My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 136 Hickeys

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 136 Hickeys

“Well, today is my luck day, isn’t it?”

At the thought of this, Wendy quickened her pace to greet Ryan.

But to her surprise, he just walk past her without even looking at her.

Wendy was stunned.

‘’What the hell?! Could it be that he didn’t recognize me because of my heavy makeup?’’

Just as she thought of this, Ryan stopped in his tracks.

After a short pause, he walked back.

Fearing that he did not see her, Wendy greeted him to catch his attention.

“Good morning, Ryan,” she said with a smile.

Ryan looked at her, and a frown appeared at the corners of his mouth.

‘’Hmm.He seemed to be mad at her.Yes, my plan worked!’’ Wendy felt satisfied with herself.

When she was about to open her mouth to say something, Ryan said, “Come in.”


Upon saying that, she followed him into the villa.

At that moment, the sky was still gray, and the sun was yet to rise.

Bright lights lit up the whole villa.

As soon as Wendy came in with Ryan, she finally felt warm.

She was wearing nothing but a revealing dress all night long, so it was a relief.

Suddenly, he took off his suit jacket and draped it over her shoulders.

The coat was still warm because of his body heat, warming her more than anything.

Wendy touched her nose shyly and said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

She did not realize that Ryan was wearing a suit today for a morning run, when he had always worn a tracksuit.


“Let’s talk, but take a seat first.”


Wendy sat down on the sofa just as Ryan had said.

As soon as she did so, a servant brought over a cup of warm milk for her to drink.

“Thank you,” she said to the servant with a smile.

After taking two sips, she felt warm all over.

She also could not help but narrow her eyes in happiness and satisfaction.

Once she had drunk up all the milk, she put down the glass and moved closer to Ryan.

However, the latter was busy reading the morning newspaper and did not pay her any attention.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Five minutes…

Still, he had not say anything.

Wendy was confused.

‘’Shit! I put on heavy makeup and wore revealing clothes.What’s more, I came back at dawn.Why isn’t he asking me anything?”

After a moment, she could no longer hold her anger.She moved closer to Ryan, so he would not have the chance to ignore her anymore.

It worked.

He finally put down the newspaper and looked at her.

“I went to a bar last night,” Wendy said proudly.


Wendy’s mouth fell open.

‘’Is that all?’’ she asked herself.

She could not believe it! It was different from what she had imagined.

All of a sudden, an idea occurred to her.

She composed herself and asked, “Ryan, where’s your phone?”

Without saying a word, Ryan took out his phone from his pocket and handed it to Wendy.

The instant she touched the screen, it unlocked automatically.

‘’What the heck? How did that happen?’’ Visit to read the newest content, everyone! newspaper and explained, “I set your fingerprints when you were asleep.”


Wendy did not expect that he trusted her enough to set her Visit to read the newest content, everyone! CEO of the Oliver Group, his phone must be full of secrets, especially in business.

Wendy then opened his Wechat app.

His friends were not that many, and they were all his close friends and relatives.

She scrolled in his feed and quickly found her latest post.

Then…she put the phone in his hand and waited.  Ryan casually glanced at it, and his eyes narrowed upon seeing it.

Meanwhile, Wendy’s heart pounded in her chest in anticipation.

‘’It’s time.He should be annoyed now” She held her breath and Visit to read the newest content, everyone! merely looked at it.

But when he saw the caption which read, “Making new friends,” he withdrew his gaze and looked at her again.

“The photos are good,” he remarked with a nod.of panic, I started rambling.

I could never forgive myself.I already knew that they couldn’t be reached yesterday, and despite all the bad omens, I didn’t take any action.

Jennifer was my best friend! I couldn’t lose her! Just as I was about to break down, we heard a rap on the window.

I looked Visit to read the newest content, everyone! on the window will.

Upon a closer look, there was a small note tied to its leg.

Jerome hurried to the window and opened it.

“Skylar, it’s a carrier pigeon!” Jerome carefully untied the note from its leg and handed it to me.

“Here, read it.Maybe it’s from Jennifer!”

My hands trembled as I unfolded the piece of paper.

“Dear Skylar, it’s me, Jennifer.We’re fine.Please don’t worry about us.We made it to the snow mountain and are going to look for the Tear of Edith.There’s no signal up Visit to read the newest content, everyone! know that we’re safe is through this carrier pigeon.”

As I read the letter, I covered my mouth with excitement.

“Jerome, it is from Jennifer!” I exclaimed.

“She’s fine! She and Mr.Jones are fine.They’re going to look for the divine flower.”

Now that I knew they were safe and sound, I buried my head into Jerome’s arms and broke into sobs.I was so relieved!

“Don’t cry, honey.Jennifer is fine, isn’t she? Stop stressing over it.It’s not good for the baby.”

Jerome gently stroked the back of my head.

“It Visit to read the newest content, everyone! they’ll succeed!”

“Jerome, I’m still a little worried.How about we go talk to Tony?” I wiped my tears.

“Okay.I was just about to send someone to summon him, anyway.” Jerome helped me up.

“It’s a cold day today.Make sure you put on more layers.”

After freshening up, Jerome and I set out to look for Tony.

“Oh, Alpha Jerome, Luna Skylar! You must be here for the news about your sister and her mate.”

As soon as Tony opened the door for us, he greeted us warmly.

“Yes.What have Visit to read the newest content, everyone! asked.

“I tried to find out about them as soon as I woke up this morning.The resulting divination gave me good signs.In fact, I was just about to go out to tell you.”

Tony clapped his hands happily.

“I saw that they were helped by someone else, and they’re out of harm’s way now.”

Hearing this from Tony, I finally let out a huge sigh of relief.

After expressing our thanks, Jerome and I turned to leave.

We chatted and chuckled on our way back.

As we were talking, I suddenly noticed a billboard in front of us was about to fall on a little boy, who was playing under it.


I screamed and rushed to save the little boy regardless of anything else.But I was too late; the shaky billboard snapped and plummeted to the ground.I couldn’t stand the thought of the little boy getting crushed by the billboard.

Suddenly, my blood began to boil and I instinctively raised my hand.

A force exploded from my fingertips.

Driven by that force, a strong gust of wind suddenly rippled through the air.

Before I realized what was going on, the wind had managed to blow the billboard far away.

The little boy was spared, and no one was hurt.

When I saw this, I stopped in my tracks.

Panting, I stared at my palm in a daze.

“Skylar, we need to go.The boy is fine.His mother will take care of him.”

Snapping me out of my trance, Jerome suddenly came over and grabbed my arm.

He started dragging me away and I was too stunned to resist.

After putting some distance between us and the scene, Jerome finally let go of me.

He looked at me with mixed emotions.He seemed troubled.

“Skylar, I saw what just happened.You used your special power again just now.I’m just glad we left quickly enough and that no one noticed anything unusual.” Jerome sighed heavily.

“Jerome, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t just stand by and watch a child get hurt without doing anything.” I slumped into his arms like a deflated balloon.

“Skylar, look!”

Jerome grabbed my wrist.

When I looked down to check, I found that the hexagram mark on my wrist was shining.

“The mark’s getting more and more noticeable.Maybe this has something to do with your identity…”

“Honestly, Jerome, I don’t think I can control my special powers much longer,” I murmured sadly.

“Daniel’s getting married in a few days.You can’t expose your special powers at the wedding.Promise me you won’t do anything rash, Skylar.”

Jerome’s tone was grave, but he held me tightly in his arms.

“Okay.I promise.”

In that moment, I made up my mind not to make things difficult for Jerome.

‘’What are you talking about? Shit!’’

Wendy could not help but curse inwardly.She did not pull this off, only for him to praise her that the photos were good! Last night, she took a photo with a random man and captioned it with deceiving words.

Not only that, she did not return last night.

It should be perplexing, right? As a man, Ryan should have naturally concluded that they slept together.

However, Ryan did not seem bothered.

He did not ask her anything nor became angry at her at all.

His indifference made Wendy feel at a loss.

She did not want her whole night’s hard work to go in vain!

‘’I see.It seems that I have to use my secret weapon” she thought to herself while rolling her eyes.

Wendy took off Ryan’s coat, exposing her shoulder and collarbone.

She was wearing a slip dress, and she was undeniably alluring.

On her collarbone and chest were red marks, which resembled hickeys.

Wendy yawned widely and deliberately leaned closer to Ryan.

They were so close that it was impossible for him to miss the marks.

She could not wait for him to notice them.

“Oh my, have you been bitten by a swarm of mosquitoes?”

Ryan asked with a frown “What?”

Wendy froze.

Out of all things Ryan would say, she did not expect that one.

Wendy went to a bar, took intimate photos with a man, and did not return home all night.

To make things worse, she had red marks on her body, which looked just like hickeys.

Any sane man would think that she had had sex last night.

Now, Wendy felt helpless that she was on the verge of breaking down.

“Ryan Oliver!”

Hearing his name, Ryan finally took a good look at her collarbone and limbs.

With his eyebrows furrowed, he suddenly stood up and said, “Wait here.”

“Okay,” Wendy answered.

It seemed that not everything she had done was futile, after all.

Ryan went upstairs and returned in less than a minute.

It turned out that he went to get an ointment.

He then sat on the sofa next to her, opened the ointment, and squeezed an ample amount on his fingertips.

He patted on his thighs and ordered, “Put your legs here.”


Wendy did as told.

At that moment, Ryan gently took off her high heels and applied the ointment on her shins evenly.

“What’s this?”

“This is an ointment developed by Leo’s family.It works extremely well for mosquito bites.”

Wendy was speechless.

The ointment was cool, but Ryan’s fingertips were warm.

The sensation was strange, yet it felt good.

At the thought of this, Wendy stiffened and subconsciously withdrew her legs in embarrassment.

“Don’t move!” Ryan ordered firmly.

Wendy froze and just let him do as he wished.

Albeit hard, she tried her best to ignore the sensation whenever his fingers touched her skin.

‘Well, I can say that the ointment does its job surprisingly well.

The red marks on my legs isn’t itchy anymore.

It’s awesome!’ Wendy thought to herself, amazed at the ointment for its instant effects.

Ryan applied the ointment on her arms, the back of her neck, and collarbone as well.

The itchiness all disappeared in an instant.

Wendy’s eyes lit up.

“This ointment is really effective,” she remarked.

Ryan looked at her with a faint smile.

‘’Oh no! I fell into his trap unknowingly! Wendy was annoyed at herself for not being able to uphold her motives.She blatantly admitted that the ointment worked.That only meant one thing.She admitted that the red marks on her body were indeed mosquito bites.She was so disappointed in herself.

In all honesty, she wanted to slap herself for being stupid.

‘’No.It’s not my fault.I wasn’t careless.It was just my enemy was too cunning’’ she reasoned out to herself.

At that moment, she cleared her throat and looked at Ryan.

“Don’t you have questions in mind that you want to ask?” she asked with an expectant look on her face.

Ryan pondered for a few seconds and replied, “No.Why?”

Wendy’s patient was wearing thin, yet she did not want to give up.

“Aren’t you curious who the man in my photo was? Besides, I didn’t come home last night.Don’t you want to know if I slept with him?”

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