My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 101 What Else Is There For You

My Bossy CEO Husband, Chapter 101 What Else Is There For You

“I’m afraid that you don’t get a say in the matter.”

Her father’s words kept ringing in Reese’s mind, as she looked at him in silence.The shock had rendered her speechless.

“I’ve already found a good man for you.You’ve met him before.Gavin Ameblo.I’ve had the pleasure to work with him for many years.He is an upstanding member of society and he owns two factories out of town.He is a widower, you know.He has lived alone since his wife passed.And you seem to have made an impression on him when he met you.He has been asking after you ever since.He called me as soon as he heard about your divorce to ask me for your hand.”

Reese’s heart sank.Gavin Ameblo! She remembered the man.

And he was most definitely cut from the same cloth as Flynn.

And on top of that, he was a few years over fifty, short and stout.

He and his wife had worked hard to build their fortune, but then Gavin got into gambling.

Rumors were constantly flying around about his extramarital affairs.

In fact, word on the street was that his wife had caught him red-handed, which set her on a rage, causing the heart attack that cost the woman her life.

His son and daughter had cut off any contact with him since.


“Absolutely not, Father!”

Her interruption stunned Ruben momentarily, giving her the opportunity to add, “Gavin Ameblo is definitely not husband material.You must have heard of his…indiscretions.”

Ruben was silent for a minute.

Then, he seemed to make up his mind.

“Gavin promised me that if you agree to marry him, he will treat you like a queen.He will not fall back on his errant ways.”

“And what exactly are you getting out of this?”

Ruben seemed unfazed by his daughter’s accusing tone.

“Let’s just say he is willing to part with almost two million dollars in exchange for your hand.Plus, he will be buying me a brand-new BMW.You see, Reese? He is a good man, and generous too.I am sure you will be happy with him.”

Reese gave her father a bitter smile, her face white as a sheet.

“He betrayed and humiliated his wife, the woman that stayed with him through his hard times.He pushed his own children away.Do you really think a man like him would treat me any differently? Please answer me honestly, Father.”

Ruben’s face darkened, but he kept his silence.Reese grabbed this opportunity to press on.

“Besides, I’ve only been divorced for a couple of hours.How could he have heard about it so soon? ”

Ruben frowned and started talking, “Well, perhaps he…However, Reese would hear no more of that.

“Enough, Father.I don’t want to hear another word.When Flynn asked for your blessing, you told me exactly the same things.That he is older than me and he would take good care of me.That he would make me happy.But the truth is, my life with him was worse than death.Every single day of it.For eleven whole years.Would you have me make the same mistake twice?”

“Alright then.”

Ruben dropped all pretense and pierced his daughter with a cold stare.

“I admit that I called Gavin as soon as your divorce became official.You need to see things for what they are.What do you really have to offer to a man, Reese? Besides your pretty face, I mean.You are no longer a young girl.You are almost thirty.And Gavin Ameblo is very rich.He could have found a younger, more beautiful woman without blinking.There are plenty of willing candidates out there.You should count yourself lucky that he wants to marry you.And you want to turn him down? He is the best offer you will ever get.”

Reese’s anger kept rising with every word her father uttered.She now knew what he really thought of her.

Useless and naive.

But at least she had a pretty face to use to her advantage.

He believed he had to find a ‘buyer’ before she was completely worthless or he wouldn’t get a good price for her.

In her father’s eyes, she was no better that livestock, Ruben went on, blind to the turmoil he was putting his daughter through.

“Reese, I may have my own reasons for wanting you to marry Gavin Ameblo, but I really believe he is the best choice for you.You’re twenty- nine years old.You only have the basic education and no work experience.You were isolated from the world for eleven years.If you don’t find a rich husband, then what else is there for you?”

With those words, all the fight went out of Reese in an instant.

Tears started pouring down her face as she finally realized that her future held nothing but misery.

She dropped her face in her hands, feeling defeated.

Ruben’s expression grew even colder.

He grabbed his daughter by the wrist and said, “Stop sniveling.It’s pathetic.Look at you! You are so thin a gust of wind could knock you down.Come home with me.You can rest for a few days and when you feel better, I will tell Ameblo to come by.”

Reese just stayed put.Ruben tugged on her hand hard.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go!”

“You’re right, Father.I am useless.Except for my pretty face, I have nothing…”

“I am glad you can face the facts.”


Reese jerked her hand from her father’s grasp.

“I absolutely can’t go back to living like that!” Ruben frowned.

Taking in the stubborn look on Reese’s face, he started losing his temper.

He gave her a hard look and used his most threatening voice.

“Are you coming with me or not?”

“l am not!”

“I see.Alright then.But let’s get something straight first.You owe me.I fed you and clothed you for eighteen years.Now I’m growing old and eventually, I will need my children to support me.Where are you going to get the money for that, Reese?”

“She owes you nothing!”

Wendy growled at him.

She stayed silent this far, wanting to let Reese see Ruben for who he truly was.

To understand that this man was not worthy of her trust and affection.

Wendy knew it would be difficult for Reese, but it was still better than having a greedy leech feeding off her forever.

She pulled Reese behind her and sneered, “Ruben, you have to be kidding.

How dare you imply that you were the one that raised us? Until the day Mother died, she took care of us all by herself.

How many times did you come by and see us? Not to mention that you never gave a penny to her to help our family.

Do you even know when our birthdays are? Do you even remember the anniversary of Mother’s death?”

Ruben was standing still as a  statue, entirely speechless.

“Humph! When Mom died, you only saw Reese and me as a burden.You packed our things and sent us to our grandmother.And after she died and you had to take us in, we were all grown up.You treated us horribly.You threatened Reese that you would break my hands and feet, let me beg in the street if she didn’t agree to marry Flynn.And for what? Just so you and Cacia could have a rich, comfortable life.Do you still think we owe you anything?”

Ryan’s heart skipped a beat.

He looked at Wendy’s expressionless face and sadness started flooding his body.

He was stunned by the fact that Wendy had suffered so much and that she could speak of all that so calmly now! Feeling exposed and ashamed of himself, Ruben managed to turn the energy left in him into an angry retort.

“So what? I made sure you were safe, didn’t I? Even if I raised you only for one day, you still owe me!”

Wendy shook her head in disgust.

“You are pathetic.I don’t ever want to see you again.You want my money? Well, the only way you’ll get it is if I burn it over your grave.Don’t worry.I will make sure you have enough to spend a fortune in hell!”

‘’This can’t be!’’ Ruben’s chest almost burst with all the anger he felt.

He pointed at Wendy, his hand trembling uncontrollably.

“You little bitch! You ungrateful whelp! If I had known you would treat me like this, I would have strangled you the day you were born!”

“Perhaps.But it’s too late now,”

Wendy replied shrugging.

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