My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 157 The Invitation

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 157 The Invitation

Wendy turned around just in time to see Eris wrapping up her scene and walking towards them, still in her costume.

Daisy held Wendy’s hand and kept talking as if she hadn’t seen the new arrival.

Eris felt so embarrassed.She just stood there awkwardly, scratching her arm.Her assistant, Ana, came to her rescue.

“Daisy, Wendy.Eris is here.”

Daisy rolled her eyes as she said, “And why do we need to know that? Should we kneel to welcome Her Majesty?”

Ana was stunned by that.

“Daisy, come on.Don’t tease Ana,”

Eris said with a smile, as she closed the distance between them.

“She is just…really enthusiastic with her job as my assistant.”

She kept the smile on her face to show them she wasn’t looking for a fight.

Daisy looked skeptical for a minute, but then she seemed to decide that it was time for a truce.

She looked up at Eris and asked, “So, what’s up?”

Eris gestured to Ana, who immediately handed her two envelopes.

Eris took them and passed them to Daisy and Wendy with a shy smile.

“Today is my birthday.I didn’t plan to do anything, but Brian insisted on celebrating.He says that each birthday is unique and should be celebrated.He booked the Royal Hotel’s event venue so we can throw a party there tonight.I hope you can come.”

Daisy and Wendy glanced at each other in wonder.

Without reaching for the invitation, Daisy replied politely, “Well…Are you sure that’s a good idea? Isn’t it more meaningful to celebrate your birthday with the people closest to you? I am sure we’ll just impose.”

The implication was clear.

‘’We are not your friends.Why invite us?”  Eris didn’t look fazed.

She just smiled wider and said, “The more, the merrier! I really hope you can come, Daisy!”

After that, Daisy couldn’t refuse again without being utterly rude.She finally reached out and took the invitation.

Eris immediately turned to Wendy pushing the other envelope in her hand.

“Wendy, you simply must come. “Wendy was frozen in place, feeling like a cornered animal.

‘’Oh, ****! I don’t want to go to your party! Today was Ray and Precious’s first day at school.I just want to go home early and hear all about it!’

But before she could open her mouth to refuse, Eris had already gone, along with her assistant to give other people their invitations.

Wendy just stood there frowning down at the invitation in her hands.

“You don’t want to go?”

“Of course I don’t!” Wendy sighed.

“I just want to go home early and get some sleep!”

Daisy laughed, “I thought so!”

Wendy sighed again, “Well, are you going?”

Daisy pointed at Mason and Carter, “Look! They both accepted the invitation.They will definitely go.So we have to go too, I am afraid.After all, Eris is a celebrity.We should show  as she finished speaking, Daisy opened the envelope.

“Wow! The invitation is really…flashy.Not that this should come as a shock.Everyone knew the Royal  as a free night out.We get to have fun and not spend a cent.”

‘Oh, well! It seems that I have no choice, ‘ Wendy thought to herself.

“Hey, Wendy…”

“What’ is it?”

“Do you notice that Eris is inviting, like, a lot of people?”

Wendy frowned and turned to look around.

Eris had indeed given invitations to a lot of people.

Even some actors playing only minor characters in the show.

“What is she thinking? Does she really have to spend so much money for a party? Why did  was many things, but generous wasn’t one of them.

Ruben had always been really nice to Eris, so she had gotten almost everything she ever wanted.

But Eris always had a streak of jealousy, ever since she was a child.She would rather cut her old clothes into pieces than let Wendy have them.She would also break all the toys she didn’t like anymore and throw them into the trash bin.She would never let other kids play with them.So what was her game tonight, inviting  something really fishy going on.

Eris was surely plotting something.

Later that afternoon, Eris had finished a scene and was taking a break, when Brian appeared in front of her holding a big bouquet of red roses.


Eris ran over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Brian gave her the roses.

“Happy birthday, my love.” She took the flowers and took a big whiff of their enchanting aroma.

There were ninety-nine red roses with water drops on the petals.

Eris was delighted.

“Brian, this is absolutely perfect.Thank you.”

“You are welcome, baby! Are you all done with work?”


Eris nodded.

“I just have one more scene with Wendy and Mason later.Then I will be done with all the scenes for today.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”


The love radiating from them both was enough to make everyone around jealous.

“Wow! Mr.Brian is so gentle.I heard that the two of them have been in love for three years, but they are still as sweet as before.How happy they are!”

“Yes, you are right.They are a perfect match.”

“Brian is really so kind to Eris.I’m so jealous.When will I find such a sweet, loving man?”

“Come on! It’s Eris we are talking about.How can you compete with that?”

Wendy just rolled her eyes at those words.

The day before yesterday, Jeffrey had to go visit his father, who was really ill.

They hadn’t spoken at all the past two days, but she understood that he must be really busy.

After all, there was something wrong with his work.

Plus, he had to make arrangements for his father to go to the hospital abroad.

So considering all that, it wasn’t a surprise that he had not been able to call her.

And then there was Brian.

While Jeffrey had so much on his plate, his brother was running around romancing Eris.

Their father was seriously ill, and Brian was throwing a ridiculously big party for Eris.

Wendy had thought that Brian was awful to just her, but she never expected him to treat his own parents like that.

‘Hump! He really is an *******, ‘ Wendy cursed inwardly.

“Wendy! Time for your scene.”


Wendy just focused on her job, putting all thoughts about Brian aside.

This was the last scene for today for both her and Mason.

And it was an ****** scene, too.

For the past month, after Faye had moved into the palace, the emperor had visited her quarters every day.

And there was just one thought swirling in Faye’s mind: revenge! Weston had once taught her how to make incense.

Depending on its ingredients, it could help people sleep better or it could kill a person.

Her quarters were burning with incense every day.

The emperor came daily and inhaled it, so his health would slowly deteriorate.

He would grow weaker by the day, leading people to think that he was just getting frailer with time.

Faye hated the emperor to the core.

She couldn’t wait for him to die.

So when the emperor came more often to her, her pain was lessened a bit by the thought that her torture would be over sooner.

Every time he forced her to have *** with him, she felt disgusted but she still had to play along.

Afterwards, she would ask her maid to prepare her a bath.

She would wash her body, scrubbing until her skin was red and sore.

So after the emperor’s visit one day, she was soaking herself in the bathtub, trying to rid herself of the foul man’s scent lingering on her body.

She just wanted to erase every mark he had left on her skin.

But the emperor came back.

He dismissed the servants and entered the bathroom.

When he saw her in the bathtub, her porcelain white shoulders half exposed, he was overcome by desire and once again claimed Faye’s body.

She hated being touched by the emperor, but on the surface, she should appear cooperative.

This scene was a real challenge for any actress.

The crew quickly set up for the scene.

“Wendy, the director said there’s a crowd gathering to watch the shooting.I’m afraid we can’t keep them away.Are you okay with that?”

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