My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 128 Your Father Is Missing

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 128 Your Father Is Missing

Three days later, in the apartment of the Finch family, Cacia was still restless.

“Mom, what is so urgent that you want me to leave the set to get here immediately?” Eris was dressed rather low profile.

She wore a mask and a pair of large sunglasses and arrived with her assistant, Ana.

“Eris, thank God you are here.”

“What happened?”

Cacia looked at Ana and smiled at her.

“Ana, why don’t you rest here? I have something important to discuss with Eris.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Cacia then pulled Eris into her bedroom.

Eris removed her sunglasses and mask, scowled then asked, “Why did you ask me to come here so urgently? I was so busy shooting at the studio.As it is, there is so much of tension there.The director has been working overtime to catch up with the shooting schedule so the show could release during this winter vacation.Carter has always been dissatisfied with my efforts.When I requested leave today, he went ballistic.”

Eris was visibly irritated! Wendy had been on holiday for many days without any problems.

Why was it such a hassle for her to request just one day’s leave?

Unfortunately, Carter was a bigwig among the TV series directors, so she dared not aggravate him.

If the director were an underling, she would have taken him to task long ago.


“Your father is missing!” Eris was shocked.

“What did you say? Did I hear you right?”

Cacia rubbed her hands nervously and added, “It has been three days!”

“What the hell is going on?”

Cacia then explained everything that had ensued prior to his going missing.

“Gavin has placed an unprecedented amount of pressure on your father.Ruben thought that it would be easier to handle Reese first, but he was mistaken.You must be aware that Reese is living with Wendy now.Ruben sent his men to follow them to find out where they are living.However, Wendy’s taxi managed to lose them for several times so now we have no idea where they live.” Eris’s face darkened.

“And then what?”

“Then your father asked them to wait at the Prario Mall.Sure enough, they traced them there three days ago and then kidnapped Reese.But since then, I can’t get in touch with your father! He has neither replied to any of my messages nor has he answered his phone.I dare not call the police.I had no choice but to call you to discuss a way forward.Eris was a little nervous.She respected the fact that Ruben was her biological father and cared about him.She sat at the edge of the bed in a daze.”

Then suddenly a thought occurred to her.

She held her mother’s hand and asked, “Where is Gavin? Have you contacted him?”

“I can’t get in touch with him either.” Eris’s heart sank.

She paced the room anxiously.

“Stupid! What a fool! Is my father blinded by greed? How could he kidnap Reese? Don’t I give him enough money? How could he make such a costly mistake! If this matter is exposed, I will have to quit the showbiz!”

“Eris! Your father did so much for you.You would have never been successful if it weren’t for his money that got you where you are today! He just wants to get more money so that he can help you even more.Didn’t you blame Wendy for always causing problems for you? He wanted to kidnap Reese and teach Wendy a lesson so that they would stop harassing you.”

Cacia held Eris’s hand and pleaded, “Eris, my child, I’m asking you for help because I can’t figure a way out.Please come up with a plan to save your father!”

What plan? Where could she find a way! She couldn’t confide in anyone in the circle, nor could she ask Brian for help.

All of a sudden, an idea dawned upon her.

She took out her phone and dialed a number.

“Eris, who are you calling?”


Her father hadn’t come back for three days.

Something must be wrong.

It simply meant that Ruben did not get what he wanted, and Wendy would surely know where he was.

The phone was connected, but no one answered.

“Damn you, Wendy!”

“Eris, let’s call the police.”

“We can’t call the police!”

Eris growled, “If we call the police, then Wendy will automatically get involved.But then what? Upon further investigation, it will be revealed that Dad tried to kidnap Reese and once he is labelled a kidnapper, my career will be kaput.

Cacia’s heart bled.

She stared at Eris without saying anything for a long time.Eris felt awkward being stared at.

She dodged her mother’s eyes and asked, “Mom, what’s wrong with you? Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Eris, Ruben is your biological father.”

“I know!”Obviously, Cacia had a deep love for this man.

Still holding Eris’s hand she asked, “Is your reputation more important than your father’s life?”

“Mom! They won’t…”

“What if?”

Eris scoffed, “I…”

“Eris, I know you disapprove of Ruben’s ways, but no matter how shameless and cruel he is, he always treats us well.You father goes out of his way to give you absolutely everything that your heart desires.” frowned again.


Cacia interrupted her again with a cold face, “Your father has always treated you like a princess.Now that he is in trouble, it’s your duty to return the favor.”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t help him.”

“Then do something!”

What could she do? Eris kept on calling Wendy and Reese, but there was no answer.

‘Have they killed my dad? That’s not possible! It is impossible for those two weak women to summon the guts to do so.But why hasn’t Dad come back for three days?’ Eris thought to herself.

What could have happened to him? Eris and Cacia didn’t dare go there.

When Eris was about to toss her phone away, there was a knock on the door.

“Knock, knock.”

Eris and Cacia looked at each other, and Cacia immediately strode to open the door.

It was Ana who knocked on the door.

“Mrs.Finch, someone is ringing the doorbell.”

Ringing the doorbell? Did Ruben come back? Cacia rushed over and looked through the peephole vigilantly, but she didn’t see anyone outside.

“No one is there.”

“Someone definitely rang the doorbell just now.It rang several times.I didn’t dare open the door since I didn’t see anyone.”

Cacia sneered and opened the door quietly.A man suddenly fell in through the crack of the door.

“Ahl” Cacia screamed.

She opened the door and took a closer look.

Ruben’s limp body slumped to the floor.

He had returned after missing for three days.

“Honey! Honey, you’re finally back!”

Cacia hurriedly tried to help him to his feet.Only then did she realize that something was horribly wrong with him.

Ruben was still wearing the clothes he had worn three days ago, and there were no wounds on his body, but he curled up, sweating and trembling hysterically.

His eyes were wandering and his eyelids were turning blue.

In the past three days, he had lost a lot of weight and looked extremely decrepit.

Cacia helped him to sit on the sofa in the living room.

“Honey! Honey, what happened to you?”

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