be willing to trade some of my lifespan just to have that kind of body.”

“Same.Well, she wouldn’t have been chosen to be Lady Faye if she wasn’t attractive, would she? ****.Her face and figure are really persuasive!”

“Humph! The best choice for a temptation!”

Some who were watching Wendy envied her, while the others were hateful and insecure.

While the women had different feelings, the men, on the other hand, only had one.


everyone! Brian.

“Brian? Brian!”

Eris called upon seeing him gawking at her.


It was only then that Brian came to his senses.

He turned to look at Eris.

Seeing that she fuming with anger, he immediately looked away.

As though he had not been caught, he cleared his throat and pretended to act normal.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked innocently.

‘’Ha! How dare you ask me that question.You came here to bring me flowers, but now, you’re looking at another woman with burning gaze.Not only that,

one I hate the most!’’ Eris thought crossly.

While tightly holding the bouquet of roses in her arms, she lowered her eyes and smiled bitterly.

“Brian, did you fall for Wendy again? I know I’m just nothing compared to her.I’m not as beautiful and as attractive as her.It was me who got involved in your relationship.I’d understand if you want to rekindle your feelings for her.Just tell me, and I’ll let you go.”

Tears filled Eris’s eyes, and her voice trembled when she spoke.

Hearing that,

you talking about?”

“I mean it, Brian.The way you looked at Wendy just now…”

“Are you jealous?”

Eris blushed and stubbornly replied, “No! Why would I be?”

“You silly.”

Brian put his arm over her shoulders and forced himself not to look at Wendy anymore.

“Don’t be ridiculous, okay? I won’t be with her again,” he reassured.



Eris was relieved to know that Brian did not fall for Wendy’s charm again.She clung in his arms and put her head on his shoulder with a smile.

“I love you, Brian.”

“I love you, too.”

At that moment, Brian was lost in thought.

For all he knew, he was rational and clearheaded.

Eris was the one who had loved him for years.She heeded to him and gave him everything he wanted.

Wendy, on the other hand, was just his ex-lover, who got pregnant by another man.He did not even know the father of her child! For him, Wendy was a cheat.

She was vicious and slutty.

There was no doubt that between Eris and Wendy, he would choose the former.

But, to his surprise, Wendy seemed different than the last time he had seen her.

He was deeply astonished by her stunning change.

She was more beautiful and confident than ever, very different from the Wendy he had come to know.

It seemed that she had captured his heart yet again.

Brian could not understand himself.

‘’Is it true that men are always like this? Always longing for the one he couldn’t get?’’ he wondered.

Could it be because he never got to sleep with her while they were together, and he was upset now because he would never had the chance to? It was frustrating! He could not even figure it out himself.

At that moment, Brian took a deep breath and held Eris tighter, all while forcing himself not to look in Wendy’s direction.

“Wendy, you have to pay attention to the water and your clothes in this scene.Don’t let your clothes be exposed, or else we’ll have to redo the take.Also, keep your emotions in place so the audience will be amazed.I have confidence in you,”

Carter advised before anything else.

Wendy nodded in response and then sat in the bathtub.

The water was so cold that her teeth chattered.

It took the staff a long time to prepare the site.

Of course, they put warm water into the tub, but since the room was huge, the water quickly cooled down.

A stuff member came with some more hot water as Wendy sat in the bathtub.

Once she was ready, she nodded to Carter and said, “I’ll try my best!”

Carter nodded and said through the megaphone, “Everyone, let’s roll!”

As soon as they heard his cue, everyone quieted down.

Carter waved his hand and loudly said, “Action!”

In the bathroom.

The gauze fluttered in the wind.

Faye was leaning against the bathtub.

The water was filled to its brim and had a layer of bright red petals at the top.

The petals added a sharp contrast to her fair skin.

She was like a goddess! With her eyes closed, Faye leaned her head on the edge of the bathtub and let the water cleanse her skin.

Behind her, a maid was pouring warm water onto her bare shoulders.

The steam rose into the air, where it Stirred the silk slightly.

Needless to say, it was like a wonderland.

There were no expressions on Wendy’s face as she sat in the bathtub.

For Lady Faye, every single day in the imperial palace was torture.

“Your Majesty, I’ll just get some more warm water,” the maid said.

“Very well,” Faye replied nonchalantly.

It was only then that she opened her eyes.

Half of her long hair was wet.

She then cupped the water with her palms and poured it on her body little by little before scrubbing her skin numbly.

Little did she know, the emperor came behind her with a bucket of warm water.

Faye thought that the maid had returned, so she did not bother to turn around.

She did not care, after all.

The emperor was wearing casual clothes, and a sly smile was tugging at his lips.

Without saying a word, he took the water dipper and poured water onto her shoulder.

“You don’t have to do this anymore.You can leave now,” Faye said calmly.

However, the person behind her did not leave.

Instead, he put his hand on her shoulder and whispered, “Faye…”

Hearing his voice, Faye froze all of a sudden.

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