My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 144 Nobody’s Perfect

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 144 Nobody’s Perfect

In a private room of a seafood restaurant, the cast enjoyed a seafood meal together. When everyone was done eating, Daisy suggested, Lets go to a KTV bar to sing!It was not easy for them to persuade Carter into paying for their food and entertainment expenses, so they made sure to make the best out of it. They decided to go to the most luxurious KTV bar in the city. Thankfully, Carter was generous and did not refuse them. He even ordered different kinds of liquor, snacks, and fruits for them to enjoy. In the private room, Mason and Daisy were fighting over the microphone. Meanwhile, Carter busied himself with drinking while playing with the instruments. He seemed to have drunk a lot already as his face was already red. Eris was also there, just chilling on the couch. Jeffrey did not want to be near her, so he just sat next to Wendy. At that moment, Wendy was sipping on a can of beer to ease her boredom. Jeffrey turned to look at her and asked, Why dont you sing?I cant sing!she answered. Jeffrey was taken aback by her response. “What?!” 

“You don’t believe it?” “Of course not!” As if pondering something, Jeffrey touched the tip of his nose and continued, “But if its true, how about I teach you?Im not interested.” What?! Why?Jeffrey had always been fond of music, so he could not believe that Wendy was not interested. “Well, nobody’s perfect. God gave me a pretty face and made me a great actress. If I learn how to sing, other actors and actresses will be envious of me,” Wendy answered with a smirk.

Blraagh!As if he could not stand her cockiness, Jeffrey pretended to vomit. Seeing this, Wendy burst into laughter. “How about you? Why don’t you sing?” she asked as soon as she composed herself. If I do, I’m afraid those amateurs would be too embarrassed to open their mouths and wouldn’t sing ever again.” So full of himself!’ Wendy exclaimed to herself. She and Jeffrey looked at each other and chuckled at how cocky they were. While the rest of the crew was having fun, the door of the private room suddenly opened. Brian entered. He was wearing a suit that he seemed out of place. As soon as he came in the room, the music stopped, and everyone turned to look at him. Eris’s face lit up upon seeing him. Overjoyed, she ran to him and asked, “Brian why are you here?”

 Nobodys Perfect Brian held her waist and gave her a gentle smile. Ana told me that youd finished your work early today, and youre singing here. I happened to have had a business appointment nearby, so I came here to have a look.Hearing his response, Eris nestled in his arms sweetly. As a frequent visitor of the filming site, Brian was quite familiar with the cast. With a smile, he turned to look at Carter and said, “I’ve always wanted to invite all of you to dinner. Anyway, I want to personally thank you for taking care of Eris. Director Carter, do allow me to express my gratitude by paying for the bill today.What Brian had said left a good impression on Carter. Thank you, Mr. Brian,he replied with a smile.

The party resumed not long after. The atmosphere was even more harmonious than it was a while ago.

After talking with Carter, Brian decided to stay in the private room. Meanwhile, Wendy seemed unhappy the moment Brian came. She turned around and looked at Jeffrey, only to find that he looked anxious. He tried to hide his face and, for some reason, he seemed restless. Hey. What’s wrong with you?she asked with concern. Jeffrey did not seem to hear what she had said as he was busy cursing himself in his mind. Shit!  

Why is Brian here?

I knew I shouldn’t have come here.

Damn it!

Wendy had no idea that Brian and I were brothers. Now that Brian’s here, our relationship will

surely be exposed. If that happens, how am I going to get along well with Wendy after?’ Just when Jeffrey was about to think of an excuse to leave, Brian spotted him. After all, he and Eris were sitting on the opposite side of the sofa. The moment he saw Jeffrey, his brows curled into a frown. Beside him, Eris noticed that Brian was fixated on something. She followed his gaze and found that he was staring at Wendy and Jeffrey, who were sitting next to each other. Eris leaned against his shoulder and asked softly, Brian, what are you looking at?Is that Jeffrey?” 

“Yes.” Eris looked at Wendy and continued, “He was Wendy’s partner in the show Story of the Concubine Ivanka.’ Apparently, hes popular among the public, especially among women. Sadly, he’s a playboy. I heard that he has dated countless girls before. Wendy seems so close to him. Im worried—” “Are you saying Wendy and Jeffrey are in love?” he interjected. His face darkened upon hearing what Eris had said. • Well, Im not sure,” Eris answered vaguely. After a short pause, she added, “But, they were together most of the time during the filming. Jeffrey may look easy-going, but hes full of himself. 14:44 

He didnt even talk to me at the filming site. The only person he talked to was Wendy. Well, I cant blame him, though. He must have become bigheaded after becoming famous at such a young age. Brian, will Wendy suffer because of him?Eris asked worriedly as if she really cared about Wendy. Brian did not respond, but it seemed that he was shocked and furious. Why does he seem strange?’ Eris asked herself. She was nervous upon seeing his expression while looking at Wendy. • Last time, her mother told her that men were always attracted to such beauty as Wendy. It was not easy for Eris to captivate Brian. How could she accept it if he still had feelings for another woman? 2 Cunning as she was, she had asked Ana to call Brian here to let him know that Wendy was seeing another man. In this way, Brian would think that Wendy was only a “woman of easy virtue”. Eris thought that by doing this, he would be disdainful for that bitch, Wendy, now. 2 However, things did not happen as she had hoped. Looking at Brian’s expression, Eris wondered if he still loved Wendy. 1 At the thought of that, she felt appalled. She subconsciously tugged Brian’s sleeve and asked, “Brian, what’s wrong with you?Nothing.It was only at that moment that Brian withdrew his gaze. Even so, he was still wearing a long face. Well, who would be happy if a man saw his ex-girlfriend and brother so close? “Brian, why do you look unhappy? Do you still have feelings for Wendy? a I know that I did a lot of things that I shouldnt have done to be with you. I had been the third wheel of your relationship for a year. How stupid of me, right? I know I dont deserve you in any way. If you still love Wendy, tell me. Ill let you go. I want you to be happy, even if it breaks my heart,” Eris said while choking back her tears. Her eyes were red, and she was holding his hand tightly as though afraid to let go. 1 “Nonsense!” “Then you—” “Jeffrey is my brother!” . Eris was flabbergasted.

An utter shock was written all over her face.

Jeffrey was one of the most popular idols in the entertainment circle, while Brian was the son of a famous family in Ywood. Nobody would have guessed that the two were related. “Brother?” Eris murmured in confusion. ‘Perhaps Jeffrey is just his just younger cousin? Or perhaps he only meant they’re good friends by using the word ‘brother’, instead of that they’re really related,’Eris mused. “Yes, my biological younger brother,” Brian confirmed. Eris was even more shocked. “Then why didn’t you mention it before?” she asked with suspicion.

 Nobodys Pertect She had been with Brian for three years. All this time, she knew that he came from a rich family and was the only son. She had never heard him mention he had a brother. Well, he has been rebellious since he was a child. Not to mention, he has good looks and is very talented in music. When he was in high school, he entered showbiz and even signed a contract with Starlight Media by himself. As you know, my parents dont really approve of the showbiz, so they seldom brought him up.9 Brian looked at Jeffrey and continued, Ever since he entered the entertainment circle, he has been very busy, so he doesn’t come home always. That’s the reason why you haven’t seen him. I dont talk about him much because I’m afraid my parents will get upset if I do.Eris finally knew the truth. How could Wendy be so lucky?!. she thought with hatred and jealousy. &

She had thought that Jeffrey was just an ordinary actor and a singer. She never expected that he actually came from a wealthy and powerful family! * ‘Damn it!’ she cursed inwardly. “Brian,” Eris said with a frown, “does Wendy know that Jeffrey is your brother? Is it possible that she dated Jeffrey only because of this?” ?

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