My Alpha’s Betrayal: Burning In The Flames Of His Vengeance Chapter 139

My Alpha’s Betrayal: Burning In The Flames Of His Vengeance Chapter 139

  1. The Start of a Dark Night
    The laughter and the music felt distant. The largest courtyard was transformed beautifully, decorated with lanterns, flowers, and vines. They ran across the tables, the pillars, and the furniture. Two thrones sat upon a dais, where Theoden and I now sat.

I still wore my veil, to disguise the collar. The moment for our wedding to take place was coming ever closer…

The long tables were full of meat and wine, although I could tell that not everyone was enjoying themselves. What had started off with the Alphas offering their gifts to Theoden, with fear and uncertainty, was now a place of false merriment.

A few looked at me guiltily for betraying me for their own wellbeing and safety, but most were far too cowardly to care. Yet I was proud to see that many were not impressed with Theoden.

With each passing moment, I could feel the darkness becoming far more potent. I could sense it in the air, feeding on the Alphas‘ restlessness and the fear that they were trying to hide.

They were far drunker than they should have been, yet many didn‘t seem to even notice as they ate and chattered, making jokes or discussing their achievements. I could tell which were good and which were full of greed.

Only a few ate little and politely joined in on the conversations taking place, very aware like myself of the extreme level of guards all around. Those who had brought their own men had been forced to leave them in the warriors‘ hall, where they would drink and dine with the other warriors of the Obsidian Shadow Pack. An excuse to separate them.

The few alphas who had refused to enter the gathering without their warriors had been denied entry, but I feared for their safety.

It was a shame that neither Raiden nor Ryan had been able to get in here. However, they had accessed the warriors‘ hall and said, like the Alphas, they were all extremely drunk.

I had heard Theoden ask for a list of Alphas who hadn‘t shown up, and I knew he was seething. Although I hadn‘t heard the orders, his expressions and the look on the face of his men who he commanded gave me enough of an idea. He would punish those whom did not come.

I was glad the family of the Alphas who had come were not here in the courtyard, fearing for their safety. If Theoden wanted to blackmail these Alphas… he would target their families.

Only Theoden and I had not touched the food, even when Theoden had announced our marriage would take place tonight under the moonlight, I had only pretended to drink, letting the liquid spill down the side of my face and neck. With my veil, no one could tell, and I was not going to be so foolish as to drink anything he offered me.

“Now that we are all fed and full, may I have your attention!” Theoden commanded suddenly.

The chatter died down as everyone looked at us.

“Tonight is a very important night, tonight not only will I take the heart of Kaeladia as mine, I will also become the King of kings, the one that will hold the most power in the entire world, and you, you will all help me.” His words held power and greed.

The dark manic glint in his eyes said enough, and although most Alphas were too delirious to focus, some looked unnerved.

He turned to me and took hold of my hand, gripping it painfully tight.

“You will do everything that I say.” He commanded darkly. “Or your entire pack dies.”

“Understood.” I said coldly as Theoden stood up and Arabella motioned for me to stand. “Everyone present will hand over their title to me, forfeiting their position as Alpha to their pack!” Theoden‘s voice rang in the air.

Several Alphas jumped to their feet.

“What is the meaning of this?!” One Alpha roared, his eyes blazing blue.

Theoden‘s eyes flashed, and the next thing I saw was the spray of blood as he was decapitated where he stood.

A few shocked curses or gasps filled the air. My own heart was thundering.

These were my people.

I had to wait for the signal, but I knew there was about to be a blood bath here.

“Who else will defy me?”

“We all do respect our Alpha King, but please spare us.” Another Alpha said, bending his knee to Theoden, despite the fact I could see how hard it was for him. He was an Alpha–blooded wolf, bowing to others was not easy.

“Hand it over, or die.” Theoden challenged.

“Then I will rather die.” The man replied quietly.

“Your wish is my command. However, although I know you did not bring your family here, we made sure they came.” Theoden chuckled as if he was stating the weather. The Alpha‘s face filled with fear as Theoden snapped his fingers and two men brought in a young man who looked around seventeen or eighteen, and a girl about eight.

I looked at the Alpha who had spoken, and shook my head slowly. Trying to warn him.

His gaze flickered to me, and I stood up, not wanting those children to suffer.

“Hand him the title.” I commanded softly.

“No need to plead, my queen.” Theoden hissed, grabbing my arm in a death grip and pulling me back

The man hesitated, yet looking at his children he was faltering. The boy had his chin up, defiant and hiding his fear, yet the girl was shaking, and silent tears were falling down her face.

Theoden must have had their packs watched. He didn‘t have enough manpower to have an entire squad watching those packs, but as king he held power, and with the Alphas not there, there was nothing the men of the packs could have done, even if a small group came in and took the Alpha‘s families.

This man was sick

“Very well. I will hand over my title.” The Alpha lowered his head, then his son turned sharply.

“No father! Do not bow down to a monster! I knew he never should have–”

“Stop!” I shouted, but it was futile, as Arabella yanked me back. Theoden was before him in a flash, yet before he could even kill him, the Alpha stepped in front of his son and Theoden‘s hand went right through him, ripping out his heart.

“You‘re next.” Theoden growled as he attacked the boy.

I couldn‘t wait any longer.

‘Theon. Now! We cannot waste time!‘ I shouted through the link, hoping he would hear me.


A single world that held power, comfort, and strength. I ripped my veil off and pulled a charm from my top. Whispering the release incantation, I tossed it in the air. A thick mist fell upon the entire area and Theoden roared in rage. “We shall take back what is ours. We will not bend to a monster.” I shouted clearly, letting power ooze into my voice. Letting my words travel to my own pack members too. I know most of the Alpha‘s were weakened, but if they had any will, they would still fight. “You wench!” Theoden growled, as I ripped off the skirt of my so–called wedding dress.

“It‘s high time I showed you who I am.” I growled stepping out of the layers.

I couldn‘t use my powers but I didn‘t need them for now. I just needed to buy us some time…

“Your powers are sealed, you can do nothing.” Arabella hissed as she lunged at me, the darkness that surrounded her made it easier for me to pinpoint her.

Commotion ensued as many Alphas started shouting about why they couldn‘t link their soldiers.

The food must have contained silver, how had they not noticed it?

Because they were already drunk

I spun, aiming a kick at Arabella, but once again I missed. She was backing away, but why wasn‘t she defending herself? She was humming something, but nothing was happening. Then that heaviness that I felt in the forest began growing and spreading through the courtyard. I couldn‘t… move… F**k… I fell to my knees as Theoden‘s cold laugh came, and I was yanked to my feet by my hair. “I think it‘s time I marked you and made you mine.” He spat.


‘Theon…‘ I groaned. “Remove her collar.” Theoden commanded. ‘Hold on, Little Storm. I‘m coming.‘

A sharp blade pressed to my stomach as Arabella began chanting something, and the very life seemed to be sucked from me.

Once it was off, I‘ll shift…

How strong was she? The collar was removed and I tried to focus on my abilities, but I couldn‘t. The darkness was eating me up…

Theoden leaned in, readying to mark me, when suddenly the sound of several horns blowing and a bell ringing made Theoden tense just as a huge explosion filled the air. “We are under attack!” “Alpha! The city wall!” Someone shouted. The sky erupted with fire as another violent explosion shook the grounds beneath my feet, lightning flashed in the air, and it was not my doing. “This can‘t be true…”

“We‘re done for…” The distant shouts of the people intrigued me as hope filled my heart.


Theoden‘s heart was thundering as Arabella‘s darkness wrapped around me tightly. Lifting the three of us into the air, Theoden‘s hand tightened in my hair as we stared at the scene far far away from us. But with our sharp vision, we could see clearly.

Hundred and thousands of soldiers were teeming into the city, surrounding by shifted wolves, magic, fire, air, and water. Full of extreme power and strength.

Fae, werewolves, mages, and sirens. 3


For one cause.

“What is this..?” Theoden growled. Despite his rage, there was a glimmer of fear and shock in his voice.

“This is the true power of a united world, Theoden.” I said calmly. His eyes were trained at the man at the front, a far more powerful glow around him than I had ever seen. He was one of the strongest there, as he slayed the warriors of the Obsidian Shadow Pack with ease.

“That is…”

“The true King.” I said quietly. &

The shock and betrayal in his eyes were satisfactory. “How does it feel Theoden, being betrayed by your own? Theon is no fool.” Pulling free from his hold, my eyes blazed and I spread my hands, unleashing a violent wind with every part of me that I could muster and sending them both careening away from me. With her power gone, I fell. Flipping in the air, I landed on my feet, breathing hard and shaky. It took me a moment to regain myself.

‘I‘ll handle Arabella.‘ I said quietly through the link.

‘I will meet you soon. Take care of yourself.‘ 2

My heart skipped a beat, and as much as I wanted to look down below at the walls of the city in the distance, I had to focus on Theoden‘s main source of power. It was time to wipe evil from this city, forever.

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