My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 102 Disastrous Consequences

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 102 Disastrous Consequences

“Don’t think that I don’t know what you two scheming crooks are up to!”

Pointing accusingly at Ruben and Cacia, Wendy scolded, “You dirty old leeches, I know exactly what conspiracy you are involved in.Not only do you want to fetch a high price by selling Reese, but you also learnt that she has come into some expensive property after her divorce and you can’t wait to get your filthy hands on it! You are pretending to take her home but you just want to rob her of her wealth and disappear.Am I right?”

Reese shivered as if an icy cold gust of wind had swept upon her.

“Dad, is that true?”

“So what if it is?”

Ruben finally showed his true colors.

He elevated his chin so high it could touch the sky.

Puffed with pride and an air of condescension, he blurted, “If it weren’t for me, Flynn would have never married you! I am asking for what I rightfully deserve.Now that you are divorced and you have the property, consider it as part of my strategic planning.To put it bluntly, I have earned full credit for the money that you have received.So why can’t I be compensated? Answer me!”

Reese was dumbstruck.

Her heart shattered into a million pieces.

‘Ridiculous! How ridiculous this sounds! I endured eleven years of torture at the hands of an abusive spouse.

My life was a merry ****.

If it weren’t for Wendy, I would be dead today.

She also found me the most professional lawyer who ensured that Flynn give me half of his property.

But now my father says that he must take full credit for this! This is the height of ridicule!’ Reece introspected.

“Reese, don’t let Wendy cheat you.For all we know, she died three years ago.Who knows whether the person standing in front of us is an imposter or not? To say the least, even if she is your sister, where was she in the last three years? Isn’t it ironical that she mysteriously rocks up just when you get divorced? Humph! Maybe she came here to bag all your money.”

It was crystal clear that Ruben was desperately trying to drive a wedge between Wendy and Reese.

Reese was beside herself with anger.

“Ruben, you have such shameless thoughts.Do you think everyone is like you? So unprincipled! From today, I am no longer your daughter.Consider me dead.We no longer have a father-daughter bond.I break all ties with you from this moment!”

Now that Reese had terminated their relationship in no uncertain terms, Ruben saw no need to pretend.

He and Cacia eyed each other slyly then simultaneously vaulted towards Reese, stretching out their arms to grab the bag on her shoulder.But Reese’s reflexes were too quick.She secured her bag to her and shouted, “What the **** are you doing? Morons!

“Didn’t you just say you are breaking off our father- daughter relationship? Hand me all the property you won today and I’ll agree to break it off.That’s my only condition!”

“No way!”

“Honey, take it by force!”


Cacia caught Reese tightly around the waist while Ruben fought her for the bag.

Reese didn’t stand a chance against these two fat and flabby hounds.

She crumbled under their strength and Ruben grabbed the chain of her bag.

“Stop! Just stop it!”

With an ice cold glare, Wendy scoffed, “How dare you try to rob my sister of what is rightfully hers? And you have the audacity to do it in my presence?”

“*****, get out of my way!”

Cacia kicked Wendy like a football.

“Ever since you caused trouble for Eris in the crew, I’ve been waiting to teach you a lesson, you ****!”

Before Cacia could kick her, Wendy sprang into action, and kicked her so hard, she spun.

Wendy glared at her with indignation.


Cacia emitted a shrill, piercing shriek.

*****, I’ll kill you! Wendy scowled.Just as she was preparing to land another blow on Cacia, someone grabbed her wrist.

When she turned around, she was surprised to see Ryan holding her wrist.

He had remained silent all this while and now Wendy tried to free herself from him.

“Let me go!”

“This is a man’s job!”

Ryan casually put the suitcase on the ground, pressed Wendy’s shoulder and instructed her to sit on it.

“Now sit back and watch how I teach them a lesson!”

Wendy doubted, “Can you?” Ryan’s face turned gloomy.

“Don’t question a man’s ability, or the consequences will spell disaster!” Wendy blushed shyly.

‘‘****! That’s not what I meant.’’ Before she could reply, Ryan marched forward as he slowly took off his coat and threw it to Wendy.

Then he stood tall like a Hollywood hero and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, ready for action.

Wendy caught his coat and anticipated his next move.

“Wow! His movements were deft.What a handsome man! It’s amazing!’’ Wendy was blown away by Ryan’s cool action.

Ruben and Cacia were horror-stricken.

“Who are you?”

Ryan glanced at them nonchalantly.

“You don’t deserve to know.”

“Are you insane? This a family matter.It has nothing to do with you so don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong!”

“As long as it involves Wendy, it’s my business.”

Upon hearing that, Wendy’s heart beat even faster.

Sade hdd im dus She was touched by his words.

‘‘Oh my ***!’’ She covered her face.

Once again she was mesmerized.

“Reese, Wendy, will you go back with me or not?” Reese turned her head away.

Wendy swore, “Go to ****!”

“Okay, okay! Then don’t blame me for being rude!”

Ruben winked at Cacia, who nodded and rushed to the minibus.

She opened the door, mustering all the strength she could.

As the door opened, they saw five brawny men sitting inside.

“Come down!”

On Ruben’s orders, they got off the car immediately.

They stood in a row, forming a bulwark.

Looking macho in their identical gray vests and muscular biceps, their fierce expressions conveyed they meant business.

Their formidable presence created tension in the air.

‘’This scumbag had thought of everything.If reason didn’t do the job, then he had Plan B of force in place.’’ Reese thought for a while and understood.

Ruben had no intention of letting her go from the very beginning.

She looked at the big burly men and suddenly became nervous.


“Don’t be afraid!”

Wendy was very worried but still offered Reese words of comfort.

“If things get dangerous, then you must just run away.”

“No way!”

“Listen to me, go and find the security guards.With the security guards present, they won’t do anything untoward.”

“Then I’ll stay.You go and find them,” Reese said determinedly.

“Listen, Reese.I’m not a member of this community and we will get delayed by the time they check my identity,” Wendy protested.

Reese hesitated.


“That’s it.”

While they were conversing in whispers, the atmosphere between Ryan and his enemies became more tense.

With these brawny tough thugs to support them, Ruben and Cacia became belligerent.

They looked at Ryan in disdain and mocked Wendy.

“Wendy! You are a proper idiot.Do you think that such a pretty boy can protect you? Well, as long as you are willing to change your mind, I will spare this toy boy of yours.The ball is in your court.”

‘‘A toy boy?!” Wendy was annoyed.

‘‘Oh my ***! How dare he describe Ryan as a toy boy?’’ As this thought ran through her mind, she stared at Ryan’s ice cold visage.

Ruben, however, did not seem to realize that he was getting in over his head.

Oblivious of his mistake, he continued, “Cacia just mentioned that you are in the world of showbiz! You have neither power nor money! So you must be sleeping your way with hordes of men to get petty roles, right? I have a proposition for you.From now on you can prostitute yourself with my clients.Don’t worry I’ll reward you handsomely and…”


Before he could finish his words, Ryan kicked him so hard that he flew aside even before knowing what hit him!

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