My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 138 Falling Hard

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 138 Falling Hard

Ryan seemed to consider this the most natural thing in the world.

“I thought you liked sports cars.”

Wendy couldn’t believe that this was really happening.

Just because she liked racing, he had gone and bought her this ridiculously expensive car.

She took her hand off the vehicle, not wanting to make matters worse.

“You can’t be serious.What if I said I like mansions…” she started incredulously.

Before she could even finish her sentence, Ryan interrupted her.

“Which one?”

Wendy just stood there staring at him wide-eyed.

Did he really mean that he would buy her whatever she liked, no matter how expensive it was? She felt overwhelmed, unable to process this.

Everything was just crazy! She really wanted to tell him that she thought his willingness to spend a crazy amount of money on her was really sweet! But then she came to her senses.

She swallowed hard and pried her eyes away from the sports car.

She turned to look into Ryan’s eyes.

“Stop it! I’m not that kind of person.You can’t buy me off with…”

“I am not trying to.I just wanted to give you a gift, one that you liked.”

‘What? That’s so **** sweet! But this needs to end now” Wendy took a deep breath.

She turn her head away from him and said stiffly, “I don’t like this car.”

Ryan seemed to ponder this for a while.

Then, nodding to himself, he pressed a button and the garage doors closed.

Wendy inwardly said goodbye to the magnificent car, trying to suppress her regret.

“Follow me,”

Ryan told her as he started walking away.

“I can’t.I have other plans.”

Ryan turned back and took her hand.

“I want to show you something.It won’t take long.”

Wendy looked at him cautiously.

How could she ever refuse him? But she was extremely nervous of what he’d show her next.

If the car was just the beginning, what else could he have done? Ryan led her back to the villa.

As soon as they crossed the threshold, Luke immediately walked over to her.

“Wendy! You know, I was the one that went out to buy that car.And let me tell you, not everyone can go around saying they own one of those beauties.Do you know how many times I begged Ryan to get me one of those? But as soon as he heard that you like fast cars, he ordered me to find one for you!”

Wendy just glared at him.

‘’Just stop talking, Luke! I won’t be able to keep up my defenses if you keep talking like that! “

“Please, please, please, Wendy.Will you let me borrow it for a couple of days sometime? I won’t ever ask anything from you again.Just two days.”

Seeing the expression on Wendy’s face, he lowered his eyes, looking like Visit to read the newest content, everyone! car.You should ask him.”

Luke look incredulous.

“What’s this now?”

‘’Did she really reject Ryan’s gift?” Luke wouldn’t have thought that was even humanly possible.

Then, Visit to read the newest content, everyone! on, Wendy! You don’t want it? Just say thank you, accept the gift and then sell it to me for a good price, since we are friends!”

“Shut up!”

Ryan’s booming voice made Luke start and hold his tongue.

He left in a hurry, looking sideways at his brother, wearing a defeated expression on his face.

Ryan squeezed Wendy’s hand once, before leading her upstairs.

They entered a room Wendy had never been inside before.

She looked down at the desk, examining the papers Ryan pushed in front Visit to read the newest content, everyone! lost.

“It’s a property deed.Of the Midnight Bar.From now on, you are the owner.”

“My ***! This can’t be happening” Wendy was trembling.

She pushed the papers back to him and said, “No, I…I can’t accept this.”

“But you like bars.”

“So, you just buy me one? This is completely nuts.”

“I just thought that since you like going out for drinks, it will be safer for you if you are in your own bar.”

Wendy started wondering if he really was crazy.

“And this…” Wendy said, looking at a Visit to read the newest content, everyone! you open it?”

Wendy looked at him suspiciously, but she pulled the box closer and opened it.

Inside, there was a small, black gun.

Wendy’s head shot up.

“Is this a gun? A real one?”

“Yes, just an ordinary gun.The one you used before was too conspicuous.This one is a lot harder to be traced back to you.”

Looking at the gun again, Wendy had mixed feelings.

“And you are just giving it to me.Aren’t you worried I might do something really, really bad with it?”

Ryan was looking at her with his usual expressionless manner, but his voice was gentle.

“I know you.I believe that you won’t use it unless it’s absolutely necessary. His words and the sentiment behind them really moved Wendy.”

Ryan trusted her blindly and this made her heart skip with joy.

Wendy couldn’t say no to this gift.

“If your life is ever threatened, don’t be afraid to use it.Don’t worry about the consequences.I’m here for you,” Ryan said flatly.

Her eyes were stinging from the tears threatening to emerge.

‘’So, he wasn’t trying to buy me off with his money.He was just worried about my safety.Same with the car.He got it for me because it is the safest way for me to race”

She was really moved by his thoughtfulness.

And more importantly, she understood what was behind all that.

This was Ryan’s way of telling her that he didn’t mind her going out for drinks, swearing, fighting, and racing cars.

She would never had guessed that Ryan was such a considerate man.

She was at a loss of what to do.

She made up her mind and steeled herself however.

She pushed the box towards him, shaking her head.

“I can’t take this.Any of it.”


“Please don’t insist.I don’t want any of it.”

Realizing that she wouldn’t back down, Ryan frowned and took back the deed and gun.

“As you wish.”

He immediately decided he would be the new owner of the Midnight Bar from now on, so he could still make sure Wendy would be safe when she went out for drinks.

As for the gun, she probably wouldn’t need it because he would be there to protect her.


“One more thing,” he cut in.

Ryan pushed a folder in front of her, but she didn’t reach for it.

She just stood there looking at it, afraid of what it might contain.

Seeing her so nervous, Ryan chuckled.

“It’s not another gift, I promise.Just take a look.”

Looking doubtful, Wendy reached for the folder and opened it.

When she saw what was in it, her eyes lit up.

It was filled with information about private kindergartens in the city.

It was all very detailed.

Each file held the kindergarten’s address, photos of the premises, the teachers’ bio and a_ small section listing the advantages and disadvantages of this particular school.

There were five of them in total and they were all bilingual.

Wendy was really excited with this.

These past days that she had stayed home, she would lock up info about kindergartens to pass her time.

Ray was three and she wanted him to go to the kindergarten to make friends his age.

He a sweet, but shy child, so socializing was not easy for him.

When they lived abroad, he didn’t have any friends.

After coming home, though, he had finally found a one in Precious.

Ray had come out of his shell because of this new friendship, but he still had a long way to go.

Wendy hoped that the kindergarten would help him become even more cheerful and outgoing.

But she had been looking at kindergartens for a while, and still hadn’t found one she liked.

Summer vacation was already over and the new semester had just started, so all the good ones had no open spots left.

Wendy studied the files stroking her chin.

“Do you think Ray would be enrolled into one of these now? The semester has already begun, I mean.”

“Of course!”

Wendy couldn’t help beaming like a fool.She was so excited.

Ryan wouldn’t put together this file if he wasn’t certain that each school in it would be willing to take Ray in.He must have made a lot of research to narrow it down to just the top five private kindergartens in the city.

Wendy sighed again.

‘’If you have money, there’s nothing you can’t do, it seems”

“Thank you so much, Ryan!”

He waved his hand dismissively and said lightly, “It really wasn’t a big deal.Precious will be going to school too, but she is not so happy about it.If I tell her Ray is going, she’ll definitely change her mind.”

Wendy found his attempt at humility very sweet.

‘’He has taken good care of me and Ray.He stood up for us, protected us and gave us everything we need.What does he have to be so perfect? I am falling for him hard! And I am afraid my heart won’t survive that fall”

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