My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 141 Honesty Is The Best Policy

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 141 Honesty Is The Best Policy

Wendy shrugged her shoulders.

“What difference does it make whether Ryan is a simple man or not? I know deep in the core of your being, you can’t bear the thought of Ryan and me being together.I understand and respect your feelings.It’s not easy to suddenly see your ex-girlfriend becoming your uncle’s wife.But honesty is the best policy.It is selfish to slander others just to destroy their marriage.Don’t you think so?”

Jeffrey was astounded.

‘What? Am I such a horrible beast in your eyes?’


Wendy sighed, “It’s a mission for Ryan to be civil towards you.Although your parents hurt him beyond measure, he still treats you with kindness and tolerance.He repays evil with goodness!”

Jeffery was thunderstruck.

‘So she has twisted my words.Instead of my remarks influencing her against my uncle, she sees him as a hero now” Jeffrey didn’t give up.

He tried again to gain some ground, “Wendy…”

“I know! I know everything!”

Jeffery was speechless.

‘’Heck! What do you know?’’

“Alas! It’s not easy for Ryan.Love me, love my dog.So was the hatred! But Ryan put his best foot forward and dissolved his anger.Not only did he become a supportive neighbor, but he also gave you a coveted contract with Starlight Media.He has been nothing but nice to you.But you…”

Wendy turned to him and lamented, “It is not my intention to lay blame squarely on your shoulders, but at least be dictated to by your conscience.Ryan is surprisingly good to you.If you can’t repay him, at least refrain from cursing him behind his back.”

Jeffery didn’t expect her to draw such an illogical conclusion.

The muscles on his face twitched.

He dwelt on his words painstakingly.

It seemed that Wendy interpreted his concerns incorrectly.

Ryan emerged as a thorough gentleman, and Jeffrey had inadvertently fallen into his own trap.


He wanted to explain but was rudely interrupted by her.

“Don’t worry.I won’t breathe a word of our conversation to Ryan.”

Jeffrey was aghast.

‘Damn it! That’s not what I meant!’ “Wendy! Listen to me!”

At this moment, Carter hollered from afar, “Jeffery, Wendy! The shooting is about to begin!”


Wendy immediately jumped up from the chair, grabbed the script and ran off.

Jeffrey had no choice but to follow her.

The shooting started and continued smoothly.

On the edge of the cliff, Weston lay dead.

He leaned against a towering tree behind him.

His face was ashen and his robe had been soaked with fresh blood.

All over the ground around him, blood stained arrows were strewn.

After wiping off the last trace of blood on her face, Faye murmured with a faint smile Visit to read the newest content, everyone! in hot pursuit of them.

She casually glanced at the two soldiers, pulled out the swords from the sheaths around her waist, and Visit to read the newest content, everyone! forehead against his and whispered in the sweet tone of a faithful lover, “I will avenge your death!”

The two soldiers dismounted, armed with glistening swords.

“Faye, surrender!”

Faye scoffed, brandishing the sword in her hand and moving forward.

“Go to hell!”

The two soldiers advanced with their swords, ready for action.

The shooting progressed very smoothly this time.

Faye had used a dangerous modus operandi to defeat her enemies and so was also severely injured in the process.

She mustered all the strength she could and slaughtered the two Visit to read the newest content, everyone! revenge for Weston! But her physical condition was deteriorating.

After killing the two soldiers, she was drenched in blood.

She had suffered excessive blood loss.

Her face was drained of color and her eyes were unfocused.

This heroine was on the verge of collapsing.

Harnessing strength from her inner being, she turned around and staggered to Weston”s side.

Finally, she couldn’t hold on any longer and she suddenly collapsed.


As the sword fell to the ground she let out a sad, shrill cry.

Faye tried several times to stand up, but failed.


She smiled bitterly and finally gave up.But then she grabbed the grass on the ground and struggled to crawl to Weston.

She stretched out her hand.

She wanted to caress his face, but when she noticed the blood on her hand, she remembered how fussy he was about cleanliness, so she quickly put down her hand.


She feared nothing now, because the people who loved her had sadly left the world.

Tears cascaded down her pale cheeks.

Her face was splashed with blood.

The mixture of tears and blood gave her a ghoulish appearance.

She crawled to him and nestled herself in his limp arms.She thought it was over.She was prepared to die quietly.

Although she couldn’t spend the rest of her life with Weston, she could at least die with him now.

However, the soldiers didn’t let them go.

Just as Faye closed her eyes, her pursuers returned with gusto.

As Faye heard the horse neigh, she opened her eyes, only to find that she and Weston had been surrounded.

A dozen soldiers! With multiple wounds all over her body, she didn’t have the strength to fight against them.

“Faye, go to hell!” the leader said waving his wide hand.

Then he ordered his men, “Take her!”

She opened her bloodshot eyes and held Weston’s hand.

“What should we do, Weston? Even if we die, they won’t allow us to be together.But I don’t want to be separated from you, not even in death.”

The crowd gathered around them.

Faye slowly stood up.

The soldiers were afraid that she would retaliate, so they immediately stopped.

“Faye, if you surrender, we will spare your life!”


Holding the tree for support, Faye stood up.

She looked around the crowd, as if she wanted to engrave their pathetic faces indelibly in her heart.

Her savage eyes terrified the crowd.

“I swear! Even if I die, I will never let you go!”

As she said this, she summoned all her strength and picked up Weston.

She rushed to the edge of the cliff and without a moment’s hesitation, jumped off.


Carter was thrilled by their performance and almost forgot to stop the shooting.

“Mind blowing job! This scene is finally complete!”

Of course, the scene of jumping off the cliff was fake.

In fact, both Wendy’s and Jeffrey’s bodies were securely attached to strong wire.

Moreover, their leap was also filmed in the studio under controlled conditions.

The staff brought them down as soon as Carter called “cut”.

“Jeffery, Wendy, have a rest.We’ll start the next scene shortly.”


Jeffery and Wendy refreshed themselves with cool water then proceeded to shoot the next scene.

This scene was about what happened after they fell off the cliff.

Faye fell off the cliff and passed out.

When she awoke, she realized that she had been rescued by a peasant at the foot of the mountain.

In the bamboo hut, with a deathly pale face, Faye slowly woke up.

She opened her eyes and stared at the roof of the shabby house, completely disorientated.

‘’Am I dead? Maybe I was dead.I feel pain all over my body every time I move.Pain? That means that I’m still alive! Where is Weston?’’ Faye thought.

Disregarding the wounds on her body, she suddenly sat up from the bed.

The excruciating pain caused her to break out in a cold sweat.

Blood seeped through the gauze that was wrapped around her body.

She struggled out of the bed and huddled out of the hut.

At the door, a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old, wearing a coarse cloth dress, came over with a bowl of herbal medicine.

When she saw Faye, she quickly put it down and rushed forward to hold her.

“Hey! Miss, you are seriously injured.The wound has just been bandaged.You are not in a position to move yet!”

Grabbing the girl’s wrist tightly, Faye asked frantically, “Where is Weston?”

Seeing that the girl did not reply, Faye asked anxiously, “Where is Weston? Where is he?”

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