My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 127 So Do You Have A Long List Of Ex-Boyfriends

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 127 So Do You Have A Long List Of Ex-Boyfriends

“Tell me.What exactly is your relationship with him?”

The corners of Wendy’s mouth twitched.

“That’s not the point.”

“It is to me.”

Wendy didn’t expect Ryan to persist in his stubbornness.

She rubbed her forehead and said, “Well, in fact, it’s a long story.”

“I have all the time in the world.”

‘It seems as if he won’t back off until I clear it with him today, ‘ Wendy thought to herself.

After thinking for a while, she said in a soft voice, “Well…He is…kind of…my ex-boyfriend.”

Gnashing his teeth, Ryan asked, “How many ex- boyfriends do you have? Do you have a long list of ex-boyfriends?””

Brian was her ex-boyfriend! Jeffrey was also her ex-boyfriend!

Now one more ex-boyfriend appeared out of the framework!

‘How many ex-boyfriends?’

Wendy was dumbfounded.

It sounded like she enjoyed leaving behind a trail of broken hearts.

“In US, there were only two.He and Jeffrey.In fact, we were not a true couple.It’s just a misunderstanding.”

Seeing that Ryan’s face was becoming colder and sterner, she immediately changed the topic.

“Anyway, when I came back, I explained the status of our relationship to him in no uncertain terms.”

After saying that, Wendy regretted her words.

‘Why did I say that to him? It sounded as if I was offering him an explanation when I really don’t have to.” Ryan’s face softened.

He reached out and held her hand.

His palm was dry and warm to the touch.

Wendy was imbued with a heartwarming feeling.

“Let’s go.”


“To the hospital to see your sister.”


They walked out of the room together.

As they passed Precious’s room, they saw Ray lying on her bed.

She was sitting on a small stool, patiently waiting for him to wake up.

Ray’s long eyelashes fluttered.

Precious’s heart skipped a beat.

“Ray! You are awake.Are you thirsty? Are you hungry? I’ll ask someone to bring you something to eat.”

Ray sat up on the bed and looked around.

When he didn’t see Wendy, he quickly jumped up from the bed and asked with a pale face, “Where’s my mom? Where is she?”

Upon hearing that, Wendy pushed the door open and stepped in.


Ray opened his hands to her, and Wendy immediately hugged him.


He held Wendy tightly, as if he was afraid that she would disappear in the blink of an eye.

Wendy was ridden with guilt.

She knew that Ray was traumatized by the day’s incidents.

Ray was a smart kid no doubt, but he was still just three years old.

2 His little tense body finally relaxed.

“I’m going to the hospital to visit Auntie Reese.Will you come with me?”

Ray nodded, “Yes!”

“I want to go with you, too!” Precious begged.

“Okay! Let’s go together.”

In Hopewell Hospital, when they arrived, Reese was still in a coma.

Lying on the bed with her eyes closed, she was on a drip.

There was an ECG device on her finger and oxygen mask over her mouth and nose.

A nurse sat at the edge of the bed, monitoring her progress.

She continuously wiped Reese’s palms, feet, forehead and back with alcohol.

Wendy’s legs went limp.

Ryan hurried to hold her.

She held his arm and walked over.

Luke stopped her and advised, “Calm down Wendy.Listen to what Leo has to say first.”

“Dr.Leo, how is my sister?”

“She has been drugged.She has suffered a massive drug overdose.Her body is too fragile to endure such a large overdose.When she arrived here she was already in a deep coma.”

With a serious look on his face, Leo added, “We have done the gastric lavage and then given her injection of tranquilizer.”

Wendy clenched her fists and teeth in anger.

‘What a brute Ruben is! I should have killed him when I had a chance to!’ Wendy cursed inwardly.

“By the way, will she be fine?”

Leo pushed up his glasses and sighed, “Your sister has been in poor health for many years as a result of the torture she suffered.

This time the drug overdose was extensive.

Fortunately she was brought to the hospital in time otherwise I’m afraid she would have succumbed to the overdose.

She wouldn’t have made a complete recovery even if she survived.Let me put it this way.

If we do find a way to overcome the effects of the drugs, we will still have to remove her uterus in the end.”Wendy broke out in a cold sweat when she heard these painful words.

Her heart skipped a beat.

“How is she now?”

“Don’t worry.Luckily she reached the hospital in time and had a gastric lavage.She’s fine now.Medical treatment can cure the physical injury but with regard to her mental agony, I can do nothing about it.”

Wendy tightened her lips.

She didn’t have any familial affection for Ruben, but Reese was different.She didn’t know his true colors and had always admired him.She knew that Reese must be devastated by the manner in which her beloved father had tortured her.

But Wendy thought it was a good way of opening Reese’s eyes to the truth.

She would know first hand what a hypocrite he really was.

With a sigh, Wendy sat on the edge of the bed and found that Reese had changed into a white T-shirt and loose shorts.

“The clothes…”

“l asked the nurse to buy them and put them on for her,” Luke replied.

“Thank you.”

Luke observed Wendy in a rather strange way.

He I coughed and said, “It is okay.It’s my pleasure.”

Leo finally had the chance to enquire, “What’s I going on? Miss Reese just left the hospital a few days ago.I heard that she had a successful divorce.Why was she drugged now?”

He didn’t mention that when Reese was brought to the hospital, she was still naked.

Leo was confused.


“Be quiet!”

Leo was stunned.

‘Okay, okay! I won’t be so inquisitive.’ Wendy checked the ECG and noticed that Reese’s heart rate had increased.

“What’s going on?”

“Sequelae! Like I said, she was overdosed.This increased the rate of her heart beat significantly.I have already injected her with propranolol to stabilize her heart beat.It will return to normal shortly.”

Still worried, Wendy pointed at the nurse and asked, “What is this? Why did she wipe Reese’s body?”

“To correct the acid-base imbalance and the disorder of the electrolyte.We have to take measures to lower her temperature, which in turn will protect her heart functions.”

Hearing this, Wendy immediately took a few alcohol cotton swabs and lovingly wiped Reese’s palms.

Seeing this, Ray and Precious also took a few alcohol cotton *****, and squatting at the end of the bed, began to wipe Reese’s feet.

“When will she wake up?”

“I just injected the tranquilizer now.It will take about one or two hours for her to wake up.”

Wendy nodded and asked, “Does she need to remain in hospital?”

Leo nodded and explained, “She needs to stay in hospital for observation for a few days.

She was drugged.

It’s the same as being poisoned.

She will require medical help in the next few days.

She still needed to sweat out the toxins from the sweat gland.

The residue in her body would decompose and the drugs would be discharged from her body.

In time the quantity of drugs in her blood stream would decrease and her blood would be pure again.

After this process, her circulatory system would function normally again.

This time, the drugs damaged her circulatory system.

We also needed to accelerate her metabolism.

To put it simply, in order for her to make a full recovery, it is important for her to stay in hospital and receive the complete treatment.”

“****! Leo, why don’t you cut the **** and just make it simple?”

Leo was taken aback.

‘****! I was afraid that you wouldn’t understand the professional language.That’s why I explain everything in detail!’ While thinking, he rolled his eyes helplessly.

Outside the ward Ryan asked Luke, “Have you finished your work?”

Luke patted his chest and promised, “Ryan, don’t worry.I’ve handled it well.Nobody will find out what Wendy did today.”

“Okay, that’s good,” said Ryan with a sigh of relief.

“Ryan, the others were easy to deal with.But Ruben…After all, he is Wendy’s biological father…”

Frowning, Ryan asked, “Have you brought the thing Ray took out from the hotel?”

Upon hearing that, Luke took out the bottle of “drink” that Ruben prepared for Wendy.

“Ryan, what do you want this for? Do you want to…?”

Luke asked expectantly.

Then, he added, “Well, I see.I’ll attend to it right away!”

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