My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203

After he had completed his work and satisfied some of his desire earlier, he could finally hold her and sleep soundly. 

Still, before he closed his eyes, he gently kissed her forehead again. “Happy birthday, Ruka.” 

The next morning, as the sun shone through the window, Ruka was the first to wake up and was startled to find herself sleeping in Ren’s arms. His handsome face was right in front of hers, a couple of inches away. 

Being able to look at him up close took her breath away. He had such healthy, glowing skin and did not look like he was over 30 years old at all. His firm skin, prominent features, and thick curly lashes that cast shadows upon his face made him wholly captivating. 

Her gaze inadvertently landed on his lips. She felt parched the moment she recalled last night’s passionate kiss that made her head spin. 

She dared not wake him up because she did not know when he went to sleep. Hence, she slowly and carefully extracted herself from his embrace and got out of bed. As she checked the time, she covered her mouth in shock. It was 9.30AM. She had been sleeping for far too long. 

Thus, she hurriedly opened the door and surprisingly found Elijah, the doctor, and the nurse waiting outside. She could not help but blush as Elijah inquired her about Ren. 

“Is Sir awake?” 

“He’s still sleeping,” Ruka answered. 

“Okay. You might want to go next door to have breakfast, Miss Singed. We can let him sleep longer,” Elijah suggested. While eating, she received a call from her friend, Rita. Rita remembered her birthday and decided to treat her to a celebration meal. 

Ruka was delighted to accept her invitation since her parents were not by her side. Scarlet and Walter were out of the country, too. Therefore, it would be an understatement to say that she would be more than happy to spend the day with her good friend. 

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