My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 139 Has Ryan Done Something To Upset You

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 139 Has Ryan Done Something To Upset You

“I’m really serious about you.I pray that you reconsider our relationship!”


With Ryan’s words echoing loudly in her mind, Wendy couldn’t help but sigh.

‘’What should I do?’’

She felt that she might surrender at any time if she let her guard down.

“Woe is me!”

“Wendy, you have sighed thirty-nine times today.”

With a scowl, Jeffrey leaned over and asked, “Is there something bothering you? Why are you so unhappy? A problem shared is a problem halved.”

Wendy was speechless.

‘Damn! Are you kidding me?’ Wendy glared at the crew, restrained her anger and said, “Go away!”

“Wendy, can’t you tell that I care about you?”

Wendy rolled her eyes at him in annoyance.

“No, I can’t.”

Jeffrey was aghast.

“If you are in any kind of trouble, you know you can share it with me.After all we are exes.I will help you in any way I can.”

“If you can just shut up, that will be the biggest help!”

“Wendy, what do you mean?”

“Go away.Don’t disturb me.I’m trying to read the script.”

“Nonsense! I’ve been standing in front of you for more than ten minutes, but I haven’t seen you turn a single page.”

She was embarrassed and angry that she had been exposed for lying and grimaced.

Then she slammed the script onto the desk.

She was in a fiery mood.

In the past, no matter what was going on with her mentally and emotionally, she always managed to instantly erase those negative thoughts and concentrate on the shooting.

It was something that she mustered with ease.

But now, she couldn’t zero in on her scene.

Ryan’s impact on her was greater than she could have ever imagined.

“Pity me!”

She sighed for the fortieth time.She recalled the scene when Ryan confessed his love for her three days ago.

“I’m really serious about you, Wendy.I pray that you can reconsider our relationship!”

“I…I have to think about it.”

“How much of time do you need?”

Wendy raised her hand and whispered, “Can it be forever?”

“No way!”

“Then, six months?”

“No way!”

Ryan’s face darkened.He gave her Visit to read the newest content, everyone! hand, “I have a request!”

“Tell me!”

“We won’t meet each other in the next seven days!”

“This is an unreasonable request.”

“No, it’s not.If we Visit to read the newest content, everyone! just tell me whether you agree or not!


“Oh dear!”

Wendy sighed for the umpteenth time.

Three days had passed.

There were just four days to go and she didn’t have a clue how to respond to Ryan.

Her mind was garbled.


“Shut up!”

The corners of Jeffrey’s mouth twitched, and he said unreservedly, “The director is here.”

When Wendy turned her head, she saw Carter coming towards her and Jeffrey.

A brilliant smile immediately painted her face.

The speed at which she uplifted her spirits shocked Jeffrey.

“Hello, Wendy!”

“Hello, Director Carter!”

Wendy stood up immediately.

Today was the first day that she had returned to the set for shooting since her injury.

Once she had put on her makeup, Jeffrey had sought her to rehearse their scene that they were supposed to shoot later in the day.

This was the first time she had seen Carter since her injury.

“Have you recovered?”

“I’m almost as good as new.”

Carter patted her on the shoulder.

“I’m sorry for what happened that day.”

Wendy sustained an injury when shooting props were replaced but to keep the crew’s reputation intact, Carter chose not to get the police involved.

Firstly, calling the police in to investigate would impact negatively on the crew.Secondly, Bertha was still young and inexperienced.

All she wanted to do was to teach Wendy a lesson, not kill her.

After much introspection, he decided not to involve the police.

After all, Bertha was hardworking and although she didn’t talk much, she was not a malicious person.

He didn’t want to ruin her future so he simply dismissed her without taking any further action against her.

Wendy smiled and remained silent.

She couldn’t forgive Bertha, though.

No matter what Bertha’s intention was, there was no denying that she almost killed her by tampering with the props.

She was not so broad-minded as to pretend that nothing had happened.

“Wendy, I know you may feel that you were treated a little unfairly, but it’s our fault this time.”

“I’m flattered.I respect the decision of the crew.”

She only said that she respected this decision, but she didn’t condone it.

Jeffrey wanted to interject many times, but when he saw Wendy’s ferocious eyes, he sulked quietly instead.

Embarrassed, Carter touched his nose and changed the topic, “How’s your preparation for today’s scene?”

“We are on track.”

Wendy lied calmly, “Jeffery is a good actor.Everything is running smoothly.”

Jeffrey was stunned.

‘’Humph! You two-faced little vixen.When we were together just now, you tried to chase me way.But now you lied and praised me in front of Carter, as if you respect me so much.Moreover, we haven’t rehearsed our scene, yet you lied that all is well.And you even praised my acting abilities! Humph.Flattery won’t work on me”

Thinking of this, Jeffrey cocked his head arrogantly.

“That’s good.I’ve viewed all the scenes we filmed last time.They are very good and we won’t have to shoot those scenes again,” said Carter to the two of them.

“Let’s just start filming from the part we cut off the last time.Thereafter, we will reshoot the kissing scene that we were unable to complete last time because of prop-malfunction.After these two scenes are completed, Jeffrey’s scenes in the play will also be over.”


Wendy breathed a sigh of relief.

She would finally be rid of Jeffrey.

Jeffery was labeled as “the most desirable man’.

Most of the women in the crew were his fans and their eyes followed him and Wendy around like a hawk.

Every time she got close to Jeffrey, she could read jealousy in their eyes.

She had to pretend to respect Jeffery in front of others.

She was deeply stressed, afraid that Jeffrey’s fans would attack her if they knew about the true nature of their relationship.

As soon as Carter left to set up for the scene, Jeffrey grabbed the script and confronted Wendy, greatly disappointed.

“What are you doing?”

Wendy squinted at him.

Jeffery was annoyed.

“I wish Carter could see you now!”

“Do you really want me to treat you as a respectable senior actor?”

“No, you’d better treat me like trash as always,” scolded Jeffrey.

‘You must be joking.If she treats me with respect one of the days, I’ll probably faint”


“What’s wrong?”

“Why are you so angry today? I didn’t offend you.Come on, let me guess.Has Ryan done something to upset you?”

Wendy froze.

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