My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 142 Would You Fall In Love With Me

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 142 Would You Fall In Love With Me

“Miss, are you referring to the gentleman who was with you when we found you?”

“Yes! It’s him! Where is he? Where is he now?”

Faye grabbed the girl’s wrist and questioned her incessantly.

The girl looked at her with great pity.She wanted to utter something but eventually remained silent.

“Where on earth is he? Please tell me!”

“Please calm down, Miss.You’re badly hurt.Emotional turmoil is not good for your health now.”

“Tell me!”


The girl helped Faye stand still and said with great distress in her voice, “That young man, when he fell off the cliff with you, he landed on a tree.You fell on top of him and had a soft landing, so you were saved by him.Otherwise, I’m afraid you would have died.”

Tears instantly welled up in Faye’s eyes when she heard that.

‘’Weston, even though you were already dead, you still protected me.Even in death your first concern is my life.”

Thinking of this, Faye asked again, “Where is he?”

“Miss, the young man was already dead before he fell off the cliff.Although we reside in the cool mountainside, it’s unusually hot for this time of year, so we couldn’t keep the corpse for too long.My father patiently waited for you to wake up to do the final rites, but you were in a coma for three days.He had no choice but to bury him.”

‘’What?’’ Faye froze.

She closed her eyes, held back her grief, and asked in a hoarse voice, “Where was he buried?”

“In the bamboo grove in the backyard!”

The scene moved to the backyard.

Faye had reached the depths of the bamboo grove where she saw a new tomb.

It was a small simple mass.

In front of the tomb was a wooden tombstone.

There was no epitaph.

Faye’s tears flooded down her cheeks like a torrential downpour.

The girl helped her to the tomb.She knelt on the ground and tenderly stroked the wooden tombstone.

“Miss, my father didn’t know that gentleman’s name.” He planned to inscribe it after talking to you.

“Young lady, can you get me some ink and a writing brush please?”


The girl ran back to the bamboo hut and soon returned with a pile of things, including a writing brush and ink, and a pouch with the two mandarin ducks embroidered on it.

“This is found on the gentleman.My father thought it much mean something to you, so Visit to read the newest content, everyone! pouch, Faye shed tears of remorse again.

She touched it affectionately, and finally tucked it into her clothes, closest to her heart.She picked Visit to read the newest content, everyone! of her hand, she wrote a few words on the wooden board.

“This is the tomb of my beloved husband, Weston”

Thereafter, she stretched out her hands and started digging the mound of soil frantically.

The force of her effort caused her recently wrapped fingertips to bleed.

“Miss! Oh no!”

Faye erected the piece of wood on the ground again.

Without turning around, she said to the girl absentmindedly, “Young lady, could I please have some time to myself?”

The girl looked at her worriedly, “But…”

“Don’t worry,”

Faye reassured her.She Visit to read the newest content, everyone! “My life was saved by my dear husband.I will not contemplate suicide.”

The girl hesitated and finally left.

As soon as the girl walked out of the bamboo grove, She heard a low sob.

Then the sob became more and more sorrowful, and finally it turned into a hoarse and exhausted lament which in turn gave way to a heart wrenching squall.

The girl couldn’t help but burst into tears.


Carter shouted, but the whole crew remained silent.

Everyone was so touched by the performance, that they openly shed tears.

“Boo hoo! Faye and Weston are an ill-fated couple.Their love for each other is so intense so why should they be separated in the end?”


No wonder Faye evolved into such an evil person later.Her parents and brother who loved her unconditionally had died.Even the man she loved died in order to protect her.Naturally she would resent her enemies.No wonder she went to the palace to seek revenge.If I were her, I would do the same thing!

“Oh my God! I used to like the heroine in this play after I read the book.According to the original story, Faye is the main enemy of the heroine so I disliked her.But I didn’t think that I would be so touched by Faye’s story now.I like her immensely now.What should I do? I hate the emperor now.If he hadn’t regained his power with the armed force, he wouldn’t have killed the Miller family!”

“Right! I even hate Lady Ivanka too! Damn it! It was because of her father that Faye lost everything, but she still tried to kill Faye.She is so ruthless!”

Wendy closed her eyes and rested under a tree while people chatted away.


With a bottle of water in his hand, Jeffrey unscrewed the cap and looked at her quite concerned.

“Are you okay?”

Wendy drank some water in a daze.

After a long while, she calmed down and slowly exhaled.

“I’m so deeply affected by the play!”

Jeffrey rolled his eyes.

Good actors and actresses put their heart and soul into the role when they are performing, like Wendy did in today’s scene.

She became one with the character she was playing.

This kind of dedicated performance overtaxed her nerves.

It would also take much time for her to discard the mixed emotions built up during the scene that the story required.

Many excellent artists needed to actually take a vacation after acting in a classic TV play or movie that demanded raw emotion.

The break was intended to disengage from the emotional baggage brought on by the story.

Many artists were even deeply affected by the roles they played and this affected their personal lives.

For example, if they acted as a couple in the play, they became so committed that they started an off-screen romance as well.

Inevitably, they became a real life couple.

Surprisingly, some could not get rid of their emotional connection with the character and invariably ended up with depression.

All in all, becoming an artist came with its fair share of risks.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Much better.”

“Ha-ha, we are going to shoot the kissing scene that got jinxed the last time.I’m looking forward to it!”

Upon hearing that, Wendy’s face darkened.

“We can still be good friends if you stop talking right now…”

“Bah! Who wants to be your good friend?”

In fact, he wanted to be her exclusive boyfriend, but all she wanted was to be friends with him! Ư

‘’Damn it!” Jeffery complained inwardly.

“Go Away!” Wendy said crossly.

The assistant brought a chair for Jeffrey.

He sat down next to Wendy and squirmed, “Humph! Hardly a moment ago, in the play, you showered me with tons of affection, as if you couldn’t live without me.But now, in the blink of an eye, you are spitting venom at me.Women are indeed capricious.”

Wendy was puzzled.

As expected, Jeffery was brewing trouble for her when he was idle.

Wendy ignored him and turned her back to him.

“Hey! Hello!”

“I have a name!”

“Wendy, I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you.Didn’t you hear me?”

He prodded her back with his finger.

Wendy turned around and glared at him, “You know it was just a play! We were just acting.Damn it! If you die now, I will force a few tears for you.Satisfied now?”

Rubbing his nose, Jeffrey said, “Forget it!”

After some serious introspection, he went up to her.

“Wendy, if we act as a couple in a few more plays, would you really fall in love with me?”

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