My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 110 Your Wish Is My Command

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 110 Your Wish Is My Command


Wendy viciously kicked the door open.

However, She was confounded by the scene inside! Luke was alone in the room.

He sat cross legged at the end of the big bed, with a gamepad in his hand, and he was playing games on the LCD TV.

He shrieked with excitement.Wendy was aghast.

Her face darkened and she turned to leave.


Luke hurriedly threw away the gamepad, ran to Wendy barefoot and stopped her.

“Don’t leave, don’t leave!”

Wendy cursed, “Luke, are you insane? Didn’t you say Ryan was beating you? You deserve to be beaten black and blue!”

Luke nervously rubbed his nose and said, “Wendy, after all, I’m your boss…”

“Hogwash! It’s after office hours now!”

Luke knew that what he had done was wrong and totally unacceptable.

He grabbed her hand then gave her a bottle of ice water.

With a smile, he begged, “Here, drink some water.It will cool that fiery temper of yours!”

“Go to ****!”

“Honestly, Wendy! I had no intention of lying to you,” Luke explained whilst pointing upstairs.

“Ryan didn’t sleep a wink all night because you didn’t come yesterday.After dinner today, he just buried himself in his work again.I was so afraid that he would want to practice martial arts on me again.So to discourage that, I tricked you into coming here.”

Wendy gulped some of the ice water and uttered, “He didn’t listen to you.What makes you think he will listen to me?”

“Of course he will! As long as you use your powers of persuasion, he will be putty in your hands!”

Wendy was doubtful.

‘‘Is it true? Will Ryan really listen to me?’’


“I know, I know.But don’t get your hopes up.” Luke nodded joyfully.

Wendy sighed, threw the unfinished water on Luke then slowly and stealthily made her way up the stairs.

On the second floor, the door to Ryan’s room was ajar and the room was in darkness.

She opened the door slowly, poked her head in and called expectantly.

“Hi, Ryan, are you in there?”

The next second, the light was turned on.

Wendy’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets at the scene that greeted her.

In the room, Ryan was standing half naked.

He had just stepped out of the bathroom and was still steaming from the hot shower.

His upper body was deliciously naked and his lower body was wrapped in a white bath towel.

Water cascaded from his messy hair and crystal droplets slid down his bronze cheeks onto his sultry chin.

Diamond droplets hugged his strong chest, muscular biceps, perfect abs and his **** waist.

His lower body was loosely covered by a bath towel.

Wendy was completely bowled over.

She had always thought that Ryan was thin, so she was amazed to behold his fantastic figure.

‘’Here was ***’s gift to women! she thought.His perfectly chiseled, desirable body could put most male models to shame.Here stood a Greek *** in all his glory! Wendy stared at him in a daze.

She swallowed hard as she tried to hide her ****.

Looking at the faint smile in Ryan’s eyes, Wendy suddenly came to her senses and screamed, “Ah, I’m so sorry!”

She turned around in a hurry and rubbed her nose.Fortunately, her nose didn’t bleed, or she would be so embarrassed.

“It’s my fault that I didn’t close the door.”

His voice turned hoarse as he began to speak.

With his fist against his lips, he forced a slight cough.

Looking at her red ears and flushed cheeks, he smiled sweetly and immediately became gentle.

Remembering the inviting way in which Wendy surveyed his body, aroused his carnal ****** appetite.

He felt blessed that Wendy turned around when she did or he would be embarrassed if she saw the soldier stand to attention.

“Wait a minute.I need to get dressed.”


Wendy nodded panic stricken.

Seeing was believing! Her imagination would otherwise run wild with eroticism.

One’s imagination could bring on awkward physical realities.

Ryan’s voice informing her that he was changing his clothes was nothing short of a seduction.

She closed her eyes and visualized Ryan naked.

‘Oh my ***! His delectable body with those **** long legs were made in heaven.

Heck! I really wanted to pounce on him and devour him!

“All right!”

Suddenly Ryan’s deep voice came from behind.

Wendy turned around with regret, but her eyes twinkled again.

Ryan had changed into the sapphire blue suit she had bought for him at the mall recently.

This was the first time that Wendy had seen him wearing a suit which was not black.

When she had purchased the suit, she was doubtful 21 LS bud im be, whether he would like it.

Now it seemed that her fears were utterly unfounded.

He matched the sapphire blue suit with a white shirt and a blue bow tie instead of a regular tie.

Although the suit was straight, he didn’t look officious.

His messy hair gave him a distinctly casual yet dapper look.

The sapphire blue color complemented his complexion and made him look a few years younger.

Wendy was still overwhelmed by his drop dead gorgeous figure.

She ran circles around him and scrutinized him carefully.

“You look fabulous in this suit.”

With a soft smile stemming from the corners of his mouth, Ryan replied, “Thanks to your good taste in clothes!”

“No, you really have a great figure.”

Wendy rubbed her chin and kept nedding, “A handsome man will look good even if he is draped in bark, but this suit was made for you.And you are right! I do have good taste.Ha ha!”

“Then please help choose more clothes for me in the future.”

‘’Okay! Your black card is still in my possession, ‘’ Wendy thought to herself.

Reminiscing about Ryan’s wardrobe full of all shades of black, she saw this as a glorious task.

She patted her chest and said, “Okay! I’ll handle it.I promise you’ll win the best dressed male award every year! All other men will envy you, while all the women will be turned on by you!”

Her shining eyes pleased him.Ryan smiled.

For the first time, he was grateful that he was both handsome and in great physical shape.

“But why are you all dressed up so late at night? I mean why are you wearing such formal clothes? Are you going to work?”

Peeking at the alarm clock on the bedside table, Wendy observed, “It’s already nine o’ clock in the evening.Luke filled me in that you were still hard at work just now.Surely you know that you can’t be a workaholic.Health is your true wealth.You have to rest too.All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.Making money is not the end all and be all of life.Furthermore…”

“Okay, I agree!”

Wendy was blown away! She had rehearsed a long list of persuasive words to use on him but never did she expect that he would agree so soon.

She had to gobble up the rest of the words she had rehearsed.She was a little confused.

“What did you just say?”

“I’ll do as you said.I mean no work now.” Wendy was awestruck.

When their eyes met, she blushed.

‘Well.It seems that Ryan really cares about my advice.’ She looked away and asked, “Why are you dressed like this? Are you going out on a hot date?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she regretted it.

‘’Oh no! Why did I open my big, fat mouth? Now he would assume that I’m jealous because he may be going out on a date with another woman or something!”

She raised her head to gauge his reaction.

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