My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 140 Secrets

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 140 Secrets

“****! Does Ryan really have something to do with this?”

Jeffrey had just made a casual guess, but he did not expect that it was true.

Wendy’s expression upon hearing Ryan’s name changed, and it must mean something.

Worried, Jeffrey grabbed her wrist at once..

“What are you doing? Let go of me! If other people see this, they’ll spread a rumor about us.I’m sure your fans will rip me to shreds!”

‘’What? This isn’t the right time to worry about that!’’ Jeffery mused.

With that in mind, he leaned over and asked, “Wendy, do you fall for my Uncle Ryan?”

For some reason, Wendy just averted her gaze in response.

She did not admit nor deny his question.

However, in Jeffrey’s eyes, her response was no different than actually admitting it.

Her response made him feel an inexplicable feeling in his heart.

“What’s wrong with you? Why do you look so pale?” Wendy asked with concern.

Jeffrey’s face darkened.

He suddenly grabbed her hand and earnestly said, “Wendy, you’re not suitable for each other.”

Wendy looked at the script and said, “I know Ryan is a powerful rich man—”

“It’s not that!”

Jeffrey interjected, “Uncle Ryan is excellent, and so are you.You are forthright, positive, and generous.In addition, you abhor evil men as deadly foes and have a clear idea of what you should hate or love.Besides, you have a lovely son.You deserve all the best things in the world!”

Jeffrey said with utter enthusiasm.

‘’Oh my ***! Is he serious?’’

Wendy looked at him with wide eyes.She never expected that he thought so highly of her.As if they were good friends, Wendy winked at him and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Because of what you’ve said, we’re best buddies from now on,” she said with a smile.

Hearing that, Jeffery suddenly stiffened.

“What?!” he exclaimed.

He then shook her hand off and added, “Are you kidding me?! What buddies? You’re a **** woman.”

Wendy was speechless.

The hint of gratitude in her heart vanished in an instant.

After a moment, Jeffrey calmed down and gently asked, “Wendy, answer my question truthfully.”


“What do you think of my uncle?”

“Well, he’s considerate, kind, and Visit to read the newest content, everyone! said, he’s doesn’t talk much and has a strong aura.But other than that, he doesn’t have any other shortcomings,”

Wendy enumerated.

Every merit she Visit to read the newest content, everyone! darkened a little more.

“Ha!” Jeffrey scoffed in disdain.

Seeing him like this, Wendy raised her eyebrows at him and asked, “Why are you being like this? Tell me!”

“He is not as simple as you think.Considerate? Kind? A gentleman? I can’t believe you would describe Uncle Ryan with those words.”

Wendy frown in confusion.She had no idea what he was implying.

“If he’s like that in front of you, then I can say that he has an ulterior motive.I’m warning you, all of those he has Visit to read the newest content, everyone! upon hearing his warning.

“What? Explain it.”

“Why don’t you check it on the Internet and see for yourself what the world thinks of him? They all say that he’s cold and indifferent.For many years, he has never been kind to anyone except Precious.Isn’t that strange that a cold man like him is caring for you?”

Wendy was at a loss for words.

“Everyone knows that my grandfather has two sons: Ryan and Luke.Only a few know the existence of my father, Ryan and Luke’s elder brother.Do you know why?”

Wendy was stunned.

It was not until this moment that she remembered that Ryan and Luke had an elder brother.

After all, Ryan never mentioned that.

Ryan did not often talk about his personal affairs, so it was not surprising for him not to talk about it.

However, Luke never mentioned their other brother either, and that made a huge difference.

Before, Wendy thought that Precious only had one uncle Luke.

It turned out that that was not the truth.

The Oliver family had three sons.

Among them, Ryan ranked second, while Luke third.

They had an elder brother after all this time.

Not once did she ever hear them mention their elder brother.

People who did not know the truth would definitely think that Anson only had two sons.


“The Oliver family kicked out my parents.Not only that, Grandpa announced to the public that he had disowned my father.”

Wendy was shocked.

“At that time, my grandfather was in charge of the family and the company.He announced to the public that nobody was allowed to associate my father’s name with them; otherwise, they would suffer the wrath of the Oliver family.That is why no media dares to report the matter regarding my parents, even until now,” he continued with a cold face.

“But, what does that have to do with Ryan? You said that it was your grandfather who was in power at that time.He was the one who did all these things,”

Wendy clarified.

“That’s right, but I’m not done yet.Although my grandfather said such cruel things, he didn’t make things too difficult for my parents.In fact, after driving them out, he gave them the right to manage the hotel originally owned by the Oliver family.Even so, only some of the elders know about the existence of my parents.”

Jeffrey paused and then added, “The truth is, the reason why my parents were driven away had something to do with Ryan.”

At that moment, bewilderment was written all over Wendy’s face.

“Unfortunately, I can’t tell you why,” he added.

Wendy nodded to express her understanding.

She could not force him to say something he was not allowed to say anyway.

Rich families always had secrets.

The affairs of the Oliver family were not really complicated.

It was just that some clans of the rich had complicated relationships.

There were a lot of illegitimate children, mistresses, and many more, which would bear a lot of conflicts over time.

Some rich family’s story was full of drama that it could be written into a 70 episode TV series.

“If that’s the case, shouldn’t your whole family cut ties with Ryan? How come you’re still close to your uncle Jeffrey rubbed her nose awkwardly.”

In all honesty, he tried to manipulate his words and understate the history, yet Wendy still found a loophole.

‘’**** it!’’ he exclaimed inwardly.

“Hmm.Let me guess.”

Wendy recalled what he had said and analyzed it thoroughly.

“I heard from Precious that your grandfather Anson was a soldier when he was young, and he was the most upright member of the family.Even though he drove away your parents, he still entrusted them the hotel’s management.That means he didn’t abandon your parents.He still cared.Even though Anson loves his two youngest sons, Ryan and Luke, he wouldn’t kick his eldest son out just because of the two.”

Upon hearing that, Jeffery coughed to ease the embarrassment.

“The way I see it, your parents must’ve done something that angered your grandfather so much that he decided to kick your parents out of the house and disown them.You just said that this matter had something to do with Ryan.I guess your parents were afraid that your grandfather would hand over the power and wealth to Ryan alone, so your parents caused harm to him out of envy.You knew what your parents did was wrong, so you still chose to get close to Ryan.”

When Wendy was done with her conclusion, she looked at him and asked with a smirk, “Am I right?”

It was now Jeffrey’s turn to be stunned.

‘’Heck! She really is something!”

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