My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195

As Ren had been experiencing refusals over and over again today, he grew slightly irritated as he grumbled, “I’m the one making the calls here. Go and prepare the car.” After that, he said to the girl behind him. “You shouldn’t bother your friend, so just come home with me.” 

Ruka was dumbfounded by what Ren said, since it was precisely because she didn’t want to share a room with him that she decided to stay the night at Rita’s place. So, she refused. “I’m not going 

with you. I want to stay at my friend’s place tonight.” 

Words couldn’t describe how terrible he looked right now. His expression forbidding, Ren vented his anger on Elijah, the man who was currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. “Why are you still standing here? Get a move on!” 

Ruka was also startled by the man’s words. Just what is wrong with this man?! 


Although he was trembling with fear, Elijah straightened himself for Ren’s sake. “Sir, since heart is showing symptoms of arrhythmia, the director has advised you to stay the night in the hospital so that they can monitor your condition.” 

As Elijah’s words immediately captured Ruka’s attention, she immediately asked, “What’s wrong with his heart?” 

Even though the person in question was just in front of her, Ruka asked Elijah instead. This made a certain someone to look askance at her with a surge of displeasure rising inside him. 

“Miss Singed, may we talk as we walk?” Elijah was much bolder than Ruka, as he asked for her to leave a certain someone’s side. 

After Ruka took a glance at the clearly displeased man beside Elijah, she simply left the ward and shut the door behind her. As she walked beside Elijah, he explained to her, “This afternoon when Sir had just returned to the White House, he suddenly said that he wasn’t feeling too good with his heart. After a series of tests in the hospital, the hospital director decided to keep him here for one day to monitor his condition. Miss Singed, please. You have to persuade Sir to stay the night here. He’ll definitely listen if it’s you saying it.” 

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