My Bossy CEO Husband, My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 147 A Question Of Three Years

My Bossy CEO Husband, My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 147 A Question Of Three Years

Brian was livid when he saw Wendy and Jeffrey chatting and laughing in a jovial mood.

Observing her bright and cheerful smile, he felt utterly disgusted. He reminisced about his love affair with Wendy that ended abruptly three years ago. • Back then Wendy was totally infatuated with him. She behaved like a young school girl experiencing the joys of romance for the first time. Her whole world revolved around him. He was the sun and the center of her universe. It had been only three years ago! But so much had changed since then!


This is ludicrous! She protested her undying love for me, but now she is pretending as if I don’t exist! Moreover, she had the audacity to date my younger brother. I’m sure that was intentional and part of her wicked strategy!’ “Is this your way of taking revenge on me, Wendy?” Brian asked angrily. “Revenge?” Wendy asked in semi-shock. Brian scoffed, I dont know what you did to charm the pants off Bruce. He is as obedient to you now as a puppy dog! There are so many popular, eligible bachelors in showbiz, but you chose him. You could have had your pick but you hooked up with him on purpose! You want to cause enmity between us, so that you can get your sweet revenge on me!” , Wendy was speechless She looked at Brian and thought in shock, ‘What the ****! First he suspected that I still nurtured feelings for him. Then he assumed that I hooked up with Jeffrey to get closer to him. After that suspicion was erased, he immediately said that I wanted to sow discord between him and his brother. Why does he always think that everything is about him?

**** it!

He is such a narcissist.’ “Brian, you should have become a scriptwriter. You’re really good at making stories up, you know.” Wendy was really amazed by Brian’s vivid imagination. Haha...” 

Upon hearing what Wendy said, Jeffrey guffawed. Seeing this, Brian clenched his fists and became agitated. Wendy shrugged.

‘He can get so angry at the drop of a hat now. Yet when he kicked me on that fateful day back then, he was as emotional as a corpse. Humph! Wendy ignored him and patted Jeffreys arm. Are you ready to leave or not?Of course, I‘m ready to leave!” 

Without hesitation, Jeffrey left happily with Wendy. However, as soon as she reached the corner, Eris appeared before her. Eris, with her light makeup, long, straight, black hair cascading over her shoulders, wore a pure white dress with irregular patterns embossed on it. She matched her outfit with a pair of white stilettos. Her swanking gait made her hemline flow as she walked closer to Wendy. She looked truly elegant. No less than an angel. . However, only Brian thought of her as an angel. Seeing her coming, Brian’s expression changed to joy. Why are you here?“You’ve been away for such a long time. My growing concern forced me to come and look for you.” As she past Wendy and Jeffrey, she stopped and stretched out her hand to touch Wendy in a friendly gesture. Wendy dodged her subconsciously. Projecting a pitiful and pained look, Eris said, Wendy, you still havent forgiven me...Wendy rolled her eyes. “There you go, again.” Eris was speechless. She clenched her fists in fury.

However, she managed to hold back her anger and raised her head, sobbing bitterly. Wendy, even if you can’t make time for me today, please arrange a meeting with me at a later date. I really need to talk to you alone.” Wendy ignored Eris and pretended that something more interesting on the ceiling had caught her attention.

Eris bit her lips and said, “I admit that Brian and I wronged you in the most hurtful way possible. But that was because I loved Brian so much. Don’t you believe in love at first sight? From the first moment I laid eyes on him, he had stolen my heart.” “Really?” Wendy quipped in a drawn out voice. She then continued, So, It turns out that you’ve been trying to steal my boyfriend since you met him for the first time!Eris didn’t expect such a retort from Wendy!

Jeffrey laughed out aloud. ... Its not like that. At first, I tried to fight my feelings for Brian. I didnt want to ****** him away from you. But later, we both realized our mutual attraction for each other and fell deeply in love. What we did was wrong. I mean sneaking around behind your back. I really regret it. But I love Brian more than life itself. I was prepared to do anything to keep him inside my world.Brian was flattered. He traipsed over to her and gently held her hand. Wiping away her tears, he called out, Eris!“Brian!” They looked at each other like Romeo and Juliet. At the sight of this, Jeffrey and Wendy squirmed. They decided to leave the diehard couple alone, so they turned around and attempted to leave. But Eris grabbed Wendy’s hand.

 Wendy was taken aback. She didnt expect Eris to slyly grab her hand whilst engaging so affectionately with Brian. Clearly she had caught sight of Wendy from the corner of her eye even though she appeared to be engrossed with Brian. Wendy was totally impressed. “Anything else?” Wendy, I know you cant forgive me, but you can‘t vent your anger on Dad.Brian was shocked, Your dad?Yes!Tears streamed down Eriss face. I dont know what Wendy has done to my father, but he has changed so dramatically. When he hears Wendy’s name, he starts trembling and hyper ventilating as if he is possessed by a demon.” Wendy sneered. ‘Sure enough, the most effective way to deal with trash is to toss it in the garbage bin.’ Wendy, you can hate me and blame me all you want. I accept it! But you are also Dads biological daughter. Anyway, he raised you from an early age. You should at least give him due credit for that. The mere fact that he is your father means that you should not treat him so cruelly! 2

Wendy, Im begging you. Take out your revenge on me in whatever way you want. Hit me, scold me, kill me… Do whatever you want. But dont hurt our father anymore!” Jeffrey looked at Wendy in total shock.

Eris’s eyes narrowed. She said this on purpose.

Humph! I won’t let you settle down with Brian or with Jeffrey! As Brian’s younger brother and the idol of the public, Jeffrey was handsome, popular and rich. A real Adonis. Wendy, I have to ruin his good impression of you.’ Thinking of this, she continued, “Wendy...Are you done?”


Wendy pricked up her ears and said, “Go on then!Eris was astounded. She restrained herself from tearing Wendy apart. She pretended to be worried about her and added, “Wendy, you have to take care of yourself. Previously I didnt know that Jeffery was Brian’s brother, so I didn’t say much, but now I have to say these words for Brian’s benefit.” Cut the **** and just get to the point!Wendy said impatiently. Eris felt embarrassed. She took a deep breath and tried her best to sound sincere and worried. “The last time I went shopping with my cousin, I bumped into you. At that time you were with Luke, the youngest son of the Oliver family. If I remember correctly, Luke had even given you his black card…” Eris stopped there on purpose, giving everyone enough time to conjure up all kinds of images. Finally she stated, “Wendy, my dear, not only are you playing with other people’s feelings, but you are ruining yourself in the process. If you play with fire, you are going to get burnt!”

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