My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 103 Do You Know Of Her Past

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 103 Do You Know Of Her Past

Ruben struggled to steady himself from the hit but still slammed into the car that was parked behind him.He hit the vehicle so hard that he left a huge dent in it.Ruben collapsed to the ground, groaning in pain.

Cacia was hysterical.

“Ruben! Are you hurt? Talk to me please.” She rushed to his side and tried to help him stand.

“No.Don’t touch me.It hurts.My back.I hurt my back…” Ruben yelled at her.

Cacia turned around and glared at Ryan, “You foolish boy, how dare you lay a hand on him? You won’t get away with this!”

Ryan looked like he didn’t even hear her.He looked terrifying.

For a very long time, there weren’t many things that could enrage him.

Over the years, he had heard every possible insult people could hurl at him.

But when he heard the vulgar words Ruben used for Wendy, he lost it! “Get him! Beat the shit out of him! I’ll take all the blame! ”

Ruben roared.

No one treats me like that.Kill the bastard! At Ruben’s urging, several brawny men advanced towards Ryan, surrounding him.Though Ryan was a tall man, the men had a significant advantage on him in terms of bulk.Wendy stoop up abruptly, ready to rush over and help.

She was afraid that this would not end well for Ryan.

But she didn’t even have the chance to reach them.Instead, she stayed rooted to the spot, transfixed by the sight before her.

It took Ryan less than five minutes to beat all five men to the ground.

They were all laying where they fell, moaning and cursing.Reese had a similar reaction to Wendy’s.

She had been about to go get the security to break up the fight, but she had been stunned by Ryan’s superb fighting skills.

‘My God! This is awesome! Looking at Ryan, who looked as calm as usual, Wendy was taken aback.

‘‘Wow! Where did he learn to fight like this? He was so fast, landing precise blows where they were sure to do the most damage.’’ Wendy thought it would take a lot of effort to deal with these strong men even if she was to do this.

Which made Ryan’s victory all the more impressive.Wendy turned to him, her eyes wide.

“Oh, my God! Ryan, that was really cool! You were like a hero in an action movie.You totally kicked their asses!”

Ryan seemed amused by her reaction.As he looked at her, his face softened.He didn’t look fierce or terrifying anymore.He slowly rolled down his sleeves and walked over to Wendy.He gently took his coat from her and put it on.

“You look great!”

“Okay, I see!”

Reese breathed a sigh of relief.

Ruben and Cacia seemed dumbfounded.

As Ryan approached the two of them, they grew visibly more nervous and scared.

Ruben swallowed hard before asking, “What…What do you want from us? I- I am warning you.I have been in the city for many years and I have a lot of friends.I know all kinds of dangerous people.Your Kung Fu tricks won’t help you against them.If you touch me or my wife, I will make sure you pay for it in blood.”

Fool! Wendy tried to hide her smile.She couldn’t help being amused by Ruben’s stupidity.It was the first time she saw someone speak to Ryan like this.

Ruben thought he was being brave, but Wendy knew this was the stupidest thing he had ever done.

“Ruben, right?” Ryan asked, scanning every inch of the man before him.

“Yes, that’s right.I’m Ruben.I own a clothing factory.

‘‘Eris Clothing’’.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

As in Eris Finch, the famous actress you know? She is my daughter.

If you dare touch me again, my Eris will destroy you.

“Eris Clothing? Eris Finch!” Ryan nodded.

“The name does ring a bell.” Ruben was confused at Ryan’s expression.

“Why isn’t he frightened? He looks almost like…he will seek revenge later.’ Ruben trembled at the realization.

“What…What do you want? Leave us alone or I’ll call the police.I’ll have you arrested.”

Cacia was also trembling with fear, thinking how easily Ryan would beat her and Ruben to a pulp, after witnessing him taking down five muscular men.

She took a couple of steps backwards.

“You- you stay away from me! My husband is right.We’ll have you arrested.”

Ryan looked at the two of them, disgust written clearly on his face.

They weren’t even worth his attention pathetic foul creatures.

But, Ruben was still Wendy’s father.

How could such a man produce two beautiful, good- natured daughters like Wendy and Reese was beyond Ryan’s comprehension.


Ryan, stop wasting your time with them.Let’s just go.

“You are right.”

Before turning around, Ryan glared at Ruben and Cacia.

His gaze seemed to penetrate their hearts, looking into the ugliness inside.

Ruben trembled with fear.

He just stared at Ryan, growing more frightened with each second that passed.

He took in Ryan’s posture, his clothes and the air of authority he exuded.

Ruben’’s heart was beating furiously.

‘’Is he part of some rich, powerful family? What did Wendy call him just now? Ryan?’’ Ruben found this name familiar for some reason, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Seeing him walking away with Wendy and Reese, he feared that Ryan was a really powerful man, and that he would get revenge on Wendy’s behalf.

So he decided to act, before it was too late.

“Hey,” he shouted at Ryan’s retreating back.

“Don’t let her fool you.She is not as innocent as she looks.Do you know of her past?”

Wendy’s back suddenly stiffened.Reese hadn’t expected that Ruben would stoop so low.

She couldn’t stand it anymore! She turned around and rushed to her father, punching and kicking him wherever she could reach.

“You scum! You are the worst man that ever walked this earth.And you call yourself our father? How can you be so cruel to us? You ruined my life! Now you want to destroy Wendy’s too? Over my dead body!”

Ruben must have been planning to tell Ryan that Wendy had a son outside of wedlock, but Reese was determined not to let that happen.

While she was in hospital, she saw how much Ryan cared for Wendy.

Her sister had lived a hard life the past few years.

And now, she had finally met someone that deserved her.

But would Ryan still treat Wendy the same if he knew the truth about little Ray? Most men would surely be bothered by something like this.

That was why Reese couldn’t let their bastard of a father ruin Wendy’s happiness.

“You bitch! How dare you hit your father?”

“I’ll kill you!” Blinded by anger, Reese still punched Ruben non-stop.

“You are not my father! You don’t deserve to be my father.”

“Ouch, you little bastard, get away from me!” Reese didn’t stop.

Without looking back, she shouted over her shoulder.

“Wendy, you and Ryan go now.”

But Wendy didn’t move.She had a choice to make.

If Ruben revealed her secret, then this would be her chance.

Ryan would give up on her.

That was what she always wanted, wasn’t it? She closed her eyes and made up her mind.

She just stood there, waiting for Ruben to tell Ryan about the most painful memory of hers.

Suddenly, she felt warmth enveloping her hand.

Ryan’s big hand held hers affectionately, as he turned around and looked at Ruben coldly.

“I don’t give a damn about her past.She could have been a prostitute or a murderer for all I care.All I want is her present and future!”

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