My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 107 I Remember You

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 107 I Remember You

At noon, the butler came over and reported, “Master, Madam, you have a visitor.”

“A visitor?”

Luke was stunned for a moment. Then he asked, “Who?”

“Go away now.Don’t ask about it,” Josie said.

She then turned to the butler and immediately ordered, “Hurry up and bring her in.It’s so hot outside.Then ask a servant to bring some fruits and cold drinks here.”

“Yes, Madam.”

It seemed that Josie already knew who the visitor was.

She was so considerate that she didn’t only order the servant to bring fruits and cold drinks, but she also went out to greet the visitor personally.

Luke and Ryan exchanged confused glances.

Something seemed not right.

When had their mother become so enthusiastic about visitors? What they were seeing right now was very strange.

Luke craned his neck to get a better view outside.

It didn’t take long before he saw Josie leading a young woman in with a smile.

The woman was in her twenties and had a pretty face.

She was wearing a white off-shoulder embroidered dress, and her hair hung down her shoulders.

Overall, she looked like a princess in fairy tales.

“I’m so glad that you come.Oh, you don’t have to bring any gifts.You are too polite.”

The young woman, who was following behind Josie, smiled and said politely, “Auntie, it’s my pleasure.”

Josie was very satisfied with the young woman.

She handed the gift box to the servant, pulled the young woman into the living room, and said, “Have a seat.”

“Thank you, Auntie,”

the woman replied politely.

She then glanced at Ryan shyly and sat down on the sofa.

Her name was Brittany Amik, the same woman who was having a blind date with Ryan on the first day Wendy came back from abroad.

“Ryan, you’ve already met.You don’t need me to introduce her to you again, right?”

Ryan knitted his brow and asked, “Who is she?”

Obviously, he didn’t remember Brittany at all.

And his reaction stunned her.

Luke suddenly laughed out loud.

Josie was so embarrassed that she glared at Luke.

Then she turned to Ryan and said, “Don’t you remember her? She is Brittany Amik.”

“No, I don’t know her.”

Upon hearing this, Brittany’s eyes immediately turned red.

Josie got angry at once.

She asked Ryan through clenched teeth, “Ryan, have you really forgotten about her, or you’re just deliberately going against me?”

“I really don’t remember her.” Josie was furious now.

Seeing that the situation was getting worse, Luke hurriedly mediated, “Mom, Ryan is a very busy person.You know that, right? He has meetings at work every day.If he has to remember every person he meets once or twice, he will be exhausted.”

This explanation softened Josie’s expression.

She turned to Brittany and said with a smile, “Brittany, don’t mind it.Ryan is just too busy with his work.”

“Don’t worry, Auntie.I don’t mind.”

Just as when Josie was about to introduce Ryan and Brittany to each other again, Precious ran to Brittany and said, “I remember you!”

“Oh, really, little girl?”

“You and Daddy went on a blind date before.”

Brittany was surprised.

She almost couldn’t believe that Precious remembered her.

She was happy to know that the little princess of the Oliver family, who was famous for being capricious and arrogant, still remembered her.

After all, they had only met once.

She thought she had left a deep impression on Precious.

It was a good thing, wasn’t it? Last time, she failed in her blind date with Ryan.

So she thought that she couldn’t possibly be with him.

But unexpectedly, after such a long time, Josie personally called her and invited her to have lunch with them today.

Brittany was extremely happy.

She gave Ryan a shy look.

He was Ryan Oliver.

The CEO of Oliver Group.

The Oliver family had been rich for generations and a real top-notch giant.More importantly…

Ryan was not only rich but also very handsome.

In the upper-class circle and the entertainment industry, he was well-known for his gorgeous appearance.

Many women dreamed of having a chance to marry into the Oliver family.

She actually had this opportunity now.

Brittany trembled with excitement.

“Are you cold?” Precious asked with a frown.

“No, I’m fine.”

Brittany was flattered, thinking, ‘‘The little princess of the Oliver family actually cares about me.’’

The reason why her blind date with Ryan failed last time was Precious.

She had learned her lesson, so she quickly took out the small gift she had prepared in advance from her bag.

Showing it to Precious, she said with a kind and gentle smile, “Little princess, you are awesome.You still remember me after such a long time.My name is Brittany Amik.You can call me Auntie Brittany.This is my gift for you.”

Precious lowered her head and looked at Brittany’s hands.

In her hands was a translucent box.

Inside it was a shining diamond headband.

‘’Humph! She even knows that I like shiny things,’ ‘ Precious thought to herself without taking Brittany’s gift.

Seeing her reaction, the smile on Brittany’s face froze.

“Oh, Brittany, you are so thoughtful,” Josie exclaimed, taking the gift.

“How do you know that Precious likes shiny things?”

Brittany smiled and said happily, “I’m glad that she likes it.”

“No, I don’t like it!”

Standing in front of Brittany, Precious said coldly.

Then she added, “I remember you because when you had a blind date with Daddy last time, you said that I was impolite.”

Hearing this, the smile on Brittany’s face vanished.

When she saw Josie’s puzzled look, she subconsciously explained, “No, it’s not like that.Auntie Josie, it was just a misunderstanding.Here’s the thing.While Ryan and I were having dinner last time, Precious suddenly broke in and said that I was ugly and that I was trying to seduce Ryan.”

Brittany felt aggrieved.

The expression on Josie’s face changed.

She looked down at Precious and asked, “Did you say those things?”


“Precious, didn’t we teach you to be always polite to others? How could you say such harsh words? Who taught you those words? Auntie Brittany was right.You were impolite.You’re already four years old, not a baby anymore.It’s time for you to distinguish the good from the bad.Auntie Brittany said it for your own good,” Josie scolded.

“I don’t like her!”

“Precious! Why are you so impolite now? Auntie Brittany is our guest, and she has brought you a gift.Why do you say you don’t like her? Has someone taught you this?” Josie flew into a rage.

She added, “Apologize to Auntie Brittany now!”

“No!” Precious stubbornly refused.


Brittany felt that the atmosphere had tensed up, so she quickly said, “Auntie Josie, it’s all right.Precious is still a child.I believe that we can educate her slowly and correct her behavior in the future.”

Josie gritted her teeth angrily.

She believed that it must be Wendy who instigated Precious to be so disobedient.

“Mom, don’t be so fierce on Precious.No one has taught her to say those words.She grew up with us, and we spoiled her.”

As he spoke, Luke pulled Precious into his arms.

Then he said, “Precious, don’t take it to heart.I still love you.”

Tears streamed down Precious’ lovely cheeks.

“Grandma is bad,” she said, choking with sobs.

“Okay, okay, Grandma is bad.Let’s go.We’ll play in the garden.We won’t talk to grandma anymore.”

Luke carried Precious in his arms and left.

Josie was so angry that her chest tightened.

She sighed, took Brittany’s hand, and said apologetically, “Brittany, I apologize on behalf of Precious.This child is spoiled by us.Please forgive her. Also, I hope that you can help me discipline her from now on.”

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