My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 134 Come And Bite Me

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 134 Come And Bite Me

“Ryan! Do something!”

Seeing Wendy enter the dark alley with that man, Luke started scratching his head on both sides.It was something he did only when he was extremely nervous.

“Come on, Ryan! If you don’t do something, he will take advantage of her.”

Ryan stood completely still.


Luke started again, but his brother cut him off.

“Just wait.”

‘Wait?! There is no time, you fool! It will be too late soon, ‘’ Luke thought.

“Brother, listen to me.Wendy had a lot to drink.Last time she was drunk, she even hit on me.She didn’t know what she was doing.You must go to her now’s Ryan still didn’t move, as if he never heard Luke speak.He just sat there on the passenger’s seat staring at the dark alley.It was too see anything.He clenched his fists, a cold expression on his face.


Just as Luke was about to press on, a blood-curdling scream came from the small alley.

“What is it?”

Luke was on high alert, his heart pounding with adrenaline.

Something was really wrong.

He turned to look at the entrance of the alley, just in time to see the man with the glasses rushing out.

As soon as he was in their sight, Wendy followed him closely.

She kicked him hard and the man crumbled on the ground.She put her knee on his back and got hold of both his arms, immobilizing him.

All Luke could do was stare at them in shock.

‘’What the **** is going on?’’ He turned around to look at Ryan and was surprised by his brother’s smug expression.

‘What the ****? Did he know she wasn’t really flirting with that man”  Luke had never felt more confused in his life.

“Ow! Get off me, you crazy *****! Let me go!”

Wendy just pressed her knee harder into his back, making him cry out in pain, “I am sorry, okay? What do you want? Is it money? I have plenty of that, just check my pockets…”

Wendy cuffed him on the ear.

“Shut it!”

The man looked too afraid of her to disobey her order.

Knee still on his back, Wendy bent down and reached into the man’s pocket, taking out his wallet.

When she opened it, she found a platinum wedding ring tucked inside.

She snorted, giving him a disgusted look.

“Married, just as I thought.Have you no shame, cheating on your wife with random girls? Girls that you have lied to repeatedly to get them Visit to read the newest content, everyone! photo crammed in a small slot of the wallet.It was a tiny baby.

Wendy held the photo in front of the man’s face.

“Who Visit to read the newest content, everyone! something change in her expression so he started begging, “Look, I said I am sorry.Please let me go to my son.He is not even two months old yet.Ow!”

The man’s scream betrayed how much he hurt.

Wendy had snapped and wrenched so hard that she broke his arm.

“You son of a *****! So now you think of your son.Your wife has just given birth to him and what do you do? Pick up women in bars! You are pathetic! Let’s see if I can Visit to read the newest content, everyone! yours.”

Wendy dragged the man back into the alley and started beating him up.

The sounds coming out of the darkness of the alley were awful.

Luke felt a mix of emotions.

Surprise, fear and awe.

‘’Oh, ***! Wendy is kind of a badass.I’ll need to make sure I don’t get on her bad side.Ever”

“Hey, Ryan…”

Luke started, but then he spotted Wendy walking out of the alley.

“Look, there she is.”

“Good.Follow her.Make sure she doesn’t see us,” Ryan said curtly.

“No problem.I’m great at laying low.”

Luke turned the key Visit to read the newest content, everyone! a significant distance away from Wendy, following her in silence.

Luke couldn’t help but admire Wendy.

She had just beaten up that man and yet her hair and clothes were immaculate.

It was impossible to guess she had been in a fight a few minutes ago.

Wendy just kept walking down the street- well, staggering would be more accurate.

All the shops lining the road on both sides were closed, except for a couple of convenience stores and twenty- four hour diners.

Wendy yawned widely and kept walking forward aimlessly.

“I’m so tired…” Wendy held onto her bag and wondered where she’d go next.

‘Well, going home and getting some sleep sounds nice.She rubbed her eyes but her fake eyelashes were not making it easy.She tore them off in one swift motion and immediately felt better.


Wendy slapped her arm swiftly, killing yet another mosquito.

She had been out here for only ten minutes, but she counted several mosquito bites on her arms and legs.

Little red lumps were visible all over her arms.

‘’****! It’s freaking autumn.Why were there so many mosquitoes?’’ Wendy scratched her arm.

Her foggy brain seemed to be making weird associations, because all of a sudden, those little red marks started looking like love bites to her.

Right then, she had a silly idea.

She started giggling and ran towards a small park nearby, covered with trees and shrubs.

There would be so many more mosquitoes there.

In the silence of the night, Wendy found a bench and sat down.

She opened her arms wide and took a deep breath.

“I am here you little blood suckers.And I’ve brought dinner.Come and bite me.”

She took a mask out of her bag and put it on to protect her face.

Still watching her from afar, Ryan and Luke got out of the car looking incredulous.

Luke just stood there staring at Wendy in shock.

“Ryan, she is wasted.She is just sitting there feeding mosquitoes.”

“That’s not what she is doing,” his brother replied flatly.

“What?” Ryan said nothing though.

He just stared at Wendy with his deep, dark eyes.He had already guessed what she would be doing next.

“Hey, Ryan.Just a crazy thought.Why don’t you go to her? Save her from a swarm of starving mosquitoes, I mean.”

Ryan just sent a cold glance his way, making him take a step back.

“Well, okay.Forget I said anything.”

Half an hour later, Wendy just couldn’t stand it anymore.

Her arms itched! Her legs too.

Her neck and back felt as if they were on fire.

She couldn’t stop scratching.

The night breeze was chilly and Wendy regretted her decision to wear only a dress tonight.

She was so cold.


The sneeze caught her off guard.

She looked down at the bites covering her body and frowned.

‘Well, that’ll do”


‘’Forget it.That’s it.If I really catch a cold, I’ll have to pay for a visit to the doctor.But that’s okay.I am not working these days so staying home won’t be a problem.But I don’t want Ray to get sick too” She stood up, smoothing down her dress absentmindedly.

She checked the time on her phone and saw that it was only half past two a.m..

Ryan woke up every morning at five to go jogging and then returned home at six.

So, she’d have to stay outside for more than two hours before she could start on her way back and pretend she bumped into Ryan by chance.

‘’***! I won’t be able to stay up that long” Wendy yawned as if to stress her point.

‘’Hmm, I just want to sleep right now! Come on, Wendy.You can do this.Just walk around the park for a while, just pass the time ” she thought, trying to comfort herself.

But as she was taking a stroll around the park, she heard a scream coming out from behind a bush.

“Help! Help me, please!”

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