My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 149 The Epitome Of Annoyance

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 149 The Epitome Of Annoyance

Did you accept his black card?Yes!Wendy chirped calmly. However, Jeffrey went ballistic! “Screech!” He stepped hard on the brake, and the tires screeched against the tar. The momentum caused Wendy to almost hit the windshield. Fortunately, she had fastened the seat belt. Terrified, she scolded, “Damn you! Do you want to be beaten up? You scared the living daylights out of me.”

At this moment, her heart was pounding like a train on a railway track. Wendy patted her chest to stabilize herself then added harshly, “Damn it! You’d better have a bloody good explanation for screeching to a halt!Jeffrey stared at Wendy with a meaningful look. Did you really accept Uncle Ryan’s black card?” Yes!” 

Why?“Damn it! Why are you looking at me like that? Do you think I’m a gold digger? The last time Ray, Precious, Luke, Ryan and I went shopping, I selected a whole bunch of clothes that Precious adored. Ryan said that I had good taste in clothes, so he gave me the card to make suitable purchases for Precious in the future.” Jeffery was spellbound. Gritting his teeth, he prodded Wendy’s forehead and said, “Wendy, what kind of crazy fool are you? It was just an excuse. Are you so blind that you can’t see that he was using that as an excuse to get closer to you??After spewing these words, he gnashed his teeth in indignation! Then he continued, “Damn it! It was a black card! Do you know what it represents? He allows you to keep such a valuable card without any hesitation. Obviously, he has ulterior motives!” The more Jeffrey spoke, the more furious he became. He added, “By the way, why are you shopping with them? Do you know that Uncle Ryan hates shopping the most? He simply can’t understand how anyone can waste precious time shopping!” @

Wendy felt a sharp pain in her forehead. She covered her forehead with one hand, and raised the other hand to slap Jeffery. Ouch! Stop! Wendy, you are insane!” Ten minutes later, Wendy sat elegantly in the passenger seat. On the driver’s seat, Jeffrey sat with the personality of a wet blanket. Leaning against the seat, he whined, “Shrew, how cruel you are!” Jeffrey quickly whipped out his phone and adjusted it to the selfie mode. Seeing in the camera that there was no injury on his face, he was greatly relieved.

Dont worry. I know what Im doing. I wont slap you in the face deliberately.” 


I was almost falling apart. And she knew what she was doing?


Jeffrey was enraged!

However, when he saw Wendy’s fist, he immediately became melancholy.

“Damn, curse my fate that I had the misfortune to meet you.” a Wendy waved her fist threateningly, which scared Jeffrey again. Humph!“Now, let’s get serious. I swear by my handsome looks and super talent that Uncle Ryan has a hidden agenda and that’s why he is trying to win you over in the most flattering ways imaginable!” . “Okay, I see!”

“Wendy! I’m warning you. Believe me, you really don’t know the real Ryan. You won’t be happy with him! I guarantee you that much!” . Wendy yawned with boredom.

“What on earth do you want to say? Get to the point!”

With a serious look, Jeffrey grabbed Wendy’s shoulder and said, “Look into my eyes!” .

Wendy looked straight into his eyes. “Ryan is not the simpleton you think he is! Wendy, do you know what happened to Evie?” Wendy was confused. “Her body was found at the seaside!” a Wendy was horrified, Is she dead?“Yes!”

“She was a famous film star after all, but her death didn’t cause a sensation. Do you know why?” Wendy’s heart stopped momentarily. Dont doubt it! What you are thinking is right... Only Uncle Ryan has the power and resources to do that! And the last time Ray and your sister were kidnapped…” “How do you know about the kidnap?” Jeffrey became apoplectic when she interrupted him. He glared at Wendy and admonished, “How dare you even ask! Why didn’t you call me when those terrible things happened to you? Forget it. I dont want to waste my breath. You just need to realize how miserable your father is now.” Wendy scoffed, “Don’t mention him to me!”

In Wendy’s heart, Ruben deserved to die!

“He was overdosed with potent drugs!” Wendy admitted coldly. She thought he deserved it! In order to control Reese, he drugged her that day. So Ryan simply gave him a dose of his own medicine. “And…”

“Cut the crap. Can you just finish your yarn? Jeffrey!”

 Do you know what eventually happened to Bertha?2 Go ahead! Humor me!A few days after she was fired by the crew, she was involved in a horrific accident. She was so badly injured that she may never walk again.Wendy was unusually quiet this time

Jeffrey too kept silent. Only the constant sound of passing traffic and the whisper of the gentle breeze swaying the slim branches could be heard. After a long time, Wendy finally spoke. So what?” 

“I just want you to know that anyone who dares to provoke my uncle, including you, will meet a fate worse than death. He is infatuated with you now and is in hot pursuit of you because you tickle his fancy. But what guarantee do you have that he will always be so devoted to you? What will happen if he gets attracted to another pretty skirt and you are suddenly a mere footnote in the history of his life? What will happen the day he gets bored with you? What will he do if you antagonize him? . Oh yes, there is one more important thing. Since the Oliver Group is an international brand leader, it must have a complicated networking system. Yet Uncle Ryan deals with it in such an orderly manner. Being of such high caliber, he must be well connected. Don’t be so naive as to believe that he is an ordinary kind businessman.

“I know!”

“Then why don’t you stay away from him?” “Because he has done all those things for my own good and happiness. I can’t deny him just because he is being cruel while handling things! I know you’re persuading me for my own good. Every human being has flaws. Even the best of the best is not perfect. So why sideline him? I have been with Ryan long enough to know his true colors and how I feel about him. His goodness far outweighs his few vices. I refuse to be influenced by your negative vibes about him.” # ‘This woman has definitely been brainwashed by Ryan, ‘Jeffrey thought He had made his point, but she was still unmoved. Jeffrey tried another angle to influence her. “You know that Brian is Ryan’s nephew. This means that they will be seeing a lot of each other. So you too will be running into Brian more often than you care to. Didnt you say you hate him like the devil and that his very presence disgusted you?, The corners of Wendy’s mouth twitched. To be honest, that was a real problem. When the realization dawned upon her that Ryan was Brian’s uncle, she was displeased. • Seeing that Wendy didn’t say anything, Jeffrey added fuel to the fire. . “Maybe Eris and Brian will get married in the future. Then, not only will you have to often meet Brian but Eris as well. That will be the epitome of annoyance!”

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