My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196

Slightly curious, Ruka asked, “Did he ever have any problems with his heart?” 

“No. Sir has always been healthy. I assumed that it was because he was agitated over something today. Ever since you left the conference room back then, the colors on his face didn’t look so good.” Saying that, Elijah had an emphatic gaze on Ruka. 

Ruka’s breathing became slightly irregular as she thought, Does this mean the reason that man is like this was because of me? Did my words agitate him? 

“Miss Singed, you saw just how obstinate Sir was just now. If you don’t persuade him, he’ll definitely be going back home tonight. For the sake of his health, can you please restrain your anger at him for now?” 

It’s not like I wanted this to happen either! She sighed inwardly. “Then I’ll persuade him to stay in the hospital.” She nodded. 

“It’s best if you can stay here and take care of him as well, Miss Singed,” Elijah suggested. 

This time, Ruka sighed outwardly, albeit faintly. “Fine, I’ll do it.” 

At that, Elijah became secretly relieved. Since he had come to the assumption that Ren’s heart condition was related to Ruka, he had decided that the best way to cure him was to prescribe the right treatment for him, namely spending time with Ruka. 

When Ruka went back into Ren’s ward, the latter was sitting on the couch and kneading his forehead with a tired expression. “You should stay in the hospital. I’ll stay and take care of you,” she said while standing behind the man. 

“Weren’t you going to your friend’s place?” Ren tilted his head slightly at her, revealing just how beautiful his side profile was, as the features of his face were well defined. 

Ruka replied in a helpless tone, “Your illness is much more important.” 

Then, Ren turned his full attention to her with his deep gaze locked onto Ruka’s small face in an attempt to see if she was really willing to stay and take care of him. 

As Ruka met the man’s gaze, she felt as though she was looking at the eyes of a spoiled brat rather than that of a mature man. 

“Alright, I’ll stay.” Ren finally stopped throwing his temper and demanding to go home. 

As Elijah had arranged dinner for the two of them, both Ruka and Ren sat by the window and helped themselves to dinner. Although they were in a hospital, the food here was delicious. Not to mention, Ruka was also hungry at this point. 


On the other hand, the man sitting opposite her didn’t have much of an appetite, so he enjoyed cup of tea in his hand while admiring the way the girl was eating instead. Looking at the girl now, Ren felt that she wasn’t much of a lady, as she ate a large drumstick with her hand. 

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