My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 14 Tantrum

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 14 Tantrum

Wendy stayed in the hospital for three days after making a call to Carter Williams to ask for a leave.

The director was a little unhappy about it, but after learning that it had been her who had saved the little girl during the incident onsite, he had immediately changed his tune and told her to get a proper rest.

As it turned out, the horse that had gone out of control that day belonged to the crew of The Story of Concubine lvanka.

The animal had almost trampled the child to death, and the whole situation had caused extreme distress to everyone involved in the project.

Such news would be disadvantageous to the show’s publicity.

Worst of all was that the child happened to be the CEO of Oliver International Group’s daughter.

To say that Carter had been terrified of the implications would be an understatement.

It was the little princess of the Oliver family! Everyone in the industry was aware that the girl was the apple of the eye of the conglomerate, especially among the elders of the family.

If even a single hair on her head had been damaged, Ryan’s parents would definitely raze the whole site until it turned to dust.

How much more if she had actually died that day? : Wendy Finch had practically saved the crew and the show itself.

With that in mind, Carter had decided to give her the whole week off, as well as a big, fat red envelope, telling her to buy some tonics to strengthen her body.

And so it was that three days passed.

Ryan and Precious had never shown up to the hospital again.

Wendy was relieved by that, but she noticed that Ray was a little disappointed.

Whenever the door to the ward opened, her son would immediately look up to see who had come.

And every time he found that it was just the doctor or the nurses, his face would immediately fall.

She could tell that the little boy was waiting for Precious, even though Ray did not express himself with words.

He had always been a quiet child.

He was used to being by himself and was never comfortable with making friends.

Which was why Wendy had never expected him to take a liking to the little girl.

Meanwhile, in the Ensfield…

The place had been built by Oliver Group, and it was considered as the most luxurious villa district in Ywood.

There were only eighteen villas in total within the area, and each one cost an astronomical amount of money.

Of course, Ryan’s residence was the most expensive of all.

At this moment, his villa was in a turmoil.

Precious was at the landing of the second floor, smashing everything she could get her hands on, including a few antiques porcelain.

Pieces of broken china were littered all over the floor, and the servants were running back and forth in alarm.

“Young Lady, be careful not to hurt yourself!”

“Don’t come closer, all of you!”

The staff had no choice but to remain downstairs, helpless with their anxiety.

“Precious, won’t you come down first?”


“How about grabbing a bite to eat? I asked the kitchen staff to prepare your favorite braised pork, some braised spareribs, and your favorite scallop.They even made your favorite porridge.”

Precious stomach growled at his words, but she stubbornly held her ground.

“I don’t want to eat!”

“Don’t be like this.You haven’t eaten for the entire day!”

“I won’t eat!”

Luke had no choice but to call his brother.

“Ryan, come back quickly.There’s really nothing I can do! Precious has been throwing a tantrum ever since you left, and it’s different from all those times in the past.She’s not joking this time around.She’s practically destroying the house! You need to get here right now!”

Ryan did just that, and he returned to a house that was indeed in shambles.

“Precious Oliver!”

He yelled with a formidable frown.

The girl was not fazed at all.

The moment she saw her father, she clung to the second floor bannister and cried even louder, pointing at him and stamping her feet.

“You are a tyrant! Daddy, you are a tyrant! I promised Beautiful Auntie that I will go to the hospital to see her, and I also promised Raymond Finch that I will play with him! How can you not let me go out?”

She bawled as the words slipped out of her mouth.

“Why are you such a bully?! I even praised you in front of Beautiful Auntie! And I have human rights! You may be my guardian, but you can’t restrict my freedom like this!”

Ryan’s expression turned icy.

“Get down here!”


“Precious Oliver!” Precious trembled at his command, but she still refused to give in.

She took off her shoes and climbed over the bannister.

“Precious! That’s dangerous! Just use the stairs, the stairs!” Luke’s head was swirling in panic.

“No” The girl closed her eyes dramatically.

“If you don’t allow me to see Beautiful Auntie, I will jump down from here!”

Her declaration was met with silence.Luke had gone pale.The second floor was so high up, and there were shards of glass and porcelain everywhere.

He knew that his niece was terrified of pain, and a part of him was anticipating the possibility that she might relinquish her hold on the bannister out of fear.

His heart was caught in his throat and he turned to look at Ryan desperately.

“Brother! Brother, please do something!”

Ryan’s expression remained cold and unrelenting.

“For the last time, Precious Oliver, come down from there!”


Ryan sneered at his daughter.

“Then keep crying and threatening us.It’s not like you can do much else.”

“I can jump off from here!”

Her father said nothing.

The father and the daughter were now in a stalemate.

A minute passed in quiet tension, before Ryan sighed.

He loosened his tie with irritation and looked up at the trembling girl.

He then looked at his brother and ordered, “Give Leo a call and asked if Wendy has been discharged from the hospital.”


Precious’s threats worked!  Wendy had, in fact, already been discharged.

Roger had come to pick her and Raymond up, but they did not drive back to the apartment building.

Instead, the car took a turn and stopped at a small park near the area.

“Eh? Roger, where are we?”

“Just some park.” He killed the engine and produced two grocery bags from the trunk.

“What’s this?” Roger just smiled.

“You’ve been in the hospital for three days, and I’m sure it hasn’t been easy.Now that you’re out, of course we have to celebrate.Don’t you like barbecue the most? Let’s have an open-air barbeque right here.”

“Ah, is that okay though? This is a public park after all.”

Roger took out a grill and settled it on the lawn.

“The park is on the early stages of renovation, so this should be fine.Besides, I’ve seen many people coming here and doing the exact same thing recently.”

“Oh, that’s great then.I’m quite fed up with all the hospital food I’ve had to consume lately.I can finally eat something scrumptious!”

They happily unpacked all the ingredients.

Roger had it all taken care of.

Not only had he brought food for cooking, but he had also made sure to bring all the supplies they might need, including two barrels of fresh water.

They were just starting to light up the grill when two figures approached from a distance.

Ryan was still in his black business suit, but the little girl in his arms was holding a bunch of colorful flowers.

They painted such a contrasting sight that Wendy found herself staring at them.

What was going on? She was confused.

Roger rushed to explain.

“Ryan sent me a message a few minutes ago, saying that Precious wanted to see you, but he didn’t find you in the hospital or back in your home.He asked where you were and I just told him without thinking…Wendy, do you mind?”

She was at a loss for words.

Regardless of whether she minded or not, it was pretty useless at this point.

She didn’t know if she should cry in frustration or laugh at the absurdity of it all.

She had thought she would never see Ryan or his daughter again.

“I heard Precious has been bawling and was adamant to see you.”

“Well, I guess it’s fine then.”

“Beautiful Auntie!”

Precious wriggled her way out of her father’s arms and trotted over to Wendy, offering her the flowers.

“Beautiful Auntie, congratulations on getting discharged from the hospital! I miss you so much.Didn’t you miss me?”

Wendy took the flowers and ruffled the little girl’s hair.

“Yes, I did.”

Precious grinned brightly.

The truth was that Wendy had truly grown fond of the girl.

But that greeting was the extent of their conversation, and it was followed by an awkward silence as they looked at each other.

Fortunately, it was time to prepare dinner.

Wendy proceeded to skewer the vegetables.

“Mr.Oliver, “she said in a polite tone.

“Have you and your daughter had dinner yet? We’re about to make some barbecue.How about having some together with us?”

“Okay,” Ryan replied.

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