My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 124 Not A Simple Woman

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 124 Not A Simple Woman

Meanwhile, Ryan had also received the information, so he was able to locate Ray’s whereabouts.

“I got it, Ryan.They’re in Summertime Hotel.I’ve found out the room number.Apparently, Ruben booked two rooms in the hotel,” Luke informed him.

“I need the surveillance video of the room.Now,” Ryan ordered.

“Wait a moment.”

Luke took the laptop and began retrieving the surveillance video of the room.After a few minutes, the live feed of the room Ruben had booked appeared on the screen.

“Okay.I got it!”

The car was running at the high speed at that moment.

The instant Luke saw the live feed, he gasped in shock.

“Ryan, Wendy has arrived,” he said somberly.

Squeak! The sports car screeched to a halt at the side of the road.

Ryan immediately brought the laptop over.

On the screen, Wendy could be seen entering the room.

Meanwhile inside the room, Ruben was sitting on the sofa with a brawny man standing on either side of him.

Ray was on his lap.

They seemed to be close if it were not for the fact that Ruben was holding the little boy by the neck.

When Wendy entered the room, Ruben smiled, baring his big, yellow teeth.

“My good daughter, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” he exclaimed.

“Mommy, he drugged Auntie Reese and sent her to another room!” Ray revealed.

Upon hearing that, Wendy’s face changed in an instant.

“Ruben, what the **** do you want?”

In response, Ruben threw a ready-made drink to Wendy and said, “Drink it, and I’ll let your son go.”

Wendy merely glanced at it and threw the bottle at his feet without a second thought.

Ruben was stunned.

He expected that his threat would frighten Wendy and would make her drink the concoction right away.

A sneer appeared on his face, and he asked, “Don’t you want to save your son?”

Of course, Wendy did! Not only did she want to save Ray but also Reese.

That was why there was no time to waste! “Go to ****!”

Wendy exclaimed.

All of a sudden, she took out a knife from her pocket and drew it at Ruben.

For a split second, his eyes widened in horror.

However, he quickly recovered from the shock and even chuckled at her.

“Threatening me with a knife? Are you kidding me?”

“Why? Did I scare you?” Wendy retorted with a snicker.

To Ruben’s surprise, she suddenly stabbed the man beside him.


The man groaned in pain as the blade hit his shoulder.

He instinctively clutched his injured part and fell to the floor in pain.

At that moment, Ruben’s gloating attitude suddenly turned into cowardice.

His legs weakened that he almost fell when he stood up.

In order to frighten Wendy, he decided to grab her son’s neck tighter and exclaimed, “How dare you, Wendy! I’m going to send you to jail, I swear! “ Wendy merely looked at him coldly and ordered, “Let my son go!”

‘‘**** you! I’m holding your son hostage, and I doubt that you’d be able to save him yourself,” Ruben mused.

He then backed to the corner slowly and threatened Wendy, “If you dare to come closer, I’ll kill your son!”

“Let’s see who’s faster then.”

With no expression on her face, Wendy pulled the scalpel out of the man’s shoulder, making him scream in pain again.

Then, she drew out the ****** knife at Ruben.

It happened so fast that he did not even have time to react.

The muscles on his face twitched in horror and panic.

Not only that, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

“You…you won’t…”

As if she was responding to Ruben’s doubt, Wendy aimed at the other brawny man and stabbed him inthe thigh.

“Ah!” the man screamed at the top of his lungs.

He clutched his ****** thigh instinctively.

His leg buckled under his weight, and he did not have the strength to get up.

That was not all.

When Wendy stabbed him, blood splattered everywhere.

Some went to Ruben’s face, which made him shudder and shriek.

He was scared out of his wits at how ****** and disastrous everything went.

Even so, he still tried his best to hold on.

“I…I’m your father! Why are you doing this to me?!” he asked firmly, but fear was apparent on his face.

Wendy, on the contrary, was expressionless.

“For the last time, let my son go!” she ordered.

She pointed her knife at Ruben’s head again, and his face turned as white as a sheet in fear.

Coward as he might seem, he ducked and used Ray as a cover while his whole body shook like a leaf.

‘‘Insane! Wendy has gone crazy! She’ll really do it!’’

Usually, the weak are afraid of the strong, while the strong are afraid of the fearless.

Who would have thought that Wendy was not only strong but also fearless?

“Wendy, let’s…let’s talk this through.This isn’t good for the both of us.”

“Don’t make me repeat myself for the third time.”

“Okay…okay! I’ll let him go right now!”

Ruben did not dare to threaten her again for fear that the knife Wendy was holding would pierce through his head the next second.

Without further ado, he finally let Raymond go.

With his arms open, Ray rushed to Wendy, who reached out and held him in her tight embrace.

As she felt her son’s warmth in her arms, she finally felt relieved.

The intimidating aura that enveloped her a few moments ago was now gone.

“Are you alright?” she asked while inspecting his body of any injuries.

Ray nodded in response and put his head on her shoulder.

“Mommy, save Auntie!”

“I will,” Wendy promised.

She put him gently on the ground and asked, “Can you walk by yourself?”


Once Wendy was reassured that her son was well, she strode to Ruben and pointed the knife at his throat.

“Where is my sister?” she asked through gritted teeth.

“Wendy, take the knife away, will you? One wrong move, and you might slit my throat…” Ruben pleaded with trembling voice.

“Tell me!”

“Okay! Okay! She’s… she’s in room 1122!” Ruben answered.

He was so scared that he almost **** his pants.

Her threat made him weak in his knees that he knelt on the floor.

“Come with me!”

“Okay, okay.I’ll go with you.”

Ruben was a kind of person who liked to bully the weak and fear the strong.

The weaker others were, the more evil he was to them.

But, of course, he also had a weakness.

He was scared of the dauntless.

Wendy knew Ruben so well that she figured out how to deal with him.

Only when she was more ruthless than him would he learn his lesson not to provoke her again! Wendy dragged Ruben out of the room.

As he walked, his legs trembled, and his face was pale.

Meanwhile, a deafening silence filled the car.

Luke could not believe that the strong and fearless woman in the surveillance video was Wendy.

He glanced at Ryan.

The latter’s face was inscrutable.

His eyes were dark and gloomy.

Nobody could guess what he was thinking.

“Ryan, should we go and help her?” Luke asked.

The answer to his question was obvious.

There was actually no need for them to interfere regarding Wendy’s affairs.

“Block the news!”

Ryan paused for a moment as though pondering about something.

Then, he turned the computer off and ordered, “Destroy all the surveillance videos.”

“Got it,” Luke answered.

It was obvious that Ryan was doing this in order to protect Wendy.

“Ryan, Wendy’s knife skills are impressive,” Luke remarked.

He was actually implying that Wendy seemed to be trained to use such a weapon.

“What do you want to say?”

“Ryan, I think Wendy had been up to something during the three years when she was in the US.When I investigated her before, I couldn’t find any information about her there.At that time, I thought Roger helped her hide the truth.But now, it seems that it’s not as simple as it seems.”

Ryan did not answer and seemed to be lost in thought.

He had another question in mind.

He absentmindedly tapped his finger at the window and recalled something.

When Wendy was drunk last night, he asked her if she liked him or not.

She answered that she could not.

It bothered him as she could have just said no.

That being said, what could be stopping her from liking him?

‘’Was this the reason why she rejected me?’’ Ryan asked himself inwardly.

“Ryan, I think Wendy is not a simple woman,” Luke said out of nowhere.

Ryan bit his lips and cast a cold glance at his brother.

“She’s not simple, and so am I,” he retorted.

Luke was at a loss for words.

‘‘Never mind.When it comes to everything else, you’re more powerful.’’

At that moment, the driver revved the engine and sped away.

“Ryan, do you want me to use our connections in the US to investigate about Wendy’s past while she was there?” Luke asked thoughtfully.

Ryan looked at him and answered, “No.”

“Uh. Why not?”

Luke asked again while scratching his head in confusion.

“She’ll tell me when she’s ready.”

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