My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 143 Love Me

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 143 Love Me

“Wendy. Do you think that after a few more scenes like that you will fall in love with me for real?Jeffrey held his breath, keeping his eyes lowered and tried not to look too eager for an answer. His heart was beating so fast that he feared it would burst if he even glanced at Wendy’s way. So he tried to look as calm as possible. What was taking Wendy so long to answer? Jeffrey waited for a minute in silence, but still nothing. One minute stretched into two and two to five, but still no answer. It was pure agony for him. Finally, he had no choice but to turn around and face Wendy. 2 A wave of anger swept over him. Wendy was still on the chair, but her eyes were closed and her breathing even. She had fallen asleep. Jeffrey was really annoyed. • What the ****?Blue veins popped out on his forehead and he had to suppress his urge to strangle her. Instead, he poked her shoulder hard. Wendy just frowned a bit and turned over in her sleep.

‘**** it!

Did you stay up all night? $ How could you just fall asleep at work?Jeffery cursed her inwardly. But looking closer, he noticed the dark circles under her eyes. He sighed and tiptoed away. On his way out, he asked his assistant to bring a sunshade and place it over Wendy’s head. ‘I am too kind for my own good! $ It must be a karma thing. I probably owe her from a previous life and its time to pay her back. ‘Jeffrey found this excuse was enough to comfort himself. A few hours later, Wendy and Jeffrey just about to film the scene where Faye kissed Weston against his will. “Unfortunately, the National Radio and Television Administration issued a ban of revealing and violent scenes in all TV shows and movies. Therefore, we have cut almost all those scenes. Now, the one we are going to shoot will be the only one that will be aired,” Carter said in a low voice. • Jeffrey’s shoulders sagged in disappointment. The truth was that the only reason he had accepted a part in this show was to be close to Wendy. Especially the intimate scenes. The original script contained several of them between his character and Wendy’s no 

 Love Me and he had been really looking forward to film them. But with the National Radio and Television Administrations new degree that would never happen. The ban of revealing scenes including kissing was for the sake of the physical and mental health of the younger viewers, so all movies and shows had to comply. 6 And thus, most of the kissing scenes between him and Wendy had been cancelled. $ Ryan hadn‘t been there to interfere this time, so he and Wendy could complete the scene without much difficulty. It was already dark outside when they finished and Jeffrey had no other scenes in this show anymore. Carter walk over to him, looking really excited with his performance. Originally, Carter invited Jeffrey only because Jeffrey was very popular now. Jeffreys name was wellknown in the showbiz! But Carter hadn‘t really thought that a man with such a strong personality could also play the part of a gentleman that well. He passed Jeffrey a big red envelope. Thank you for your hard work today.Jeffrey took the envelope, smiling broadly. It really was a pleasure!Pleasure, indeed. Wendy has the softest lips, Jeffrey thought to himself. ~ Although it was just acting, it had still been the first time Wendy and Jeffrey had been so close. And he was really happy about that. He turned around and winked at Wendy

The look of surprise on her face was priceless. Lets all go out and celebrate! Well drink to Jeffrey’s excellent performance,” Carter announced cheerily. The crew agreed happily, excited at the prospect of a night out. Wow! Thats awesome! We’ve been busting our ***** at work lately. I ate and slept in the studio you know. I haven’t gone outside for... I dont know how many days.” I know! But thanks to Jeffrey, we’ll have a fun night out.Finally! I really need some fresh air! Mixed with the sweet exhaust fumes of the city. Haha!Jeffrey was stunned at their enthusiastic reactions. He hadn’t even agreed yet. “Hey, Jeffery. What do you think?” Carter asked again. II dont know. I have work to do tomorrow...He didnt really want to go. And the reason was pretty simple. Carter had extended the offer to all the artists, including Eris. And if Eris went, then Wendy would not. So there was no reason for him to go either. He’d rather go out with Wendy, just the two of them. He had to find a way to show her Ryan’s shortcomings and make her give up on him.  Love Me Come on, Jeffrey. We never took you out when you joined the crew. If youre not up to a party, well just go grab some dinner and relax. Its not easy to arrange an outing all together. We might not have a chance like this one again.Carter turned to look at Wendy then. Wendy, please talk him into it. You two just finished a but load of scenes together, you need to celebrate.Whats that now? You are the director and he didnt even listen to you! Why would he hear me out?Wendy thought, feeling really confused. But at Carters eager expression, she braced herself and turned to Jeffrey. Are you really not coming?Jeffrey was stunned speechless. Does that mean she is going?Youll go too?Jeffrey asked. Wendy nodded. I havent had the chance to hang out with friends and relax in a long time.Jeffrey beamed at her. You know what? Youre right. Im either too busy with the show or  albums these days. I havent had any 

or a long ume. So, let’s go out and have the night of our lives.” 3 ****, yeah!recording  run for a lon The crew cheered and they finally set off. They walked to the restaurant in groups. Eris and her assistant walked behind the crowd. Seeing Wendy and Jeffrey walking side by side, she sneered. She thought Jeffrey was a silly, superficial man who fell for Wendys pretty face and her goodgirl act! She wondered if everyone here was really blind. . Carters words had done nothing to convince Jeffrey to come with them, but as soon as he found out Wendy was coming, he agreed at once. It was clear as day that he had a crush on her. If the press got hold of a photo of Jeffrey and Wendy out together... > No, that wont work.Eris thought for a while but let it go. Jeffrey was not just some other guy. He was quite the star! And therefore, if such a photo was made public, surely his fansespecially the female oneswould hate Wendy But the showbiz was complicated like that. Hate was still publicity. Not to mention that the PR department of the Starlight Media was pretty strong. If they saw this as an opportunity, they would use it in Wendys advantage, making her more famous than ever

Last time Wendy had been involved in a scandal, she had become the hottest topic in the showbiz.

 Love Me And Eris didnt want something like that happening again. But she wasnt going to let Wendy off the hook either. Ana!” 

Yes?Eris waved at her assistant and Ana immediately came to her side. Eris whispered a few words in her ear and the girl nodded. After she had told her everything, Eris asked, Do you know what to do?Ana nodded. Of course. Consider it done!Eris kept walking behind the group and snorted coldly when she caught sight of Wendy. Eris knew that her mother hadnt taken any action yet. She had told her to wait and Eris did so. She had waited patiently for so many days, but she didnt see any action from her mother. No, the time for waiting was up. Although she couldnt kill Wendy, she couldnt let Wendy threat her own career! »

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