My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 105 Meet The Parents

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 105 Meet The Parents

Wendy was more than a little surprised! She had thought that Reese wouldn’t believe in love ever again after her marriage had failed.

“I’m not forcing you to accept him.”

“Then what?”

Lying on the bed, Reese said in a particularly soft and gentle voice that seemed to emit from the darkness, “Wendy, I am not blind.I can see that you are also in love with Ryan.”

Wendy remained unusually quiet.

“I know what seems to be bothering you.You are worried about the fact that he may not accept you because you have had a child out of wedlock.” Once again Wendy’s silence spoke volumes.

“If this is what is bugging you, then you need not worry.Didn’t he mention just today that he does not care about your past? What’s more, you were hoodwinked by Eris in the past.You were also an innocent, young victim.In my opinion, I think you should give this relationship a chance.”

Staring intensely into the darkness of the night, Wendy added after a while, “That’s not the only reason.There are other reasons.Besides, even if he doesn’t care about my past now, what guarantee do I have that he won’t bring it up in the future? When couples quarrel, they always criticize each other and hurl the most hurtful words back and forth.What if he brings this sad memory of mine into an argument at some later stage? I won’t be able to tolerate it! It’s better not to initiate this relationship than wait for it to hurtle into a tragedy.”

Upon hearing that, Reese turned around and held Wendy’s hand gently.

“It’s better to try and fail than fail to try.Would you want to live your whole life regretting what could have been the best decision of your life?”

Wendy was at a total loss for words! Would she regret it? She honestly didn’t know! It was Sunday the next day.

Neither Ryan nor Luke needed to go to work, so they traipsed off to No.2 Villa with Precious quite early in the morning.

As soon as Luke entered the room, he stared at Wendy.

Wendy was taken aback, because Luke’s face was bruised black and blue and he looked as if he was in considerable pain.

“Damn it! Luke, did you get attacked in an armed robbery yesterday?”

“It would be better if I was just robbed.”

Luke covered his face with his hand and looked at Wendy bitterly.

“Ryan couldn’t fall asleep last night, so he insisted on practicing martial arts with me and using me as a punching bag.That was not a practice session.It was one-sided torture! Didn’t you hear me scream in your dream?”

Wendy was dumbfounded.

“The sound  insulation effect of the villa is so good,” she joked.

Luke’s eyes were filled with resentment.Wendy was lost for words.

“Leave him alone,” Ryan said.

He handed Wendy a tube of ointment.

She looked askance at him so he outlined his schedule for the day to her.

“Today, I have to take Precious back to my parents’ house with Luke.”

“Okay, I see.”

Embarrassed, Wendy smoothed her hair and pretended not to understand, “You may leave.You don’t owe me any explanation.”

“Do you want to accompany me back?”

Flabbergasted, Wendy almost fell off the sofa.

She gaped at Ryan in disbelief and stammered, “What nonsense are you talking? Why would I want to go with you?”

“To meet my parents!”

“Why would I want to meet your parents?”

Afraid that he would suggest something that would leave her in a dilemma, she jumped off the sofa and pushed him out.

“Well, Just look at the time! It’s so late.And the noon heat is so strong.If you have to go, you might as well leave now.Reese and I have plans for today.”

Ryan grabbed her wrist.

She could feel the heat of his palm.


“What…What are you doing?”

“I meant what I said yesterday!”

Upon hearing that, Wendy’s mind went blank.

She avoided eye contact with him and said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.You’d better leave now.”

A faint smile painted Ryan’s lips.

Compared with her complete refusal at the beginning, she had melted a little.

Ryan interpreted this as a sign of significant progress on his part.He knew where to draw the line.

He stopped his persistence and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Have a good rest at home.Remember Leo’s words and don’t let water enter the wound.Take off the gauze and apply the ointment on time.”

“I know, I know.You are too talkative today.” Luke was astounded by Wendy’s complaint.

‘‘Heck! Wendy, you don’t know how lucky you are! Don’t you know that Ryan is a man of few words? He seldom talks as much as he did to you, but you don’t appreciate it!’’

Finally, Ryan and Luke left with Precious.The driver started the car.Ryan, Luke and Precious sat on the back seat.

After getting into the car, Precious looked like someone had stolen her candy.

“You don’t want to go home?”

“Yes and no…”

Precious pouted and complained, “I miss grandpa and grandma too, but grandma is so selfish, she doesn’t want me to meet Auntie Wendy and Ray.Last time she locked me up and didn’t allow me to go see them.”

While speaking, she rested her head on Ryan’s lap.She was as depressed as a cat stranded in a hailstorm.

Ryan stroked her head tenderly and said, “Don’t worry.Daddy will take care of it.”


Half an hour later, they arrived at their destination.


As soon as Josie saw Precious, she hugged the little princess and smiled.

“Oh, you’ve put on some weight.Look! You are a chubby cute little girl.You are so heavy that I almost can’t even lift you.”

“That’s because Auntie Wendy cooked tons of tasty food for me.”

The smile on Josie’s face vanished when she heard that.She immediately changed the topic.

“It’s not good for a child to get too fat.It’s not healthy”

Precious broke free from Josie’s arms, still sad, and jumped into Anson’s arms.

“Oh my God! So grandpa is your favorite now?”

“Yes! I have made up my mind that I will love grandpa more from now on.”

Anson burst into laughter, while Josie sulked like a child without a toy.

Then they flounced into the hall happily.

Her sons were always too busy to visit so now Josie made the most of their presence.

Her heart danced with joy on seeing them.

She held Ryan’s hand lovingly and commented, “You, my dear, on the other hand, have lost weight! I know that work is important, but health is equally important.You must eat three meals a day on time.Never mind.It’s useless talking to you two.You never take my advice anyway.”


“Anyway, I’ve asked the chef to prepare a healthy seafood lunch for you today.”


As usual, Ryan was a man of few words.

The corners of Josie’s mouth twitched.

“Ryan! I’m your mother! Do you really have to answer me in monosyllable? Will it kill you to say one more word to me?”

“Got it.”

Josie was dumb struck.

‘Fine! He really just said one more word, literally! Luke couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

If their mother knew that Wendy disliked Ryan’s loquaciousness, she would turn green with envy.

Josie gladly went off to prepare lunch for the boys.

Anson called Ryan into the study and the servant played with Precious so that left Luke free.

“Luke, please come to the kitchen and help me,” Josie pleaded.

“What can I do? I know nothing about cooking.”

Josie poked her head out of the kitchen and said, “Cut the crap and hurry up!”

‘‘It was just an excuse.You just wanted to ask me something behind Precious’s back.Alas! Woe is me.’’

While thinking, Luke went to the kitchen reluctantly.


As soon as he entered the kitchen, Josie pulled him closer to her.

“Luke, you’ve been living with your brother for a while and you’ve also met that Wendy several times, right? Now tell me the truth.What did that opportunistic shrew do to entice your brother?”

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