My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 106 Am I Really Your Son

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 106 Am I Really Your Son

‘‘The opportunistic shrew?!’’ Luke wondered, his face darkening.


“Look, Mom.Don’t say I never warned you.If Ryan hears you talk about Wendy like that, that’ll be the last you see of him.” Josie’s face fell instantly.

Luke placed a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.

“Please.Just hear me out, okay?”

“Fine, say what you must.”

“You know Ryan.Falling in love is really hard for him.You should be glad he finally found happiness.Besides, Wendy is amazing! Despite her profession, she is kind and honest and cares for others…”

Before Luke could even finish his sentence, Josie stopped him with a hard glare.

“Luke! I didn’t ask you to come to sing Wendy’s praises.She has everyone fooled, including you it seems.”

Luke stared at his mother in shock.

She had always been a sensible woman.

When had she turned into this stubborn, mean creature standing in front of him? “Okay Mom.

How about you tell me why you hate Wendy so much? You two haven’t even met.

Why don’t you try getting to know her? You might change your mind about her.”

“No need for that!”


Luke insisted, wanting to talk some sense into his mother.

“I saw her…exploits in the news a few days ago,”

Josie interrupted him.

“How indecently she behaved backstage, how she got her role in the first place.

That woman is nothing but a slut…”


Luke exclaimed, pulling her in a corner to avoid being overheard.

“Keep your voice down! You know the showbiz is brutal.Bruce has been involved in these circles for several years.Weren’t there plenty of rumors that he was sleeping around? Yet none of it was true.You should know those things about Wendy are just lies.So why give them any credit?”

“There’s no smoke without fire!”

Luke was completely dumbfounded, but he stood his ground.

“But it turned out it was all lies in the end.Carter is just the director of the show.He and Wendy just work together and that’s the end of the story.”

But Josie didn’t look convinced.


“Just tell me: what is it about her that Ryan likes so much?”

‘How am I supposed to know that?’ Luke thought, exasperated.

“I’m not my brother.If you want to know that, ask Ryan.”

“Damn you!” Josie slapped his arm hard.

“Tell me, now! ”

Mom, am I really your son or not? You never treat Ryan like this. But with me, you are always cruel.

“How dare you? I have only just started.You live in Ryan’s house and you let that bitch seduce him.You should be looking out for him.You should have told me about Wendy as soon as you found out”

Luke’s head was pounding, from trying so hard not to scream.

How was any of this his fault? His brother’s feelings were out of Luke’s control.


“Yes, yes!” Josie cut in.

“That devious woman has fooled everyone.Precious went on a hunger strike for her and your brother refuses to meet any of the women I find suitable for him.Even you are talking back to me, to defend that whore!”

Luke heard everything his mother said, but he could not believe this was really happening.

“You can all go to hell! Get out of my sight,” Josie yelled, waving her hand dismissively.

Luke was really frustrated.

He walked to his mother and stood right in front of her.

He pointed at the bruise on his face and said, “Mom! I’ve been standing here talking with you all this time.Did you even notice I was injured?”

The bruise was huge and deep purple, so it was hard to miss.But when his parents saw him, they didn’t even react to it.

Josie pushed her son away impatiently.

“Get out of my face! You are a man.A bruise is nothing.If I am to guess, though, I’d say you screwed up again, so your brother had to beat some sense into you.”

Luke felt her words hit him like a physical blow.His thoughts were that of frustration and bitterness.

‘‘Why do you always think the worst of me? For you, Ryan can do no wrong and I am always the screw-up.Am I really your son?’’

Ryan and Anson were in the study, which was Anson’s favorite room in the house. It’s Chinese decor didn’t match the style of the rest villa, but he loved it nonetheless.

The tall wooden bookcase was laden with books.

Every single time was carefully placed in the shelves and the air smelled faintly of ink.

Anson took the chair behind the desk, motioning for Ryan to take a seat too.

He casually sat on one of the armchairs that stood in front of the desk.

Anson was silent for a minute.

Ryan just picked up a book and flipped its pages, as if he had no intention of talking either.

The silence stretched on and on, until finally Anson couldn’t stand it anymore.

He cleared his throat.

Ryan slowly closed the book and look up at him.

Anson didn’t beat around the bush.

“Your mother isn’t fond of Wendy.”


Anson waited for a minute, but Ryan wouldn’t say anything else.

So he had no choice but to raise his voice, “Alright? That’s all you have to say?”

“I am fond of Wendy.Very much so,”

Ryan added as an afterthought.

“Ryan, I know it’s not every day you meet someone you like.Especially a woman…”

Ryan’s face darkened, which made Anson stutter a bit, then cough slightly and add, “Well! I am happy for you! I am glad you found someone to love.I tried talking to your mother, but…”

He trailed off, then started over.

“I’ve been with your mother for thirty years and she has never been so stubborn before.Of course, if you want to be with Wendy, your mother can do nothing about it.But let’s just say she won’t be happy about it.”

Ryan’s face hardened and the temperature in the study seemed to drop.

“Wendy is the best person I know,” Ryan said in a low, steady voice.

Anson seemed to get Ryan’s meaning. He nodded.

“I know.Precious wouldn’t like her so much if she weren’t.”

Anson stood up and walked around the desk.

He cleared his throat and said, “I only have one more question.Are you sure you want her to be your wife?”

Ryan had never seen him looking so serious before.


This one word seemed to echo into the study for a longtime.Anson put his hands behind his back.

“You are a grown man, Ryan.If this is who you want to spend the rest of your life with, don’t let her go.” Ryan raised his eyebrows.

At the sight of his confused expression, Anson chuckled.

“What? Did you think I’d help your mother talk you into giving Wendy up?” He snorted.

“I know you are stubborn as a mule.No one can change your mind.I’d better keep my strength.I am going to need it if I am to persuade your mother to leave you alone.”

Patting Ryan on the shoulder, he added, “She is not a bad person you know.She just wants the best for you.In her eyes, you were always perfect.That’s why she thinks that no woman will ever be good enough for you.”

Anson took a deep breath and went on.

“Wendy used to date Brian, and now she is back in the country, you suddenly tell us you like her.When your mother was young, we were running the business together.We had been betrayed one too many times and that had made her have serious trust issue ever since.And right now, it’s gotten in her head that Wendy is using you to get revenge on Brian.She is your mother and she feels it’s her duty to keep you from getting hurt.And also, Wendy has a child.And your mother heard everything that was being said about Wendy a few days ago.For all those reasons, she decided she can’t trust her.”

“I understand,” Ryan said expressionlessly and stood up.

“I’ll fix it.”

And he really looked determined to fix everything.

Just like Josie, Anson also wondered why Ryan liked Wendy so much.

Especially considering that Ryan had always been very on good terms with Josie and he could never stand seeing her sad.

But this time was different.

He wanted to be with Wendy and nothing would change this, even if it meant he would hurt his mother’s feelings.

So Anson decided to satisfy his curiosity and just ask hirn.

“Ryan, can you tell me something? What is it about this woman that you like so much?”

“I really don’t know!” Anson was taken aback.

“Then how do you even know you like her?”

“She is the only woman I want in my bed.”

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