My Bossy CEO Husband, My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 148 Argue With Eris

My Bossy CEO Husband, My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 148 Argue With Eris

At those words, Jeffrey’s face darkened.


Wendy couldn’t have fallen for Uncle Luke. As far as I know, he doesn’t own a black card.

That could only mean that the card she has is Uncle Ryan’s. He is the one! And she has feelings for him for a while now, it seems,’ Jeffrey thought

Brian had a mixed feelings about what he had just heard.


I almost believed her when she said she didn’t have feelings for me anymore.

But it turns out that she’s dating both Luke and Bruce at the same time. I bet she knew Luke and Bruce were related to me.

So, I guess she

must have come for me!

She almost had me fooled!

How dare she play with my feelings like that? •

Unbelievable!’ Wendy...Eris tried to say something.

“Are you done?” “Wendy, this is for your own good...“Really? You have to be kidding me.” Wendy rolled her eyes and launched an attack. “You talk about me treating my father horribly in front of Jeffery and you deliberately led people to think that I was dating two men at the same time! If Jeffrey didn’t really know me that well, he would have hated my guts already!” 6 Eris’s face tightened. She turned to Brian and Jeffery quickly. I... I just didnt want Wendy to keep making mistakes that would eventually hurt her.” “Eris, aren’t you tired of pretending to be an angel all the time? It must be exhausting for you,” Wendy asked sincerely. . But, Wendy...Eris looked as if she was about to cry. Brian held her close and glared at Wendy. “Listen here! All those years, Eris has been feeling guilty for what we did to you. She really wants to make things right for you. How can you treat her like this?” His words ticked off Wendy.

“And how exactly are you going to do this, dear sister?” Wendy, the sarcasm evident in her tone. ... Ill do anything to earn your forgiveness,” @ Eris replied.

Alright then,” Wendy sneered. “I guess there is one thing that would make me forgive you. Break up with Brian!” Eris’s eyes widened in disbelief.

She felt dizzy, as if she might faint any moment now.

“Wendy, anything but this. Brian is my whole life. I cant live without him. Please, you can’t ask this of me...Wendy interrupted her. “Fine! Let’s try something else, then. I want you to go to the police station and turn yourself in. Tell them what happened back then and spare no detail.”

Eris froze. Before she could say anything, Brian’s hands fell down by his side and said sadly, “Wendy. Why are you doing this? Eris might not be your biological sister, but you two grew up together. Why are you being so cruel to her? She has gone through a lot these past few years. It wasn’t easy for her to enter the showbiz and get to where she is today. You’re asking her to ruin her career, the one she worked so hard to build!Wendy knew it would eventually get to this. With a heavy sigh, she shrugged and said, You are all such hypocrites! You tell me you’ll do anything to earn my forgiveness, but then you refuse to do anything I ask. And you thought I was the one bullying you.” With a snort of derision, Jeffrey took Wendys hand. Cut the ****, both of you. Lets go, Wendy,he said and started pulling her away. “You are right. Let’s get out of here.“Jeffrey!” Eris’s shocked voice stopped them in their tracks. “You still want to be with her?” She couldn’t believe this was really happening. She had tried everything to ruin Wendy’s reputation. How could Jeffrey still be on her side? “Your name is Eris Finch, right?”

Eris nodded, a small smile on her pale face. “Yes. Jeffrey. Call me Eris. I am your sister-in-law after all. Or I will be soon enough.”

“What? Sister-in-law?”

Jeffrey looked at her up and down, looking unimpressed. Well, yes. Why? Is there anything wrong with me?” “Well… I was just wondering how can any woman be so forward.” @ Eris’s smile froze. “W-what do you mean?” “Come on, now. You know exactly what I mean. You are just too… eager.” Ignoring Brian’s hard stare, Jeffrey went on. “You and Brian aren’t married yet. But still you said you are my sister-in-law. Looks like that you are a bit too eager to be a part of our family.Eris turned scarlet. “I... I just...“Shut your mouth,” Jeffrey roared. Tears were streaming down Eris’s face. She dropped her head and cried pitifully. “If you want to be my sister-in-law, you need to get my parents’ approval first!Jeffrey...“I don’t like strangers to be on a first name basis with me. I find it really rude. Next time, please use my full name. Jeffrey Cooper! Thank you!” Sobs were wracking Eris’s body. Brian’s heart ached seeing her so devastated. He took her in his arms immediately and she leaned on his shoulder. “Brian…” she sobbed. Glaring at Jeffrey, Brian said crossly, “Bruce! You watch your mouth!” “Sorry, brother. I can’t help being honest!”  You are...Brian started, but Jeffrey cut him off with a wave of his hand. You asked me if I still wanted to be with Wendy?Eris raised her head from Brians shoulder, her eyes still brimming with tears. Heres your answer. Wendy is a single woman. She has the right to choose who she wants to be with. And even if we got married and she had an affair, I would still forgive her and want to be with her.” 2 Jeffreys announcement seemed to stun everyone in the room, including Wendy. She raised her head, she saw Jeffreys affectionate smile, which made her whole body tremble. Heck! Does he really mean that?Five minutes later, Jeffrey and Wendy had said their goodbyes to their colleagues and left the KTV. Their houses were in the same direction, so Jeffrey offered to drive her home. Sitting in the passengers seat, Wendy couldn‘t help staring at Jeffrey, whose attention was on the road. Her eyes were full of awe and admiration

Jeffrey seemed to sense her gaze and glanced at her. When they stopped at a red light, he turned his bright red face to her and chuckled. Well, do you by any chance suddenly find me irresistible and have a huge crush on me?” “No, that’s not it.” Wendy shook her head and went on. “I was just wondering if you still have feelings for me. What you just said to Eris, it was really moving.” @

Jeffrey’s face fell slightly. He turned his head away and said, “Bah! I value my well-being too much. Besides, we’ve broken up and moved on, okay? Im not that desperate. I saw that Eris and Brian were pushing you too far, so I thought you could use a hand!“Okay, then!” Wendy was really relieved. The light turned green then, and Jeffrey turned his attention back to the road. He already regretted his lie.

“**** it!

This was the perfect chance to tell her how I really feel! And I blew it! @ Stupid, useless fool!“Wendy....“What’s is it?” Wendy had rolled down the window and had her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the cool breeze on her face. Jeffrey mustered up the courage and asked her what he was dying to know. “Uncle Ryan offered you his black card and you accepted it, right?” 

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