My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 156 What A Coincidence!

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 156 What A Coincidence!

Stunned, Wendy almost fell.She stopped in her tracks and asked suspiciously, “Did your brother really say that?”

“Ha-ha! Wendy, you really are something.You know my brother so well, don’t you? Actually, my brother just asked you to think it through.I just added the rest.”

Hearing that, Wendy let out a sigh of relief.But then, she suddenly turned to Luke and glared at him.

“Go away and stop stirring up trouble!”

“Wendy, how could you say that? Today is the fifth day of your agreement.You only have two days left.Time is ticking.It won’t be long until you two see each other again, so you should really think about it now.”

Wendy did not reply.

What Luke had said was true.It was just that she did not want to be reminded that she was running out of time.It was so frustrating!

“Wendy, think it over.But just so you know, I’m looking forward to the day that you become my sister-in-law,” Luke said while waving at her.

His words made her feel really stressed out.

Wendy could not help but grit her teeth in exasperation.

“****! Ryan was right.Luke is so noisy! But…why does he seem so sure that I’ll agree? **** it! He’s driving me crazy! After quite some time, after seeing Ray and Precious off, Wendy went to the filming site for the shooting.

She and Jeffrey had just finished filming the part where they were together.

Now, it was time to film the scene at the royal palace.

Since this was a historical drama focusing on the royal harem, the scene they were about to shoot next was the story between her and Eris, who was playing the role of Lady Ivanka.

Faye, one of the antagonists in this show, was plotting to take revenge on Ivanka.

This was because lIvanka’s father set a trap to annihilate Faye’s whole family in the past.

However, after lvanka married the emperor, her family had been promoted to a higher rank.

The Miller family collapsed, but the Graham family became more prosperous than ever.

Faye could not bear it.

Fortunately, she was extraordinarily beautiful that as soon as she entered the palace, she was immediately favored by the emperor.

He pampered her with whatever she wanted.

Not long after, Faye was then conferred as Lady Faye.

The emperor even ordered his people to build a special palace for her.

The palace was named after her—the Faye Palace.

It did not take long before the news broke out.

As expected, the emperor’s other concubines were astonished.

‘Lady Faye.

Faye Palace” The concubines could not help but tittle-tattle among themselves.

After all, the emperor even said that Faye Palace must be built in the same size and design as the empress’s palace.

It was obvious that emperor favored Faye very much.

Even the empress could not help but be jealous of her.

Meanwhile, the concubines who had heard the news had mixed feelings.

Some seemed like they were watching a good show, some  and bitter.

It was Daisy who was playing the role of the empress.

Just like Faye, she was one of the villains of the  and generous.

Needless to say, she was the epitome of good and benevolence.

However, her true color was gradually exposed as time went by.

The emperor was still a crown prince when the empress married him.

They had been together for nearly twenty years.

She was affectionate to her husband.

The emperor, however, was nothing but respectful to her.

He was not affectionate, but at least he was not neglectful.

After ascending to the throne, the emperor’s concubines came into the palace one after another.

Seeing that he favored those young  them.

Even so, she did not do anything.

She was the empress, the mother of the country! She should not let her feelings get the better of her.

There was no way she would seduce her own husband like those illiterate concubines.

No matter what, she must protect her dignity and title as the empress.

As a result, she turned a blind eye to whoever the emperor favored, but not for long.

When her son’s interest was threatened, the empress knew she had to do something.

The empress actually  just before he reached two years old.

As the rules dictated, her second son should be the crown prince at the right time.

However, the emperor disagreed.

For some reason, he was unwilling to make her son the prince.

The emperor dotted Ivanka very much after their marriage.

In the past twelve years, she had given birth to a daughter, and then to a boy and a girl.

Truth be told, the emperor did not want to make the empress’s son the crown prince for the reason that he had mediocre intelligence.

He believed that the empress’s son would be unfit to rule a kingdom.

On the contrary, the son of Lady Ivanka was remarkable.

In fact, the emperor even praised him in court many times.

As a result, a great sense of crisis emerged in the empress’s heart.

This crisis forced her to do horrible things to Lady Ivanka for the sake of her son.

Today’s scene was about the empress’s reaction upon learning that the emperor had conferred Lady Faye and that he had ordered to build a palace for her.

In the empress’s palace.

When the empress heard that the emperor was going to build a palace for Lady Faye, she had to admit, she was taken aback.

But then, for some reason, she suddenly chuckled.

She was wearing a luxurious and grand garments.

Even so, her shoulders dropped low, obviously displeased by the news.

“Ha-ha! Lady Faye.Faye Palace.Your Majesty, you must be torturing me!” she exclaimed sarcastically.

“Your Majesty…”

The servant knelt down in front of the empress and said with tears in her eyes, “Your Majesty, perhaps His Majesty did it out of novelty and momently admiration.Do not worry.It will eventually pass, and when it does, everything will be fine.In fact, the emperor had favored a lot of women, and none of it ever last.In the end, everything will be okay, just like it did in the past.”

Regardless of the servant’s reassurance, the pain in the eyes of the empress remained.

“That is true.He has indeed favored many young women.I’ve seen it with my own eyes.I should have long been used to it by now.”

The empress picked up her cup of tea.

As she did so, her hands trembled, but she gradually regained her composure.

The steam from her tea rose and hindered anyone from seeing her eyes.

Once the steam dissipated and her eyes could be seen again, the pain in them disappeared, replaced by coldness.

“Your Majesty…” the servant called with trembling voice.

The empress slowly put down the cup and coldly said, “For many years, there have been a lot of concubines whom the emperor favored.Even so, I’m still the empress.Nobody can shake my position.”

“l agree, Your Majesty.”

A sneer appeared at the corners of the empress’s mouth, and she said, “Anyway, I suppose it’s a good thing that Lady Faye is here.With her here, I wonder how long that ***** Ivanka’s glory will last.”

“Cut!” Director said loudly through the megaphone.

“Daisy, that was amazing! Your acting was superb! Alright, everyone, let’s wrap this scene up! Now, onto the next scene!”

“Thank you, Director Williams,” Daisy said with a smile. She then walked over towards Wendy and asked excitedly, “Did you enjoy it?”

As a response, Wendy looked at her with admiration.

Because it was not her scene, she just stood next to Carter and watched Daisy’s performance on the monitor.She had to admit, Daisy’s acting skills were marvelous.

Daisy looked so empowering in her scenes.

Well, her character was a strong and loving wife to her polyamorous husband, after all.

However, it was a pity that Daisy was already in her thirties.

It could be said that showbiz was unfair, especially for actresses.

Like a flower, they had to seize the opportunity to become famous while they were still young and beautiful.

If they missed that chance, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for them to bloom.

An actress who was in her twenties could play a role of her age.

Once she reached thirty, she would no longer be qualified to have that role; otherwise, people would scrutinize her or even suspect that she was just being pretentious.

“Daisy, you were amazing!” Wendy praised sincerely.

Daisy glanced at Eris, who was currently filming a different scene, and said with a bitter smile, “No matter how good my performance is, I still get cast aside to make way for the young ones.”

Except for being young, Daisy knew that Eris had nothing else to offer.

But because of her age, Daisy could only play an antagonistic supporting character.It was a pity as she was an amazing actress.

“It’s not like that.The audience can be rational, after all.Once this show kicks off, I’m sure your career will reach a new peak,”

Wendy comforted.

Daisy could not help but chuckle upon hearing Wendy’s reassurance.

“Thank you, Wendy,” she replied with a sincere smile.

“I believe in you.Trust me, okay?”

Daisy was used to playing a supporting character these past few years, so she really did not take Wendy’s words to heart.

During break time, she walked over to Wendy again and honestly said, “I don’t know why, but the first time I saw you, I liked you already.Meanwhile, although Eris has a good reputation, I can’t seem to like her.”

Wendy just smiled and said nothing in response.

“****! Do you see that? Eris is coming.Speaking of the devil!”

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