My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 115 Intoxicated

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 115 Intoxicated

Wendy staggered downstairs, and there was nothing Ryan could do but watch her with a frown.

“Where are you going?”

He pulled her back, but she tried to break free from his hold and failed.

With a pout, Wendy answered, “I’m going to find my soul mate.Let go of me!”

When she spoke, she sounded like a spoiled child.

For some reason, what she had said slightly tugged Ryan’s heartstrings, bringing a light pang.

Seeing her like this, he had finally made up his mind.

‘Heck! I’ll never let her drink again outside this house!’

“Let’s go home,” he urged her.


Upon hearing this, Wendy shook her head repeatedly.She then slumped on the floor and held onto the railings.

“No, no, no! I don’t wanna go home.It’s dark and cold, and nobody likes me there,” she protested.

“Wendy, that’s not true.Ryan likes you!” Luke reassured.

What he had said made Wendy look at him incredulously.

With her bright eyes, she said to him coquettishly, “Hey, handsome.Do you want to be with me?”

Luke shuddered in fear and immediately shook his head when Ryan shot him a warning look.

“I…I have to go.See you tomorrow, Wendy,” he said hurriedly.

With that, he ran downstairs at once.

Wendy turned sad and regretful.

Ryan squatted down and looked at her with concern.

“Wendy, the floor is cold.You’ll get sick if you don’t stand up,” he said patiently.


Wendy just turned her head away stubbornly.

“Wendy, come home with me.”


Wendy held onto the railing tighter and said, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking.You just want to trick me into going home, and then you’ll take advantage of me! Humph! I’ve experienced that a lot! Do you know what happened to those men who did that to me?”

“What?” Ryan asked with a frown.

“I beat them all away!”

Wendy waved her fist in the air and warned, “Get out of here, or I’ll beat you to a pulp!”

Ryan was speechless.

While Wendy was sulking on the floor, she tilted her head and stared into Ryan’s eyes.

As though realizing something, she suddenly touched his face.

She gently ran her thumb on his eyes and brows, her eyes full of motherly affection.

Yes, it was indeed motherly affection.

“I see.You’re Ray!”

Wendy exclaimed.

Then, with a pout, she continued, “Honey, why did you grow up all of a sudden?”

Ryan’s face darkened, and he corrected her, “I’m not Raymond!”

“Liar! Look at your nose and mouth.They’re the same as my son’s! Honey, why did you grow up in the blink of an eye?” Wendy asked.

Then, she suddenly hugged him and sobbed.

“I’m sorry, babyMommy wasn’t there for you.”

“Wendy, look at me carefully! Who am I?”


Wendy pushed him away and gazed at him for a moment. It was only at that moment that it dawned on her.

“l remember you!” Ryan breathed a sigh of relief.

“You’re the father of my son!”

Again, Ryan was at a loss for words.

Just when he thought that she recognized him, she proved him wrong.

“Woah! You’re Ray’s father! I’ve been looking for you for so many years. I finally found you.”

With her head still tilted to one side, Wendy looked at him up and down and exclaimed, “Oh my ***! I didn’t expect you to be handsome.Well then, I can say that getting pregnant with your child isn’t a loss.Ha-ha!”

Ryan was stunned.

He never expected that she would talk nonsense when she was intoxicated.

Of course, he just shrugged off what she had said and did not take her words seriously.

However, he suddenly remembered a saying which went, “Truth lies at the bottom of a well.”

At the thought of this, a gleam flashed in his eyes.



“Do you have someone special in your heart?”

Upon asking that, he held his breath in suspense and waited for her answer.


“Who is it?”

Wendy raised her hand and held up a finger for every name she said.

“There are actually a lot my dearest son, Ray, Precious, my beautiful sister, my mother and grandmother, and my good friend, Roger.Wait.Jeffrey and Luke too.I like them all.”

She enumerated a lot of people, except Ryan.

At that moment, Ryan took a deep breath and held back his anger.

“Anyone else?” he asked patiently.

“Nah, that’s all,” Wendy answered with a wide grin.

Ryan’s face fell.

He felt an utter disappointment upon hearing that he was not included in the list of people she liked. All of a sudden, Wendy seemed to have realized something.

“Oh! By the way…”

Ryan’s sullen face lit up, and he asked excitedly, “Who else?”

“I just realized that my fingers aren’t enough.”

Upon saying that, Wendy kicked off her shoes, revealing her fair feet.

She wriggled her toes adorably and added, “And Snow!”

“Snow?” Ryan asked in confusion.

“Yes! Ray and I raised a little Pomeranian dog before.He was so cute.His fur was soft, and his eyes were round, big, and black.Sadly, he was captivated by a little female dog.He left and never came back.”

Ryan could not hold back his anger anymore.

‘Ha! It serves you right.How could you count your pet dog but forget about me?!’ Of course, he did not say that.

Instead, he pursed his lips and asked again, “What about Ryan? Don’t you like him?”

“Ryan?! Shh!”

Wendy suddenly lowered her voice as though she was forbidden to say his name out loud.

She then held Ryan’s hand and whispered, “Don’t let that big devil hear you.I’m telling you, he’s terrible!”

“Big devil?”

“Yes! It’s Ryan!”

Wendy was too drunk to notice the coldness on Ryan’s face.

However, she did not stop there as she added, “He always wears a cold face.It’s frightening!”

Ryan was dumbstruck.

“Let me tell you something.Ryan is moody every single day.He just suddenly gets angry, and you don’t even know what you did to offend him.”

‘Big devil?! Moody?! Ryan repeated those words in his mind.He believed that he was gentle and considerate enough to her.However, he did not expect to have such an image in her heart.

What she was saying made him purse his lips tightly.

“Is he really so bad?” he queried.

“Well, not exactly.He’s good to me sometimes.”

Wendy frowned and added, “I kinda like him, to be honest.”

Ryan’s eyes widened in shock.

Her words made his heart pound, as though he were in a roller-coaster.

“So you like him?” he asked again.

“Hmm. I can’t.”


A feeling of disappointment washed over him.

Wendy burped and answered, “I had a bad past, so I can’t like him.My head hurts.I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

Upon saying that, she got up and staggered at the corridor.

She then opened the door of every room as if looking for something.

Ryan had no idea what she was looking for, so he just followed her to keep her from falling.

At that moment, she stumbled at the door of Ryan’s room.

She opened it and looked around at the familiar furnishings inside.

“Ah, we’re home,” she said with happiness and contentment.

Wendy went into the bedroom and walked to the bedside.

Slowly, she fell on the bed with a wide smile on her face.

Little did she know, Ryan was watching her in awe.

His heart softened at the sight of her so happy and comfortable.

Wendy was so drunk but she still took his bedroom as her home and even lay on his bed defenselessly.

Ryan could not help but heave a sigh.

‘Forget it! There’s no point arguing with a drunk person.’ When he was about to enter the bedroom, Wendy suddenly got up and lay on her side.

Because of this, her hourglass figure could be clearly seen, and it was truly enticing.

To Ryan’s surprise, she held her face with one hand and patted the space beside her with the other.

Then, she crooked her fingers at Ryan as though inviting him to the bed.

“Come on, handsome!”

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